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– Do you ever look in the mirror midday and realize that your eyeliner has transferred up to your eyebrows? (slide whistle) Have you ever spent so
long on your eyeshadow, only to have it crease up on you? (static) If you answered yes to
any of these questions, you may have hooded eyes. Hi, my name is Kim from
Crash Test Beauties, and today me and a few
of my hooded eye sisters are going to be testing
out a few techniques to see if we can make these
hooded eye problems disappear. (light music) – The skin right below your brow bone is lower, right? – Yeah.
– And it covers up the lid, so if I look straight at you, you can’t see my eyelid at all. – You don’t have a lid space, essentially. You kind of have that hood over what your lid space would be coming from your brow
bone, so it makes it hard to do like liner and shadow, because you A, don’t see it, or B, it gets really smudgy. (light music) It’s a mystery, really.
(laughter) – It’s gone. – I have to lift up to find it, so then… – I see it! – Do you see it now? There it is! (laughs) – Because we have hooded eyes, and this skin is here,
it’s like our crease is like down to the lashline. I’ll have my phone, I’ll
like follow tutorials, like, “Oh, I love that look!” Or I wanna use a fun color or something. And then I’m doing it, and like, “Yeah!” And I look up, and it’s
like (blows raspberry). – There’s so many issues
that we come across with creasing, everything
blending together. No one can see it. (light music) We’re gonna try this technique, and it involves lines and dots, and it reminds me of high school geometry, and I’m scared. (light music) – I already have like
foundation coming off on this. – Me too. – So next, we’re gonna get a napkin, and then we’re going to align this with the end of our brow. – And you’re gonna make a dot right on top of the… Yeah. Right where your–
– Right where your pupil is. And then you’re just gonna go straight line to the tissue.
(taps makeup brush) – Oh, I’m scared, okay. – I feel like I’m playing with stencils now. (light music) – Don’t take this darker
shade all the way in. And this’ll be a test if
your brows are the same. (laughs) And if the edge of your
brow is different… – Probably gonna come out different. I feel like this lighter shade is really helping to boost…
– Yeah. – To make the eyes look more open. – I think it really popped our eyes open. – Mm-hmm. – I think I would wear this
look in the nighttime more. But it was actually really, it was pretty easy, and so simple. – Yeah. I do think that this technique worked, using straight lines, and applying it in, applying it higher than the “crease,” ’cause we don’t really
have like a visible crease. – Yeah. – But I’m curious to see if
I’m just thinking that… – Yeah, we’ll see.
– Or if other people think Maybe my eyes look bigger?
– Yeah, I think is the first time that geometry didn’t fail me. – Typically, I will open my eye too soon when I’m wearing liquid, and then it will just
transfer straight to the top, because it wasn’t dry yet. And if I do happen to have the patience to make sure that I keep my
eyes closed for long enough, then it transfers within a couple hours. Honestly, just especially
if I get in the sun, then it just transfers right away, ’cause I start to get oily. – With eyeliner, I feel like
it constantly transfers. I always find another, like, it looks like another
eyeliner right above it. If I wear it thick, it smudges. If I wear it thin, you
can’t see it. (laughs) – So basically, you just can’t win. (light music) Let’s try this. (plastic packaging rustling) I don’t know much I need…
– This is big. – Oh yeah, think you have a big eye. Little do they know you have hoods. You just buffing it with your finger? – Yeah. Use your ring finger. – Oh, ring finger, so no wrinkles. – Yeah, it kind of
brightens it up even more. – You know, my lids look really bright. – Cheers!
(pens click together) (laughter) Well, my lines don’t look like twins, but they kind of look like…
– The fact that you have two is very impressive. This makes a big difference. – Maybe we should go out after this. – To the farmer’s market for pupusas? – To the farmer’s market, yeah! I’ll take a watermelon and a compliment. – And a compliment. And there’s no transfer
in mine, what about you? – Yeah, nothing on mine yet, but let’s see how it
goes throughout the day. – Yeah, we’ll check back. – So, halfway through the workday, I just got done with lunch, and I walked to the farmer’s market today, so I was out in the sun sweating, and surprisingly it didn’t
mess up my eyeliner. I don’t know what’s going on, but as you can see, maybe the
tricks are actually working. What do you think of my eyeshadow? – Your eyeshadow is stunning. – Do you think it makes
my eyes look a little… – A little brighter, a littler opener…
– Bigger maybe? – A little open, is that a word? – I like that. – It totally opened up your eyes. – All right, it’s time
for my midday checkup. So far so good. Look. I took a walk, and I
was really hot outside. There was a lot of sweat involved, and it stayed put, so
let’s see how it lasts for the rest of the day. – So it’s towards the end of the day, and this eyeshadow did not budge. I am so happy with it. It didn’t crease at all, which is awesome, and I really think that primer
and loose-setting powder really worked, I think that combo really did the trick. – So I’ve had the eyeshadow
on for about eight hours. It’s eight o’clock right now. But this one is really going strong, it’s persevering, there’s no creasing, the color’s pretty much the same. This one struggled a little bit, it does have some creasing, but no change in color. I think it may be because
I was touching it. Definitely gonna keep
prepping with the primer and the translucent powder. Think it worked. Success, yay! – It’s now nine o’clock,
I’ve spent the whole day basically from 10 a.m.
’til now with the eyeliner, and I think it held up
really, really well. Let’s see. There’s literally like almost no transfer, it stayed in place, the
only places that have a little transfer’s like right here, but honestly like I’m good with that. It’s very minimal compared
to what I’m used to. But overall, I think it
was really successful. Yay! – So I just finished
yoga, it’s about nine p.m. And surprisingly, my eyeliner
is still going strong again. There’s a little bit of the
rub-off here at the top, but honestly, not much at all. I’m really surprised. I think that the reason why is because I used the setting powder and the primer, because this has never
happened to me before. Normally it would be a hot mess, I would look like a clown. So I’m actually really impressed with the way that the setting
powder and primer works, and I think I’m gonna start
doing this more often, because this is crazy. (laughs) – I hope you guys enjoyed
watching this video. Make sure to comment down below any of your hooded eye techniques, ’cause we definitely wanna try ’em. Or, if you have something you want us to test out next time, comment down below. We might feature it in our next video. (light music)


