Healing Your Mind – Teal Swan

You hear the word “presence”
around the spiritual community the self-help community,
and the psychology community. But what does presence mean exactly? I want you to imagine that what we call God or Source
is really nothing more than aware essence
or sentient energy. It is pure collective consciousness. This sentient essence
has the capacity to both create with the
energy that comprises itself as well as to perceive itself. You are essentially
its creation but you’ve been created
from its own energy because there is nothing
that is not it. To understand more about this,
watch my video titled: “Oneness Is Not The Ultimate
Truth Of The Universe”. This sentient essence not only
created the world that you live in and the Universe itself, but
also you within the Universe. It’s a bit like a painter painting
with an aspect of itself so you are indivisible from what
we are calling Source or God. You are simply an aspect
of it projected into the third-dimensional reality
which it also created. Healing Your Mind Anytime you focus on something, what you are focusing is
that sentient essence. So you focusing on
something is essentially God or Source itself
focusing on something. What we have to
become aware of is that the vibration
of that consciousness is innately healing
in and of itself. When we are present with something,
it means that we focus that sentient essence
with all our attention onto that thing without
any intention to change it. Just to be with it completely. The healing power of presence
cannot be underestimated. It creates an alchemical process in the thing that you
are being present with This is why masters of
your time-space reality seldom need to open
their mouth to talk. That’s just a addition to what’s actually
causing change within people which is simply sharing
their energy field. Beings who’ve mastered the art
of presence do not need to teach. All they need is to be near you
and it creates an alchemical process by which you become more
of what you really are. In previous seminars and videos,
I taught how to be present with emotions. To learn about this,
watch my video titled: “How To Heal The Emotional Body”. I have also introduced
you in previous videos the concept of somatic experience. Now, we have to understand that
as we are interacting with our world we are perceiving all kinds of
things through our senses. We are experiencing the world
primarily through sensations. Now, a sensation is
a somatic event. For example, if you hit
your leg on a table, you feel different
sensations in your leg. If someone breaks up with you,
you experience that grief as different sensations in your
whole body, especially your chest. These different sensations
are somatic experiences. They happen relative to
the body and our being. Emotions are felt as sensations.
Thoughts can come as sensations. Auditory aspects can
come as sensations. And visual components
can come as sensations. By far, one of the most powerful
healing experiences you can have is when you stop what you’re doing,
you turn your attention inwards towards your body and your being. And you remain completely
unconditionally present with the somatic experiences that
are taking place with you. When we do this, we
wanna make sure that when we are completely
present with ourselves we don’t do it with an attitude
like we’re trying to change or fix something. We’re not trying to create
any change at all. To be unconditionally
present with something and to wanna change something
is a contradiction in terms. Usually, when it feels like we are
focusing our sentient energy or focusing our attention
on something it feels somatically like
what we’re doing is we’re taking all
of the energy collected on our head area
which we usually associate with our mind and
we’re taking that down into the body or out
into the world. That’s what focusing
usually feels like. What we usually miss is that we
can in fact, take all of our focus and we can direct that sentient essence
or energy to the mind itself and to the brain which is a bit
like a computer or a translator between the non-physical
aspect of ourselves and the physical aspect
of ourselves. What we also usually miss is our
mind itself can be perceived by us as a somatic experience. And by approaching our mind this way it has massive implications for healing. To do this process,
I want you to close your eyes and take all of your
attention to your mind. Usually, most people associate
their mind with their head area or even sometimes just
outside their head. Imagine that your capacity to think
as well as the thoughts you think reside in that area. Just be very still observing and being totally with and immersed
in this part of yourself. Step 2. Care about what is taking
place in this part of yourself by seeing it and knowing
it is valid and important. No matter how this part
of you presents itself there is a very valid reason why. Step 3. Allow yourself to drop into this
internal journey work process. Perceive what is occurring
in this place of your mind empathetically with open curiosity. To not seek to change
anything about it study it, seek to allow it completely. Become aware of any experience
that comes with doing this. What do you notice?
What images come to you? Do you notice any textures
or colours or movements? What sensations occur? Do you notice any thoughts arising? Do you notice any sounds
or smells or tastes? Can you see which ones
wanna stay around a while and which ones come
and float away? Does any awareness or
insight come to you as a result of being
completely present with this part of yourself? 4. This one is the hardest. Sit and be completely present
with and perceiving completely this aspect of yourself
that we could call your mind and all things related to your mind with absolutely no intention to change it whatsoever. That means if what you’re experiencing
is highly uncomfortable do nothing with that discomfort
except for be with that discomfort. You can do this process for anywhere
between eleven and minutes and days which is what people do when
they’re practising vipassana meditation. Just bear witness to any changes
that may occur as a result of you focusing your essence
on that aspect of your being. Does anything shift?
Does anything change? Does anything intensify?
Does anything decrease? Don’t forget to keep breathing. When we’re with
somatic experiences that are particularly intense oftentimes
we forget to keep breathing. Stay with this aspect of yourself
that you call your mind for as long as you
feel guided to do. And then you can stop
the process there. I like to have people practice the art
of being completely present with whatever is somatically occurring
within their embodiment for a good deal of time before
they take any further step. The reason is that in the very
beginning we have a very… let’s call it… underdeveloped capacity
to be present with other people and with ourselves, and especially
the uncomfortable experiences. We want to change it.
