Focus on me Fo-Fo-Fo-Focus on me Oh, it’s focusing. Oh shit. Hello! Hi! [intro music] Hi! Hello, my name is Chase. And today we’re talking about hair loss dysphoria. Now Pleaseee! Before we even start talking about this: Don’t mention me dyeing my hair. Okay? Let’s not do this. Let’s not go down that alley right now. Because I just wanna talk about the dysphoria that I have and a lot of people, who are trans men, have and obviously cis men, too, but let’s talk about trans right now Fuck the cis – it’s always about them. I’m sorry. Oh my God. Hair loss dysphoria is real. And I get it, okay? I get it; we signed up for this. If you’re gonna take testosterone you can’t – you can’t pick and choose what ingredients, and what happens to you. Ingredients? And what changes happen to you, and you have to deal because “all men lose their hair” Tuts. Let’s – just give me a second to explain myself over here, okay? I am very scared to lose my hair, okay? And I will say that I use “Manic Panic” hair dye which is vegan, and it is not bad for your hair And I have looked it up and I’m fine But, ever since I started T, my hairline has been receding. Which is normal, and that happens to almost every trans guy that goes on T. or trans, or nonbinary person that is transmasc, under th – I’m just going to use trans as the umbrella term, okay? Anyone who goes on T, how about that? And my hairline receded a lot. And recently I’ve, like, looked at pictures of me where my hair was there, and I’m like “how much hair did I lose?!” I just have like, a crisis. And then sometimes I look at my hair and I’m like “Oh, I didn’t lose that much hair.” I’m being like, really dramatic. So the thing is, is that I am 26 years old, alright? And sure, some cis guys start balding at 26 years old. Fantastic. But you know what they had? 26 years of being male, and being comfortable as male And not even questioning their gender identity. Me? I’ve been on T for seven years. And I have only lived as my true self, and “passed” – started “passing” really for six years. And that’s not fair. So, like it’s-it’s-it’s more like the mourning of, like, 20 years that I missed on having hair as male. And I know that that’s a weird fucking concept to talk about Oh, I’m sorry I’m swearing. I should like, really be careful. But, I think that it’s-it’s like you have to mourn so many things in your transition, and it’s not like, “is it even worth it?” at that point, because of course it’s worth it. Of course. This is how I’ve always seen myself. It just sucks And we are allowed to complain about losing our hair. I have so much dysphoria, literally, about losing my hair that I am on medication to prevent my hair from falling out more, alright? And I’m gonna talk about that just a little bit. Just a little bit, though. So the medication that I’m on is – oh my. Ah, no, can I say the name of the medication? xxx? Yeah. That’s the generic name. I think I’m allowed to say that name It is the generic version of another medication that starts with “P” I don’t wanna say it because I think if you say names of medication that are like “brand names”, it just, like, your video doesn’t get monetized or something. So I don’t wanna deal with that So this is the cheaper alternative. It comes in five milligram tablets that you have to cut up in four so I take like, one fourth of-of a tablet every day And that doesn’t regrow your hair But it helps your hair to not fall out as fast So I have – I’ve been on it for now two years and I have had, uh, no complaints with it at all. It is working the way that it’s supposed to. My hair falls out so much less Um. Two months ago I did actually go off of it for a month because I thought that xxx was linked to my issue I was having with my junk where I was like, numb and I couldn’t feel anything and it was like – it was not fun But, the conclusion was that it’s actually not xxx because even though I was off for like, all that time, I was still having that problem, so I went back on because the anxiety that I had over not being on this medication gave me more anxiety and it was just all over the place, but I noticed that my hair was falling out more And there are certain things that I just can’t handle And I-I sometimes like to play with my hair and just do that And I would look down at my – and it would be full. That’s not something I wanna deal with right now I would like to focus on other things in my life Like finishing my thesis, okay? So I’m on this medication, and like you saw, I can like, play with my hair I’m very gentle with my hair now But I play with my hair and there’s no hair at all Yeah, sure, it falls out a little bit, and that’s normal But it doesn’t fall out as more – as more? as much as it did before So to me, this medication is super important to me it has helped my hair loss dysphoria But my – it just. It just sucks. Because I’m at a point where, I’m 26 and I feel like I will lose my hair eventually And I will rock it. Because I’ll just go bald, like, I’ll shave everything, all – whatever I’ll get a wig. I’ll get hair transplant. Whatever. I’ll rock whatever happens. But I feel like this is my last opportunity to have long hair. And a part of me really wants to let my hair grow. And I know y’all are going