Herman The Scaredy Cat Can’t Believe His Eyes

COMM: Meet Herman, the scaredy cat, whose big eyes give him a look of constant surprise. COMM: The five-month-old exotic shorthair lives in Copenhagen with his owner Shirley. COMM: Vets have said that the wide-eyed feline had no underlying health problems. Herman
had a difficult start in life and had to be hand-fed, making him extremely comfortable
with humans, even though he might look a little anxious. This concerned kitten my never grow
into his eyes. They’re so big that he can’t even close them and sleeps with his eyes open.
Thankfully Herman snores, so it’s easy to tell when he’s having a snooze. COMM: The future looks bright for the little moggy, with a growing Internet fanbase of
over 2,500 and a doting owner, it’s clear that Herman’s got nothing to worry about.


  1. That cat looked like my cat shadow that ran away…he just had the same fur as the cat in the video
    And my cat smokey died on april fools day cause of a virus we took him go the vet! But it was usless 🙁
    My cat shadow ran away when we travelled my neighbors who are my cousin didnt look for him when he ran away! But they had a parrot and flew of and i went looking for him with their maid i dont have a problem with the maid :v she funny instead lol but when we found him we found out a house took care of him ( i live in a compound )! I WANT TO RAGEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. Bad humans, breeding flat-faced animals who get respiratory problems, short legged, long back animals that get back & joint problems, etc. They may be cute, but it's cruel breeding.

  3. Probably was born an inbred. Poor kitten. Probably has to have eye drops to keep the eyes from drying out.

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