Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice | Senua’s Psychosis Teaser | PS4 & PC

I can’t see. Who’s there? To make a game about
a warrior with psychotic mental illness as its central theme was fraught with danger.
It was clear that we needed help if we were to stand a chance of tackling this subject.
For me it was really exciting to see something I explore scientifically being represented
so beautifully in a character who is trying to penetrate the mysteries of the environment
in which they’ve been placed with all of this strange uncertainty and noise and conflicting
information that they’re getting. I’m very excited by this way of trying to represent
mental illness, because I think it actually might be offering us insights that we wouldn’t
get from pure scientific explorations and actually is giving us quite an empathic view
of what it might be like. What started out as a brief consultation convinced me that
we were only scratching the surface of an immensely deep and interesting subject that
could enrich and change the very nature of the game. The students who were involved in
this project are incredibly excited about being involved. They have described the experience
as being important because it values their lived experience and shows that despite what
we have been through, all of that experience becomes valid. It’s something that we should
all be talking about. Maybe you’re already dead. Who are you? The people we spoke to,
the stories they told were fascinating, harrowing and mind boggling. The reality of what people
experience was vivid, far exceeding what I could possibly have imagined. It was just
fantastic to get the opportunity to use our lived experience in a very creative way. There’s
nothing token-istic about the work we’ve put in. It feels like we’ve been listened to,
things have been taken on board, and I think there is a lot of realism in the game itself.
It feels very authentic. I really hope that others will follow the lead they’ve set and use the power of something like a video game to change people’s perceptions, to increase
understanding, and ultimately to make some of the stigma around voice hearing and other
experiences go away. So the stage was set for a new adventure. A fantasy that was created
by Senua’s own mind, and one that we would experience through her eyes.


  1. i knew from day one seeing the dev logs that this would be amazing, but as someone with severe mental illness across my family, it really warms my heart that you took the extra step to make senua authentic and respectful representation for people with psychosis. can't wait to snatch this up

  2. I hope Hellblade is 2017's Spec Ops: The Line – a game with simplistic mechanics but with a memorable story that tackles on a very unusual theme.

  3. That's enough

    All these dev diaries

    All these teasers and trailers

    All these early gameplays

    All this waiting throughout all this time

    That's it

    I'm pre-ordering

  4. You have build a certain allure around this game in a special way. Let's hope the game lives up to the expectations. 30$ is a great price and the production values seems high. Make it happen NT

  5. Seems like british devs have a better imagination and actual passion for video games.

    >Rockstar North
    >Media Molecule
    >Playtonic Games
    >Ninja Theory

  6. Should I get this for pc or ps4? And if pc can it be played with a ps4 controller? I prefer using that over 360 controller

  7. Been looking forward to this game since the very beginning!!!:D preordered and gonna stream with my wife once it is downloaded xD

  8. I already have it pre-ordered. BUT I REALLY WISH THIS WAS A PHYSICAL RELEASE. I HATE DIGITAL ONLY GAMES ON CONSOLE MAN. Physical is the way to go.

  9. That right there might be the best facial capture that I've ever seen in a video game. It's insane when you think about the fact that the budget for this game was minimal and the team didn't have that many people. Insane job guys!

  10. I swear the people preordering this game are retards. They all keep screaming about the story being so interesting but what about the gameplay? The whole reason we but games is to have fun and from what I've seen this game is another one of those crappy walking simulators that get boring really quick. The combat isn't fluid and is extremely repetitive. I feel this would be better as a movie than a video game. This game will tank hard just like the rest of ninja theory's games

  11. I'm nuts (the cut to the chase shortened diagnosis) and the reason I'm so excited and appreciative of the title, from what I've seen so far, is just what the shrink hits on in this video. That you're making so much effort to try to have the player understand what it might be like.
    While I don't expect you to be able to completely make a normal mind comprehend the experiences living in a broken one, any step to make people with certain things not appear as only serial killers and users is a big help to everyone with all varying degrees of mental disorders from the stereotypes.
    I'm not expecting you to change the world, this is still ultimately a video game in the viking age. It's not a documentary. But all the videos and interviews show a team who really want to show respect. That alone is a big deal to me.
    For what it's worth, there's this one random stranger with many of the diagnosis you have Senua suffer from who you really made the day of just knowing there's people that care. You're putting a lot of effort into something that you didn't have to and still could have had a cool game.
    At least one person out here notices. Thank you for it mattering to you not to just toss in a caricature and have them over the top loony, like a Joker or something.
    Joker…I mean, I like the character, but at the same time he's not like any type of mental person. He's like what someone who's only heard of mental stuff from Law And Order episodes and Silence Of The Lambs thinks they would be.

    I'll be ready and playing right at midnight when it releases with my PS4 Pro digital version. It's already bought and just waiting.

  12. This is released just in time for my birthday! I cannot wait to play this. It looks so incredibly unique and interesting! Definitely not like any game I've seen before.

  13. The people who have studied mental illness and those who have experienced it were a part of the development of the game? I'm being nit-picky, but 'Hellblade' sorta cheapens and detracts from the game imo, maybe just 'Senua's Sacrifice' would sound better? x3

  14. Fantastic, so now we know all you have to do to experience psychosis is be obese and female. febobeast?



  15. If they really did what they said, we're going to get connected with her, badly. I mean look at the Tomb Raider especially last 2 games she had a lot of troubles and we helped her get thru of those & it felt good. But maybe, this would be even better. I can't wait to play it! "The Connection" will be much stronger with men and of course woman will be interested but not that much as we are going to LOL I hope It's going to become one of those series <3

  16. Pre-ordered this game for my experience with Heavenly sword and Enslaved. Didn't knew about the depth of the character in this game. Kudos! I might buy it twice to support the developers.

