1. Ive come to the point where ive seen so many larry videos that i don't know anymore which one's which until i see that I've liked every comment underneath.

  2. "What's the last thing you do before you walk out on stage?"
    Harry: makes kissing face
    Louis: Looks at Harry


  3. Omg these fetus vids are pedo creepy! At 17 Harry said his favorite song was by John Meyer and by 18 he was running with a Mayer ex and his favorite song was Little Things. (´youve never loved your stomach or your thighs" " you still like to squeeze into your jeans") obviously not about lewis but an older girl.

  4. It is 3:21 am on a school night and if you think I’m going to start another Larry video you are absolutely correct

  5. Liam's Disbelief and scandalized "Do ya?" @8:43 gives me life…. Larry was out here thriving for so long and people just wanted to ignore them….tsk tsk tsk oh well Larry still out here thriving, alive and well in 2019…

  6. Hey I think a channel called real directioners copied this video (I’m not positive, but it seems like the same exact video) just thought you should know

  7. In case you're wondering, when the boys were answering the question: "What were your favourite rides at Universal?", the thing Harry whispered to Louis was, "You were mine."

    lolll at 11:59 when lous touches his chest lollll

  9. I don’t judge gays but it always seems weird to me. When I found out Larry videos I changed my mind, they’re cute and belong to each other. Omgg 🥺🥺

  10. 13:02 that was the first interview I saw of them. I didn't know anything about 1D, but my instictive reaction after watching that was to think that those two dudes are gay and they are gonna fuck after this. good times.

  11. I hope they had fun together. Life is too short to pay attention to what others think. If not they had missed out on one of the best time of their lives…

  12. By the way louis said early bird gets the wooden and it means that the one who wakes up fist gives the other one who's still asleep a bj

  13. When they do these things Zayn starts to go a little off beat and runs away LMAO!! We got jelly!! Harry likes nuts so where’s the peanut butter!!

  14. harry getting flustered at 10:26 is cute af! lil klutz moment.😭 imagine if modest! never got in between them what they could’ve been today! 🥺 imagine if they never come out my heart breaks. i still ship and yes still watching in 2020!

  15. I have really enjoyed these video's and appreciate them, very much. I have to pull myself away, to get some sleep. Please, dear Lord………don't let it all be a joke, when I wake it…..it's all gone ! ! Please don't…….

  16. I love Larry, it's just the fact that some people took it too far and it got weird for Louis and his girlfriend as well as Harry

  17. If someone ever comes to me and tells me larry is not real, imma show them this video and ask them to explain every single one of these moments, because there's no heterosexual explanation to this.

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