High Tension SAHYO || 하이텐션 사효 – TWICE couple moments [ENG SUB]

Ah! Hello, I am… What should I say… Jihyo, Just Jihyo… Yes, just Jihyo Sana’s Jihyo. Someone is approaching. Who do you think that is? I heard that you are doing live Hello Here is my partner.
Why didn’t you put on the filter? Are my bangs too long? It’s because it’s not curled. It’s saggy. Jihyo ya Jihyo ya She’s like this! Sana likes to give out kisses. Do you envy me? I know you do. You are in Grade 12? Then you don’t have much time until the exam… It will be in no time… I like it. Honestly, since I kiss my members often… I think it will be easy for me to kiss me. That’s right. Right? You did it during the concert too, remember? What’s that? On the last day of the concert, I kissed you. But we changed the mic that time, and I forgot about that. You need to go one side and I the other. My teeth. We had cow tongue yesterday. Steak. That’s right. Jihyo fed it to me. Like this. Why are you lying? – It’s true. – When did I…
– Why do you want to hide the truth? – I didn’t… – Yes. You did it like that yesterday. Dahyunie? She’s right here. They say my wrinkles around my lips are sexy. Then let me taste it. You are going to taste it? Who says so? I says so. No, it snowed! No, it didn’t, Jeongyeon told a lie. No, it really snowed yesterday. Is it too close? No. 1 centimeter. After we spoke some Chinese words,
I can see lots of Chinese in here. Hello, SAHYO. SAHYO SAHYO SAHYO It’s been a long time, I’m not doing it Ask ONCE and see if anyone understand Okay. Do you think there is anyone who understand? Go ahead. ONCE know I am a bit weird. I said that pretty that I am weird, right? I have a pair of earring here. And Jihyo also has a pair. And there is one other pair in this screen. Try and find it. The answer is… It’s not blanket. It’s our faces Because we’re buddies! I said this to Jihyo, and I thought the time has stopped. But it came back to normal after one second. Buddies! I was expecting you. Hello. Aren’t there couple items for buddies? Couple item? Here it is. Our face are the item because we’re couple. Sana, please say you are couple with Jihyo. No Why Because you’re bad. Didn’t you see my instagram post? You didn’t? You posted that? The one you posted when I did the vlive? Yes. I saw that. Then you should call me that. I left you this emoticon What is that? So we’re “Couple”. If you’re “ple”, what am I? Then you are “Cou”. I won’t say that. why Don’t look at me like that, I won’t say it. If TT got 400M views, Jihyo has to call me that. I don’t want to. Why? Why not? She’s like this. No, I learned this from Jeongyeon.


  1. Love SaHyo~!! As the strongest 4th & 5th baseball players in a team,
    their talents are STRONG, too!! Both have great visuals & smiles,
    and can sing, dance, lead, host, & being considerate to other members…😍😍

  2. 사효 영상 감사합니다 앞으로 많이많이 올려주세요 구독은 이미했고 (알람 설정까지)앞으로 영상 좋아요도많이 해드릴게요 갓 지효 @귀염둥이 사나

  3. So Jihyo doesn't like kisses but then Is Sana and she Let her kiss her all the time

  4. And this is the second real couples of T, from the beginning… SAHYO ^^
    Tzuyu & Sana is big fake (…)

  5. Now…Im extremly thinking..what exactly their have done when At dorm..😈😎😎😋

    "Its to close??"
    Mina : No…1 Centimeter..
    Also Mina…Waiting Carefully for the gayness..
    6:13…Supportive gay here…Mina Chan as we all know the wife of Chaeyoung..From the famous couple.. MICHAENG FIGHTING!


  6. Jihyo: Hello, I'm……Wait, what should I say?
    Sana: You should say "Hello, I''m Sana's Jihyo."

    Warning: This footage compilation contains excessive gayness which is not appropriate for many of your family members. Viewer's discretion is advised.

  7. HAHAHAHAH!!! no One can escape From SANA'S CHARM!😂😂😂😂even the GODJiHYO….
    Jihyo hates kisses but when it comes to sana she takes it easily with a Smile😍

  8. Sana living the lesbian dream. ✨ Imagine living with 8 gorgeous women while being gorgeous yourself and be able to kiss them whenever you want. Sana must have saved the world in her past life. 😂 Also, now I'm confused whether I'll go for Saida or Sahyo. Lol.

  9. I hate to tell it to you but…..

    Ah okay,just search it if you know it already GOD bless us sahyo shippers

  10. 5:08 I LOVE the way jihyo said WHY CUTEE🥰❤️🥰❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  11. They don't look like they're a couple to me.. I feel like they are sisters. Jihyo is the older one showing patience and love with the younger sana because she wants her to be happy.

  12. Im glad i came across to one of their vid. Im now a shipper. I love how jihyo just let sana be and how she allow sana to kiss her.

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