to be like “yessss Chase! werk it, go do it. Long hair don’t care” The grow out stage is just so awkward. And I don’t wanna have to deal with that. I tried to do it, literally, like two weeks ago. I was like “I think I’m gonna let my hair grow.” And I literally cut my hair that day because I was like, “I can’t do this” I cut my sides. I’m trying to let my, my – um, middle grow, maybe? So I can do like a little. Like a swoop? Like a swoop. Also, why am I so far away? I’ve been making videos so far away! I can come a little closer so y’all can see me I think it’s just because the light is like, really bright. So yeah. So I’m gonna get close up in here, and we’re gonna talk about my hair. Please God. Please. I’m begging you. Don’t give me hate on my hair. Please. I’m allowed to have dysphoria. Okay? Related to my hair. It’s normal. I’m allowed. This is my body. Please. Um. So. I just feel like it’s starting to recede a little. A little too much. And that gives me a lot of anxiety. And I’m okay on top and everywhere else, but – also, I should’ve dyed my hair. Like, I should’ve made it look pretty for this video. I’m sorry. Um. But, to me, it just – fuck There you go. To me, it just sucks that I have been waiting my whole life to be who I am and now that I am who I am, I can’t have hair. And I can’t do whatever I want with my hair, So it’s like, sometimes I’ll like, dye my hair out of spite, I’m like “You know what? If I’m gonna lose my hair anyways, I might as well just dye my hair and if that means I get one less year with hair, then so be it because I did everything I could with my hair and I was fine with it.” Me being passive aggressive at my own self. Um. I have actually considered going on a lower dose of T. And sometimes going off of T for a little bit just because I’m so scared of losing my hair. And I know this is like. “Okay, Chase, you have too much anxiety, can you please fucking relax?” And I do want to relax, I promise. But I think that I just want to put this message out there to people, that you’re allowed to have dysphoria over your hair, I get messages every single day of people being like “what do you use for hair loss? I’m so scared to lose my hair” like, “I’m two months on T and I’m already losing all of my hair, like I don’t know what to do” Um. I would say talk to your doctor. xxx isn’t for everyone. And it has some side effects that some people don’t like. Um. And you can look that up, but it doesn’t happen for everyone. I have not had any side effects, that I know of, from it, so I feel like I’m lucky for – in that aspect. Hm? That ass-pect? Sorry. I was like, burping. I had a burp in there. There are other things that you can try for your hair. But I don’t wanna go into this. There’s – I think it’s Argan oil? that you can wash your hair with The issue with that is that it literally washes out all of your dye. when you dye your hair Um. I think that somebody said that coconut oil is really good? It like stimulates hair growth? So anything that really stimulates hair growth I think is really great And then there’s this thing that you can do for your beard It starts with an M. Menadoxidil? Something like that. I don’t know what it’s called But like, that’s the name of it? People always ask about this and beard growth and stuff like that I haven’t tried that or anything like that But what I want from you guys is, if you have any hair tips hair loss tips reducing hair loss tips Please put them in the description below Say, something that is maybe more natural than taking medication would be fantastic. Like, um. Apparently putting peppermint oil here helps with your headaches. You know? stuff like that. Like, I want natural remedies. Because I um I-I-I don’t know I want this information for me, but I also want to try all these different things and then bring out the information to you guys Anyways. So that’s it. I have hair loss dysphoria. And it sucks, because like, my dysphoria over so many things in life have kinda like, gone away? and I don’t really have dysphoria anymore? Only bottom dysphoria. Sometimes. And like, I want bottom surgery, sometimes. Sometimes I don’t. But everything else I’m fine. And then it’s like, my hair. And it’s like, related to my transition. And it just sucks. And it just gives me anxiety. So it would be nice if I could let go of that anxiety, and just kinda accept what’s happening or find something that’s really great Like I know LUSH has this thing that you can – it’s like a bar and it smells like cinnamon, and apparently it does hair regrowth. It didn’t work for me. I wouldn’t – like, I don’t know. Like, I love LUSH. Like LUSH sponsor me! But I don’t – I didn’t really like that for my hair It didn’t really do anything for me. I don’t know. So please! If you have any tips! or anything like that Um. Of hair growth and stuff like that, please let me know I swear to God. I swear to God people are going to comment – I look so masc right now Like that’s not something I want to achieve, but it’s just that sometimes I’m like – I’m like, I look good And sometimes it’s like, look at those knot – Oh my God it looks like I have a muscle! I look like I have a muscle! Okay, anyway. I love you guys so much! Have a great week! Bye! [outro music]


