Hank & Charlie Prep For Hank’s Eye Exam | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE COOL KIDS

Those are your
friends over there? [squeaking] I’ve never seen them
before in my life. No, Hank. For the last time, this
is the signal for W. This is the signal for P. Wait. What’s that the signal for? Oh, I don’t know. Just something
weird my arm does. Don’t even tell me
what you guys are doing. I don’t want to know. If you must know,
Margaret, I gotta pass this eye test
so I can renew my license for my golf cart. So to make sure I’m gonna pass
it, we running a little scam. It should be real. The eye test is a scam. It’s Western medicine, man. You know, the government
designed this test to make our eyes worse. But you’re wearing
glasses right now. Yeah, I know. I am a victim of it myself. Look. Think about this. What are glasses made of? Glass. And what is glass made of? Sand. And where does sand come from? The Middle East.

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