Handmade Bamboo Basket, Aesthetic and Functional 竹编箩筐:美观又实用的竹编工艺丨4K UHD丨小喜XiaoXi丨Traditional Craft

split bamboo prepare bamboo strips make the base of the basket bend the bamboo strips continue weaving make the rim Handmade Bamboo Basket palm tree make coir rope Yam boil yam chili market in town selling yam “Fresh Yam, 10 yuan of 2.5 kg!” Thanks For Watching


  1. Very nice work.. you have a great talent and your baskets are beautiful..
    Do you sell in the USA.. i would be honored to buy some baskets.
    I would pay much more than they sell for there.. there are no quality
    Baskets like that here..

  2. Wow, didn't know bamboo could be done like that. Learn something new every day don't we . Awesome job. Lot of patience. Nice basket . 😄👍

  3. …у меня бамбука нет, почему-то не хочет расти,но я плету по такой-же технологии из ивовых прутьев, молодец, красиво получилось, удачи тебе во всем!!!

  4. Excelente trabajo el producto es precioso con gusto lo compraría lo malo es vivo en América del sur

  5. What country is? I would like to go with my son in vacation and see more of that beautiful culture.
    May God bless them.

  6. I need to learn to make the baskets they are beautiful….I hope XiaoXi is getting compensated for this video he is truly talented

  7. Thank you so much ☺️ is taking us to the market of your village. It’s an awesome 😎 place! I love 💕 your videos

  8. Hola, yo ya te las habría comprado, son muy bonitas y muy útiles, me encantan todas las cosas que realizas…🥰🤩

  9. Maravilhoso, dá vontade de ter uma cesta e outros utensílios desse na cozinha. Eu só tenho colheres de bambu. Queria peneira, cestos, etc. Parabéns 🙇

  10. They will always talk you down in price at the market, We have farmers market here in Canada as well, in cold weather is in a heated building with bay doors with windows .

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  13. If I was there I will stand beside you and sing many happy songs, maybe people will come and I will invite them to buy your products. Or you will feel so shy and run away when I do like this (^^)(^^)

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