  1. Eye totally feel ya hooded Sister's.🙋

    🎆May the 4th be with You.🎇
    🇺🇸Hope you All Party like it's 1776.😹

  2. I'm going to try the napkin trick. I've always used primer and powder, shimmer shadows still transfer but not as bad if I didn't set the primer. My problem is wings. My hoods always make them look weird. If the napkin trick doesn't work I give up on winged liner!

  3. I think a good liner helps with the whole liner staying bit. I use Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D and I have no minimal lid space when my eyes are open. It stayed put when I was doing my summer microbiology course and was baking in the lab in 80+ degree heat. My shadow was a different story haha

  4. So the hack is translucent powder?
    Thank you for bringing attention to hooded eyes. I’ve always had trouble staying interested in MUAs and such because their tips don’t work on me!

  5. I use Ulta eye primer in Champaign. Every since I tried this I can wear eye shadow again!!! Yay!

  6. This is very helpful and it really works. I first saw this technique on Wayne Goss's channel and I use it often.

  7. I have hooded eyes, I have tried all of those “tricks” before & nothing works. Even if I stay on a cold place, I don’t sweat & I use a waterproof eyeliner over the setting powder & primer, it still transfers & it messes everything up 🙄

  8. I try the cut crease method with my concealer and then pack my eyeshadow. You create the illusion of a different crease and it increases the pigmentation of the eyeshadow which y'all were missing.

  9. I recently started doing this trick where after applying liquid liner and waiting for it to dry, I apply a thin layer of translucent powder over it. After a minute or 2 I swipe it away and bam! No more moving liner!

  10. Keep the hooded eye tricks coming! All these years, I thought I was just eye-makeup-challenged, but now I know that my hooded eyes have been the problem all along! I feel like I've been freed! 👁👁

  11. Stephanie Lange on YouTube actually specializes in hooded eye makeup, please check her out for tips and tricks

  12. I don’t have a huge issue with eyeshadow but def with eyeliner. I always get the “2nd line” no matter how long I wait. I currently use concealer as a base but will try the primer & powder and Natasha’s suggestion of setting after the liner! Thanks for the tips!

  13. I have to stretch my eyelid, to get liner on it. Completely close my eyes to put shadow on it. Go back and wipe eyeshadow off of my corner outside my lid,etc.(brush or finger,it's still messy and no one sees my shadow.
    Ugh, the struggle is real.☺
    My favorite eyeliner, is the rose gold by Colour Pop. I was sent years ago.(I buy it still.) It works better than just shadow and has color to it.

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