  1. I underwent chemotherapy and then tried an ice cap to reduce hair loss. Cold should help, so try Cold showers?

  2. DO NOT TAKE FINASTERIDE its so bad for you and is a weak form of progesterone, just take a bio identical form of progesterone and it'd work better with none of the permanent receptor damage in the brain

  3. its not testosterone that causes balding but what t converts to, dht and progesterone prevents that from happening more than finasteride

  4. i know this isn't going to help with the dysphoria at all but just for the record, i really do think your hairline is very attractive and you look so handsome with it. kinda wish mine looked similar to yours actually!

  5. DHT blocking shampoo.

    Minoxidil will regrow hair but if you stop any hair that didn't mature won't stay. This is why it works great for beards but not so much on your head.

    Our beards haven't fully developed so minoxidil helps it and T doesn't make beard hair fall out.

    Head hair once it starts falling out you can't permanently regrow it. You can grow the baby hairs with minoxidil but they won't mature and they will fall out if you stop treatment.

    Blocking dht with a shampoo will keep the hairs from falling out permanently and then you wouldn't need minoxidil.

  6. So you want testosterone but as soon as it has an effect you don't like you don't want it anymore…

    Why would balding make you "dysphoric"? It's called male pattern baldness ffs shouldn't that make you feel like a man??

    I thought dysphoria was about being the wrong gender not just not liking your body or looks..

  7. "If I can't get testosterone I'll kill.myself" gets testosterone and starts loosing hair "eww I dont wanna bald I wanna stop testosterone"

    What happened to "feeling like a man"

    "Dysphoria" is just used as another way of saying "things I don't like about myself"

    you people are the most self absorbed idiots on earth

  8. I'm having this problem and I'm strongly considering Forehead reduction surgery or hair transplant surgery

  9. Like several of my trans friends, I didn't start my MTF transition until I was into my 40s. Unlike most men, I've always had a low T count. So I still have a head full of hair. Which saves having to buy wigs. Interestingly, after a year on oestrogen, I have barely any hair on my legs, feet and chest.

  10. . If I started T I don't if I would care if I lost my hair. But i don't think I would lose my hair because my dad has a full head of hair that's really thick and not received at all. So idk. My family doesn't have any hair loss history. I hope when I start T I don't lose my hair though because I like running my fingers threw it.

  11. I'm a 39 yr old Cis Female and my hair has been thinning for about 10 yrs now. It's not TOO bad, but I get a lot of anxiety when I can see my scalp through my hair (in the front). Unfortunately, my Dad is severely balding and his Grandfather was almost completely bald by 50 – so it's in the genes. I stopped dyeing my hair 5 yrs ago, because I feared that continuing to dye my hair would only make things worse. Like you said, as a Trans Man, you could easily shave your head and still look good..not something I'd ever do as a woman. I'll probably just end up wearing wigs if it gets that bad..I'd love to know if anybody's tried Rogaine and if it works.

    Anyway, I'm just saying that I feel your pain. Stay strong. xoxo 😘

  12. I'm not trans but I've done a lot of hair research over the years. there's certain oils you can use for your hair like coconut oil (can cause acne), olive oil, castor oil, or jojoba oil (the lightest and least greasy looking imo) that you can use on your scalp to help stimulate the follicles. you can also add peppermint or rosemary essential oil to your oil and massage it into your scalp to help with hair growth. hope this helps someone!