  17. Pre-ordered because to make a statement to the industry and the sound design.

    I`d love another trailer/feature like the senua trailer.

    btw. have you noticed that the deep voice guy sounds like Eredin from Witcher 3 or was that intentional? ^^

  18. I can't wait omg!! I'm kinda hoping you guys are gonna put a video of the first 5 or 10 minutes of the game up ^^
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the game! I already pre-ordered and I'm so excited to play!
    Melina, in case you're also reading comments on here: You are doing such a wonderful job playing Senua! From what I saw in the short clips here and from the live trailer and at Siggraph, you are doing amazing! Ganz liebe Gruesse aus dem schoenen Rheinland-Pfalz!

  19. Wait, so this 25 minute feature is basically a documentary we get with the game? 😮
    Or am I understanding this wrong?
    If so, I'm really intrigued and very interested.

    Either way, I have been waiting for this game for so long now, I'm counting down the days and I'm super excited to play and experience the game.

  20. I love how the developers have the insight to want to share with their audience that "mental illness" is much more spiritual in nature than people have been taught to believe. The perceptual aspects of it are often overlooked or diminished in significance. People who experience these kinds of things are often dismissed as being overdramatic or looking for attention. But the effect that the chemical / neurological disorientation of your mind can have on how you perceive your reality and your idea of yourself is very significant. Not just intellectually or emotionally but on a sensory and morphological level. I fully support and can't wait to play this ground breaking game.

  21. Probably a day one for me, you can tell the devs care, the story looks interesting, the graphics look good, it's not a AAA pricetag, so yeah day one definitely.

  22. Any DLC plans..?? I'm pretty sure this game will sell very good and get good reviews… some dlc and patchs overhauled will be the way 2 go Ninjas 🙂

  23. I need this game on pshysical format. Really…. Is the only way for me which I can access to games. I haven`t internet connection on my home now.

    Please NINJA Theory release the game on pshysical format too. Please…..

  24. I feel like games have been doing this with other subjects for a while now, showing their strength as a medium in a way others can't. HellBlade will just be another good example of it.

  25. Damn, Ninja Theory are so GOOD
    They so unique and different, they're such a small studio but have so much noticeable passion for what they do, they care about their product being worth it, being a great experience, they want it to actually be something, a piece of art and not just rush it for the sake of money

  26. Pre-ordered last night weds 2nd of August , it was a tough decision outta three games PUBG, Lawbreakers or Hellblade I was instrested in a story driven experience so of course naturally I would pick Hellblade

  27. PLZ for goodness sake more GAMES like this more story less shooting battle royal type there are plenty of them, pre-ordered it, cant wait, ty dev team!

  28. I pre-ordered it after I found out what I read about it in my Game Informer that I received, and it really caught my attention very quickly. I have mental illnesses myself, and the idea of a woman dealing with similar issues that I have, as well as trying to survive, made this game interesting as it is, but knowing y'all interviewed people with mental illness to make it as authentic as possible made me want to play it more. Other games that are suppose to be a bout psychosis are just trying to make a quick buck, but y'all are truly trying to show through a video game that mental illness is serious, and needs to be taken seriously instead of being made into a joke or to make a quick buck. For me this game hits home so much more than you know, and I'm definitely excited to see what's going happen as I play it, and I have a great feeling that y'all are going to make this a hit. Not for the sake of making money, but to show that this is a serious topic that should be taken as such, and make people aware that this a very real thing that people like me deal with everyday of our lives since we've been born. I believe wholeheartedly that this game is going to be worth every penny, as well as it definitely being an experience that I'll never forget. I'm happy that Devs are finally trying to get this kind of thing right, and I respect y'all just that much more for doing so, and doing the research needed to make this game authentic as possible to the real thing. Thank you, Ninja Theory. it means a lot that y'all are trying to show this topic for what it truly is instead of what people assume it is. Once again, Thank you, Ninja Theory.

  29. Seriously considering buying a PS4, beating this game in a week, and then returning the ps4 within the allowed "return policy". My PC's too slow to play but I really want to support Ninja Theory I believe they're on the right track with the 1/2 size of top tier game for only 1/2 the price

  30. Preordered! i totaly support the idea of the game, we need more games that start at fair price with good content, the industry keep pushing 69,99€ games that need a 29,99€ season pass to get the full game experience money dont grow on trees! Good Luck with sales

  31. Please buy this game guys, very cheap and good graphic, we want game like this, not dlc and overprice microtransaction bullshit

  32. I pre-ordered this and didn't get the dynamic theme, is it going to be available tomorrow when the game is released, someone who has pre-ordered before should explain to me.

  33. Probably one of the most important games this decade, instant pre-order, totally invested and ready to experience what promises to be a very balanced experience between the epic and the personal. Also I can't wait to test my Nvidia 1080 graphics card on this game 🙂

  34. This game couldn't be more more self indulgent if it tried. I get it, story is important, now quit making me watch prolonged, unskippable cutscenes and let me play. Or, alternatively, make a CGI movie which we all will enjoy.

  35. This was one of the few games I bought on opening day without knowing anything about it. I knew absolutely nothing about this game. Then the title comes on about depicting psychosis and I thought, "What?" And that I should play it with headphones. "Huh?" So I went out, got a pair of headphones and started to play. Blown away right from the beginning. I could not believe how good this game was.

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