HOFFNER KNIVES How to Set Your Knife Blade Tension

Hi, I’m Brian Hoffner, president, CEO, and designer of Hoffner Knives. Today, we’re going to talk about setting the blade tension on your knife. We typically assemble the knives and ship them with the tension a little tight. You’ll notice that when you watch the Hoffner DVD and you start practicing, and you pop the knife, perhaps it’s just a little tight for you. Well, it’s very simple. You’re going to take a T10 Torx (we provide these on the Hoffner website as well if you don’t have one), you’re going to basically tighten it down, and then back it off about 5 minutes on the 24 hour clock, and that should give you just about the right amount of tension to pop the knife with authority, should you need to deploy it. Nice. Feeling good. I could feel the lock with felt index through the handle of the knife, as well as hear it. But that’s just about right. I like it a lot. You don’t want it to be too loose because this would be sloppy. You don’t want a sloppy blade. We want the liner lock to lock up nicely. As you could see there, it’s halfway on the blade. Just perfect for a good, positive lock. I’ve got a good open to the point-down spine pick position. I’m really liking the feel of this tension right now. It deploys very nicely. When I practice a lot, it’s going to get loose. When it gets loose, I’ll just reboot the process. Tighten it down, loosen it about 5 mins on the 24-hour clock, and I’ve got it just right again. Very simple to do. Keep your tension tool handy. Keep the tension on your blade just right. And you’re gonna love it.


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