  13. Hi Chase :3 (and everyone reading this!)

    I am not on T yet, but something that I do to strenghten my hair is that I take brewer's yeast. It's hella natural! It comes in pills, and you can find it in supermarkets as well as in some small organic food stores (don't know about Canada though, I live in France…)

    It reinforces your hair and makes it grow faster, as well as your eyelashes, eyebrows, body hair, nails, etc…. This has helped me with my body hair disphoria in particular, but also in my "hair maintenance" since I bleach and dye my hair too, so my hair can be a little damaged at times.

    Hope this helps!

  14. holy fuck this is such a good video. so many things i get dysphoric about is the fact that i didnt have x thing as long as a cis guy

  15. One thing that is great for the health of your scalp at least is washing your hair in apple cider vinegar. You may still run in to the issue of it washing out hair dye though. But I know that coconut oil certainly helps with the overall health of your hair and scalp. My hair had always been super soft and fairly shiny, but once I put this blue spray stuff in and was horrified to find that my hair was coarse and dull after washing it out. The next day I put coconut oil all throughout my hair and let it sit for the day. After washing it out my hair was actually even softer and shinier than it had been before the spray. And Apple cider vinegar had helped greatly whenever my scalp was dry and itchy(it helps soothe inflammation and dry skin).

  16. Apart from hormonal stuff and head massage, there isn't much you can do to make your hair grow faster/thicker. All you can really do is take care of the hair that you have.

    I'd recommend using oil for moisturising (I'm personally a fan of coconut or jojoba;) satin pillowcases; soft hairbands without the metal thing; brushing your hair using soft hairbrushes, gently starting from the tips and working your way up, and using wide-toothed combs if you're combing wet hair (hair's more fragile when it's wet;) and if you cut your hair, cut it when it's wet if possible (doesn't apply to shaving.)

    If you don't dye your hair and you don't have a skin problem that causes dandruff, I'd say try out the no-poo method. Don't shampoo or condition your hair, just use warm water and a soft hairbrush to spread out the natural oils. It takes a while but eventually your hair should be naturally clean and shiny.

    I'm not an expert, but hair care is one of my Special Interests lol

  17. thank you for the video. When I first started to find more information on transitioning I found out I would lose my hair if there was baldness in the family ( and just my luck it runs on both sides lol). Now my brother lost all his hair at 17 and is completely bald now. I do complain to my wife about this but she says she will love me no matter what. but I feel like you I want to able to have hair for a little bit longer.

  18. I know what you mean about the grow out stage of hair, I was trying for a couple months to let it grow out further and then I was like "nah let's just shave this down like…a lot."

  19. No idea what it is but something about your hairline looks good the way it is? it doesn't quite look like it's receeding ? Idk man

  20. My dad has a conditioner (that I use too) that helps hair grow faster, and it works. It doesn't re-grow hair but it works on hair you have, idk if it'll help stop hair from falling out

  21. i worry about losing my hair whenever im able to transition, but idk how much hair thickness affects how much hair is lost?? my hair is extremely thick so idk how noticeable hair loss would be

  22. Regular hair dye won't make your hair fall out either. The only thing that can do that is if you bleach you hair too much in a small period of time.

  23. I'm on T an this is a BIG fear of mine. My dad is bald and pretty hairy, I'm already growing a lot of body hair which I don't fancy wish I could just get happy trail and bit of facial but I know I'll get tons 😓and I'll probably try to stop T or something if I start getting bald 😭. I'm not too anxious for now lol hopefully genetics are good with me for once and allow me to keep my hair 🙏🏼

  24. studies show Nizoral, a dandruff shampoo, works as well as minoxidil/rogaine (the lowest dose) at removing dht from the scalp. DHT is the testosterone responsible for hair loss. Unsure if it will regrow hair…I suppose if you catch the damaged follicles early enough, it should. Also, Saw Palmetto, a natural substance, blocks DHT…but I don't know if/how it would affect your testosterone.

  25. Ok, so I have traction alopecia. I've had treatment for it in the past that included steroid injections in my scalp. Since starting T it's been a real fear of mine for it to get worse.
    However, I have found a great a natural way of keeping my hair and growing back some hair I thought I lost. I use baking soda as a shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. Then I use coconut oil and water to style. These are the only things that I put in my hair now. It's super healthy and looks great.