We want to fix it. We wanna do anything we can
to get away from the experience so being able t be completely
present with something and to make space for even uncomfortable
sensations is a bit like exercising a muscle. To begin with, we can’t
lift very many pounds After a while, it becomes a
very developed muscle. And it is at that point that we can
take this practice one step further. One you are sure, you can
be unconditionally present and focus your
sentient essence completely without resisting
or needing it to change you can go one
step further by deliberately offering healing
to your mind. To heal something is really quite simple.
It is to experience the opposite To understand more abut this subject
in depth, I ask you to watch my video titled “What is healing?” Now that you have fully
experienced your own mind chances are very high that
you now understand what it is that your mind needs. What opposite experience,
it may be craving. Just watching the shifts
that take place within it when exposed to your
focused presence will tell you a lot about what improvement
or healing actually is for it. And with that information you can offer
new thoughts, new feeling signatures, or feeling flavours, new sounds,
new smells, new tastes, new visuals and new sensations to it. To understand more about feeling
signatures, watch my video titled “How to feel better (Feeling Signatures)” Again, this is not about
fixing anything When you take something
as part of yourself, it’s not about trying
to change it What it is is that in loving that thing
and taking it as part of yourself and perceiving it completely
and therefore knowing what it wants and needs,
we can then offer those things to it as a gesture of genuine love. So you can understand better how
this type of inner journey work into your own mind might go.
I’ll give you an example of a man I’ve worked with lately. He closed his eyes as if going on
an internal shamanic journey when he put all his attention
up towards his mind what he perceived was tightening
and tingling sensation in there. He was with that tingling and
that tightening for a while before he realised that outside
of that tingling and that tension was in fact a kind of numbness. Like a blanket settled
over his whole mind. There was no movement. What he saw was the image of a deer hit by a car
on the side of a road. Intuitively, he knew that this image
was being communicated to him about the state his mind
was in, which is shock. He suddenly watched a thought come
to his mind that he must be in shock because someone in his business turned
against him earlier that week. Who he never thought would
be capable of such a thing. Ah he must be frozen in that shock
because he still can’t understand why. That thought was very sticky
and stayed a while dominating the experience for a
while and then it began to fade. That numbness seemed to be dominating
and controlling the inside of his mind and also extending about
a foot around his head. He could also feel
that numbness going down the right side
of his face and neck even down into his clavicle area. He saw an image of his brain. But what struck him
about this image is that he knows he couldn’t
see or sense much activity in channels of his mind. It was as if the electrical current
going through his mind was frozen. He was completely present
with the sensation of the control of that numbness the numbness felt
empty and cold. It looked like blue and
felt like stale air with no movement to it. He sat with this numbness
of his mind for 10 minutes before holes began to
form in the numbness. He said it felt like film
strip being burnt. He felt like his focused essence dropped though the holes of that
numbness as it was dissolving entirely. And he felt like he was in blackness. The blackness was also not moving He said that what it felt like
was futility, endedness. It was very difficult for him
to stay with that feeling of futility and not try to move around
or get away from it. Why is it so difficult for somebody
to be with futility? Because obviously it feels futile
to be with something that’s futile. He heard a voice inside his mind
saying “This is pointless”. “This is pointless” “There is no point in this”.
Over and over again. Instead of trying to argue with
the voice, or change the voice he just let it keep speaking. He heard another thought
arise unintentionally. “It’s ok if it’s futile. I’ll be with you forever then” He saw an image of a cat curling
up inside this dark futility. Which now seemed
more like a cave. The minute the cat did that, the
sensation and experience changed. The darkness became warm. He sat in that warm accompanied
darkness. Letting it permeate all
the areas of his brain. All the areas of his mind. Each time it permeated into a
thought, the thought itself burst. He sat with that warm darkness
for about 20 minutes before he experienced the
sensation of completeness. And he said he was
ready to return. He could have stopped
right there because it was a profoundly
healing experience for his mind. But I decided to amplify
this healing further. I asked him what he felt like based
on this experience with his mind that his mind needed.
And his answer was: “I think my mind needs to
know that it’s not alone What I’ve realised was that through
the betrayal of this friend I realised that I feel completely
alone in that betrayal which is even scarier because I feel
like I have no understanding of it”. So I asked him when
was the time in his life that he felt the least alone the most accompanied. When was the time
that he felt like there would never be a time
when he would be isolated. And his answer was:
“with his grandmother” So I had him mentally go back
to the sensory experience of being held by his grandmother. He sat in this feeling
for 4 minutes at the end of 4 minutes, I had
him take that feeling signature of being with his grandmother
and bring it up to his mind like an offering to that warm darkness. I also told him to offer a thought
“I’m right here for you always” to his mind as well. A big smile spread
across his face. The experience of his mind
changed completely. The darkness started transforming
to an orange sunset coloured light with a creamy texture.
He could perceive movement slowly occurring in his brain. He watched the thought
cross his mind “this is amazing”. Emotionally, he felt a
thousand times better. There was no tension in his mind. He sat unconditionally with
that sensory experience for five minutes and then
when he felt fulfilled and when it felt right, he took a
few breaths and opened his eyes. Being unconditionally present
with any aspect of our being, can provide so much healing for us and it is in fact the key component
to healing in and of itself. Us figuring out how to focus
the divine presence which not only makes us up
but also acts as the foundation of our own creation. Being completely unconditionally
present with our mind has amazing implication for anybody
who is experiencing mental illness or any ailment related to the mind.
which is all people on Earth. It has the capacity to
change the way we think and to change the way our
minds and brains function. Have a good week. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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