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  1. Gaming consoles are evil I've lost my son this past month not realizing the dangers of this man made evil. He is suffering everything mentioned he's only 18 hasn't even started his life yet, admitting him into a mentle health ward was the hardest experience I've ever had to go through. I want my son back my heart is broken 😢

  2. Nice to know someone else is lost in this big confusing world. Honestly, and I don't know how honest a comment on YouTube can sound but I'll try me best, this is an amazing video. I've learned so much about psychosis and actually wanna play the game just because of this video. It's probably one of the most genuine videos I've seen, regardless of even the content, which is polished as hell, but just seeing that and the level of care put into this video at least made me happy to see

  3. I played this game having no fun most of the time. I had to play for about an hour a day because it was overwhelming me and making me feel insecure and not comfortable. Yet I give this game a score 10/10 because I was able to grasp very early that this is done on purpose and that's how it has to be. I finished the game and I have to admit that it taught me what a person with psychosis feels every day. I had a clue earlier of course, about the voices and patterns, but knowing this and experiencing it is completely different thing. It wasn't pleasant, it wasn't fun but it was incredibly well done. Senua is the best game character I have experienced. Thank you for this video, I hope you are doing well and that you are able to fight your mental illness down. Cheers.

  4. I have so many questions for you that I would never in life ask out of respect of possibly adding to your psychosis. I love your video and wish you well in everything you do. I hope each day for you is better than the last.

  5. Nothing pisses me off more than people saying 'psychotic, when they mean 'psychopathic'.

    Also so brave of you to be honest like this. This was great video and I wish you all the best (and I mean that!)



  7. Its a shame this video hasnt got at least 1 mio views, i got the recommondation from a shammy video which i saw when i was searching for another shammy vid…. At least one of the best videos ive ever seen… Even though there is no happy ending possible other than staying strong

  8. Hellblade and, more importantly, your insight has given me a new appreciation and perspective into something I am fortunate enough to not truly understand. Thank you for sharing a different side of living as a human.

  9. thank you. At first I wanted to write quite a bit of text about how i learned a lot about your condition and how much i respect you for opening up in public but to be honest "thank you" describes what i wanted to say the best.

  10. You are one of the strongest people that I have never had the chance to meet. I suffer from Depression and it is a constant struggle to sometimes even explain that to a loved one, because I cant find the right words to let them know. Just being able to hear you talk about what you go trough made me feel I am not alone. Thank you very much, and even if you might not read this and I really dont know you…I just wanted to tell you that I care about you and I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you a thousand times….thank you

  11. I watched Shammy's video of people to watch beside himself, and this video took such high praise from him that I had to watch it.

    I watched your review and based upon that, upon a craving to understand Psychosis, I bought the game that day, got myself a good pair of headsets (because that's the only good way to hear Bi-aural Audio) and I played. I very nearly played it one continuous session.

    I played it till I got a Platinum Trophy in it (which is only possible if you're diligent in it and do everything possible, which in and of itself is a struggle).

    This game isn't played for the fighting, the gameplay or even the story, it's played to understand Psychosis.

    Reading about it in Wiki, or even watching this video, doesn't appropriately give understanding of what it is. It is something that must be experienced, like having to taste salt and sugar to know bitter and sweet.

    I do not understand it fully like those who have it, I hope I never will.

    God Bless, and thank you for helping me to understand more than I once did.

  12. I saw this video about 1 year ago and it is one of my favorite videos in the whole platform. I hope you make more and also that you are handling yourself ok. I love your videos man.

  13. This game meant so much to me, and has helped me heal, and you have explained so many of the reasons why this kind of story is important far better than I could. I don't experience voices, but with depression and anxiety, I have a chorus of negative self-talk. and the part where you mentioned outside comments joining that chorus was so incredibly spot on. When others confirm the worst thoughts you have, or when your brain twists any comment into a negative one, it just makes you feel like your own self-talk is right.

    Being able to use the construct of a game to get out of my own head, and observe Senua's, I realized how mean some of the voices were to her, and the way others helped. It helped me try to be kinder to myself. But also, this game just shook me more than any piece of media has in a long time. The way it makes the player feel as tired, or paranoid, or frustrated as Senua is genius, and also made me have to take significant breaks when things got too intense. Because so much hit close to home.

    Thank you so much for making this video, because it helps me understand what they did in this story that resonates with people who have psychosis, and different symptoms than me – this helps me better understand friends and family who live with voices or hallucinations. The pattern seeking portion was something I hadn't understood from the angles you shared – making sense of how social situations line up, or rituals that must be done, needing to find order before moving on. I understood the puzzles from a visual standpoint – paredoilia? – and her belief in the magic runes in this strange land, but I didn't connect it to the wider scope of how other people need to find patterns in different ways, and why we need them.

    I know this is a whole year and a half later I'm responding, but I just wanted you to know that this was informative, and I'm so grateful you were willing to share such personal feelings to help others. Thank you.

  14. Thanks. I don't hear voices, so no I don't know what you're going through. I am a widow and understand bereavement and loss. For me Hellblade was a widow's journey. Thirteen years ago he said I'll be back in two hours. Never saw him alive again. Would have made a deal with the devil to get him back.

  15. I played for an hour or so, I found it incredibly exhausting. But as art, this game makes the newer god of war game seem like mcdonalds.

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