Help for Mom’s Deteriorating Eyesight

dr. boxer Walker joins us now and what did you find when you examined her I found the keratoconus got worse because she did delay in seeking treatment and that’s a really important message with keratoconus because it’s a degenerative disease and when you see a story like Kristin’s it fills you fills you with hope and you have to do something though if you take no action you keep repeating the same pattern so when you see a success story it’s a really important message to then do something about it to help yourself why does it overtime gets worse pregnancy things like that why does that make it worse Karagounis naturally degenerate Singh gets worse on its own oftentimes but when you add pregnancy to with those hormones weaken the cornea further so it’s like adding fire to that fuel of progressive deterioration given where she is now I know there’s been a lot of damage but but what can be done she needs first the Holcomb c3 art procedure which was named after Steven Holcomb the Olympic bobsled champion and that’s a revolutionary procedure because it involves vitamin applications to the cornea with a special type of light and it’s non-invasive with a one-day recovery in that strengthens the cornea so it stops the degeneration from getting worse and the second procedure that she needs is in tax which are micro inserts that get placed under the cornea and that helps to push back part of the keratoconus it’s about a seven-minute procedure per eye and it helps to improve the vision and then the one eye that has worse care to CONUS there’s a third procedure called CK which applies heat spots to the cornea and that can give further improvement on top of what the Intex do so with these types of procedures you know what what you what do you want to know you want to know can this help right I don’t know if it can help watch some very good news because I’m going to do these procedures for you thank you we’re gonna take care of everything for you – thank you [Applause] well Megan you know Kristen said all she wanted to do was to be able to read again and we had to come back on the stage and read and maybe we can have you and your daughter come do your nails together [Applause] you


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