Heighten Your Senses By Simulating Blindness!

Daredevil was actually a pretty cool, legit
comic book, until the Affleck Attack happened. But the idea of blindness enhancing other
senses is just fiction… isn’t it? Hey gang, Trace here for DNews! Thanks for
tuning in. There’s a common thing in superhero and fantasy
media… if one sense is lost, the others get better to compensate. Do senses really
DO that? The research says yes! The brain is a glutton for input, so if you restrict
the input channels it freaks out. Sensory deprivation tanks are this in a nutshell.
Research from the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease found, when people were placed in
a sensory deprivation room, the brain couldn’t tell if the thoughts and images it was creating
were inside the head, or outside the body. When deprived of input the volunteers would
experience visual hallucinations, paranoia and a depressed mood — all this, with less
than 15 MINUTES of loss of input. So, if that’s what happens with ALL the senses
dulled, what about with just one? Studies HAVE shown blind people experience a higher
sound placement ability, and increased sense of touch. This has to do with the brain literally
REFORMING to take resources from the missing sense. A study in the Journal of Neuroscience
used fMRIs to scan the brains of people who were born deaf. They found their senses of
sight and touch were altered… and they found a boost in the understanding bimodal stimuli.
Bimodal stimuli boosts are commonly seen in those who are bilingual — they have a lot
more crosstalk between their senses. This means people born deaf SEE the world differently
than a fully sensed person! Now, knowing ALL that — does someone who
BECOMES blind gain sense-power? A study that came out last week says FOR SHIZZLE. Researched
published in the journal Neuron found when fully sensed mice had blindness simulated
for as little as one week — their hearing was boosted. The researchers said this has
to do with how the senses work together. Kind of like in a movie, if what you’re seeing
doesn’t match what you’re hearing — you’d get messed up. Your vision is supremely tied
to what you’re hearing. Their experiments found sight helps us hear softer sounds, and
have better pitch! Because of that, your sight can help work with your hearing to help discern
talking or familiar music in a loud environment. If you take what you’re seeing AWAY however,
your hearing has to do it alone — and it flips switches in your brain called thalamocortical
inputs. This lets the auditory information borrow some of the processing power of the
visual center. It seems to me this is kind of like Daredevil’s power! He’s using his
VISUAL center to understand the perceived SOUND. This has been documented in others
too, people who are blind yet can navigate an unfamiliar room, and even ride a bike. The switches they’re talking about, are normally
not used in adults — but in a week of blindness? BAM. Switched. Very cool. They also found
when they removed the blindness, the switches went back to normal — so it’s reversible.
Super cool. Would you go blind for a week, for science?
Think of all the things you could hear!! Come tell us down below, we read the comments and
love to chat. Thanks for watching DNews, hear you later!


  1. Could this technique help children with hearing disabilities. As in If they were blindfolded for some time increasing their hearing abilities?

  2. Yeah I'd go blind for a week, not for science, but for the shear feeling of having near super-human senses! Then I could kick some ass like daredevil! 

  3. Will you guys do a bit on the benefits of a vegan/vegetarian diet compared to a normal standard diet? Or if being vegan is REALLY all that good for you? Thanks, y'all rock.

  4. I will try this in my house, and see what happens. But are things like this exclusive to hearing and sight? What about smell, taste, and touch? 

  5. im blind, not total but I think my good eye is 250 and my other eye although not total still its almost blind I believe. I totally agree my other sences can get better. as for if they are. im only me not someone else therefor do not know 🙂

  6. I tried this for two weeks, simulated blindness. Even though I had a blindfold on, I could "hear" the words on my computer screen. It was even more clear than my eyesight. trololol

  7. When I meditate does that count? 45 minutes a day with my eyes closed? Feels like somethings changed but it might not be just my hearing…

  8. Sure. I could probably go a week without seeing anything. I've actually thought about trying that, or at least go a day blindfolded, so I could test myself to determine if I could get around places without seeing and still know where I was going. Hearing's a different story though. I'd probably go insane if I couldn't listen to music for a week lol

  9. Oh yes I would! If I was put in an environment were I didn't have to do things that would be difficult without site.. I so would

  10. Yes! in a heart beat, but also I would want to switch off some other sense, like touch and see if the effects are the same. 

  11. it doesn't take a week, you can begin to experience a change after a few hours, I found this out when I used a blindfold to cope with migraines when i was in high school. and its neat how the sense of touch heightens too. like an enhanced spacial reasoning, and I personally found this more useful then the heightened hearing


  12. I would totally go blind for a week just for the experience However bills, work.etc Oh well come on LOTTO ticket!

  13. this actually works within an hour if you have the right tools.. best way to get better hearing quickly is to put a sleep mask, earplugs and over ear headphones on and play a half life mod called blind monk society.


