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One of our Optometrists arrives at your house
with all the latest portable diagnostic equipment at a time that is confirmed with you in advance
on the day. They wear ID Badges confirming they work for The Outside Clinic. Hi my name’s Seema. Hello. First of all can
I just check we have all your details right. Sure. I’ve got Mr John… The Optometrist confirms all personal details,
medical history and symptoms at the beginning of the test. Right let’s have a look. The next part of the eye examination is to
measure how well you see using a portable illuminated eye test chart. What’s the lowest line you can read? The whole test will usually take around an
hour to allow for a thorough test and to ensure the optician can explain each part of the
examination, summarise your eye test results and dispense glasses as required. What we are going to do now is we are going
to measure the pressure in your eyes, it is going to be like a little tickle on the front
of your eyes, it doesn’t hurt don’t worry. A tonometer is used to measure the eye pressure,
part of the assessment for the presence of glaucoma; this is similar to the puff of air
test you would receive at a high street opticians. Excellent, that’s great. Now what we are going to do is have a look
at the health of your eyes. Ok, so what I am going to do is I’m going to use quite a
bright light and I will need to get quite close. If I can get you to have a look at the big
‘T’ on the top there for me. The ophthalmoscope allows the Optometrist
to examine the health of the eye, inside and out. Good, that’s excellent. Ok so I am just going to pop these on just
behind your ears. Is that ok, not too tight? No that’s comfortable. Good. Using these trial frames, a retinoscope and
a number of different lenses the Optometrist carries out a comprehensive refraction which
enables them to determine the prescription you may need. This part of the test can take
several minutes. Now looking at those letters, tell me are
they clearer now with or are they clearer now without this lens? Clearer with. With
is slightly better? Yes, slightly better. So health wise, everything looks nice and
healthy, the pressures were fine. Based on the results of the eye examination
the Optometrist will discus with you any health issues that may need following up and any
updates to your prescription. So I would recommend we update your glasses. So would you like something fairly similar
to what you’ve got, or something a bit different? Yes, this sort of style. Should you require new glasses, the Optometrist
will help you choose what is right for you from our wide range of up to date and comfortable
frames. Do you want to try those on? See what I look
like. There is also a comprehensive selection of
lenses including single vision, bi-focal, vari-focal, colour tinting and many more. I’ll take hold of those, they’re a brown colour.
I think I like the idea of the ones that don’t break. Once you are happy with your choice the Optometrist
will arrange for them to be delivered and fitted in your home within 28 days by an Outside
Clinic Optical Assistant.


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