  14. I would go blind for a week for science.

    My lifestyle at the moment does not allow for this, though, as it would interfere with lots of stuff.  IF YOU HOWEVER WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR ME / FEED ME / BED FOR A TIME, I'd be glad to be your labrat and be as blind as you want so long as I don't die.  ^__^

  15. I am actual living proof, that this is true. I've been blind my entire life, and I can hear things better than most sighted people, some people ask me "how can you hear those things?" Well, I just pay attention to what my hearings tells me. But to hear sorry

  16. It's actually pretty simple, if you have an iPhone, there's an app called voice over. Actually, it's not an app. I miss spoke. It's actually a software. There's also a software on here, called dictation. One of the reasons why I like the iPhone so much is because of things like voiceover, and dictation. To the best of my knowledge, other phones have tried to duplicated, but none have been as successful as the iPhone. It is by far the greatest phone for blind people.

  17. the issue with the daredevil protrayed in the t.v show is that they made him and ordinary blind guy.Matt murdock has super human level senses that separate him from any other blind person and make him the hero he is

  18. I've actually thought a lot about doing this experiment. like over the course of a month with no seeing, being a musician I have thought of it as a potential benefit to my craft, where as i would have to rely on hearing alone to know what I'm, for example, playing on my instrument. I'll be sure to film it should i ever do it, and I'm hoping it in that case gets to be soon!

  19. I've heard of a seeing woman meeting and getting to know a born blind woman on the subway, and they became best friends. Because the seeing woman was so curious about how her blind friend experiences the world, they started playing a "game" where the seeing woman was blindfolded when they visited each other, and the truly blind woman would help her get around (because she had the experience). They went on walks like that, visited concerts, coooked meals or went to restaurants and all sorts of things like that. The seeing woman said, that after a short time already, she actually indeed developed much finer senses in hearing, smelling and touch, and maybe also intuition in general. Like, she'd simply feel/know if someone else was near her. I would really love to do something like that, too! At home, it's easy, but it would be really interesting to go outside like that, to hike in the woods, ride the attractions in an amusement park, or even just to have an Italian ice cream and try to tell the different flavors! 🙂

  20. I'm going blind already am in one eye 60/40 in the other and my sense of smell is more heightened then my hearing or touch why is that would you know

  21. "You need to know that living as open as possible, as much as possible, is the way. You normally would not want to try to feel, see, hear, smell and taste everything in the present as much as you can. You will now."-an excerpt from "The Present" on the truth contest site (google it). It is time to live in the present 100%, and the book teaches you how to do it fully.

  22. the way how I in height my hearing is cancelled the noise that around me and just focus on one sound or one voice yes like a Ninja but it's true it's really not that hard with a lot of practice at it

  23. I wish i could just close my eyes when people talk bullshit, but it doesn't change anything. Open my eyes, bullshit. Close them.. still bullshit

  24. I know I'm very late to commenting but all well. So I wanted to mention that this is a very real phenomenon. I was born legally blind and ever since birth have been able to hear significantly better than my family and friends. I'll be walking through stores like Walmart or Menards, singing along with their terrible music and whoever I'm with can't hear a thing. I can hear deer walking in the grove at a farm, from a reasonable distance of course. That's with only being 2/3 blind. If I wear a sleep mask at night I wake up hearing the neighbors opening their front doors or raking leaves. The brain really is an incredible thing.

  25. 1 question, if I purposely blindfold myself for 1 year would it have harmful side effects? Because I think I'm willing to do it for a year just to see what it's like.

  26. I wouldn’t unless I have too, taking away one sense when unnecessary can alter the mind state of the brain being used to utilizing all 5 of your senses. It might disrupt the operation system of the body causing the survival instinct being force to change regardless if it’s temporary, it could permanently be damaging. ~Just my input of it.

  27. Also, think of the newish movie Don't Breathe. It's pretty much what this sums up in an hour and fifteen minute (or so) movie.

  28. My senses are already heightened, it's only Sight and hearing and I also have an analytical and psychological brain…

    Basically I'm smarter than the average person and can sense things easier and quicker than most people or even sense something that someone else can't

    I'll leave you to decide how annoying and how much of an asshole I am and how much I use these things to my advantage to be evil

  29. I had to simulate roughly blindness for 48 hours for a project and I'm not going to lie, I did okay, somehow I felt like I could see better when I had no vision

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