  26. since i'm pre-T i can't give you my thoughts but i'm proud of ur muscle chase i hope i too one day with have A Muscle

  27. If you're going to bleach the life out of it you may be exasperating the process. Manic panic is fine it's the bleach that causes a lot of damage. I'm a hairstylist that works with high lift blondes on a daily basis, and the breakage around the hairline is very common. Hairline hair is just so fragile and prone to breakage. I do sympathize with you about the link between T and male pattern baldness, but maybe a healthy hair regiment and going natural maybe worth a shot.

  28. You have totally summed up everything I am dreading about T and I'm not even on it. I'm older than you so will likely lose it all very quickly regardless and the whole thing about finally transitioning but not having grown up male and the whole hair thing – I totally get it.

  29. WOHOOO vegan hair dye <3

    I'm non-binary trans masc and am going on 1 month on T now. I'm over 30 so shit, I better not lose my hair lol I fucking LOVE my hair!

  30. Try tea tree oil, it helps nourishing your hair but it's also kinda stripping off the dye. But it leaves a really amazing shine!

  31. One thing I've found really useful for hair loss is Viviscal! It's a supplement they sell at Shoppers Drug Mart in the hair products aisle.

    My hair started thinning out after I started spironolactone, and broke/fell out quite easily. For me, Viviscal stopped it falling out, but after a few months of taking it most people report fuller/stronger hair as well. It's expensive at $60 per month supply but well worth a try. I've noticed that my scalp turns from very dry to oily when I take it- it must be stimulating something!

  32. I'm a trans man, 4 years on testosterone. Haven't had any issue with hair loss, and honestly I don't worry about it either. I've started applying Minoxidil to my face however to stimulate beard growth because facial hair has been slow for me. I've seen a trans guy get decent results from it. It is meant for growing hair on top of your head but just happens to work well to grow facial hair too. Not a natural remedy but there are no hormones in Minoxidil so perhaps it would make people more comfortable to use it knowing that.

  33. I used Main and Tail shampoo and conditioner and Alpecine Caffeine shampoo for around 6 months and I an honestly say, my hair has never felt so healthy and never grown so much! When I started using it my hair was just passing my shoulders, after six months it is just above my bellybutton, it works amazingly. Hope I could help! Also, love your videos and all the incredible work you do! Love you!! x

  34. castor oil is has been toted as a good hair stimulant or accelerator. it might might the follicle thicker. buuuut anyway ive used it to grow my eye lashes and brows and its worker really well, i have alot of hair on the top of my head so using castor oil there i cant tell if it made a difference or not. but depending maybe on the brand it can break you out. it did for me, though its usually highly suggested you use a carrier oil like jojoaba or any oil of your choice. rose/rose hip is really good for your skin. also drinking rose water.

    so yeah try castor oil out. theres also black castor oil. hot oil treatments are good. ive heard amla is good. at a very basic level whats good just like for anywhere else increased blood flow is going to make a huge difference. some people hang their head upside down off their bed and massage their scalp, ive never tried it. also niacin, try niacin at your own discretion because it does flush you and you cant go into the sun for like an hour or so after you take it.

  35. I don't know if this would work for trans men, but for cis women who have PCOS (increased testosterone and androgen) they too can face hair loss, and I've heard that using this one shampoo, Nizoral can help slow and restore some of your hair loss. It isn't a cure, not all of your hair will come back, but it at least won't get worse. It only works for as long as you use the shampoo, but it isn't as expensive or embarrassing as Rogaine. What it does is it apparently blocks DHT which is the chemical created by Androgen and affects your hair growth and hair loss patterns. You can also look up DHT blocking shampoos but Nizoral seems to be the most commonly used, and hey, if you suffer from dandruff, two bird with one stone. But I wouldn't take my word as it is a medical shampoo and welp, I'm not trans and I don't want to give medical advice 🙂 just an idea to explore for anyone reading facing the same issue? You can buy it in stores and online, you should only use it once every couple of days (so basically twice a week tops).

  36. Castor oil. I have been using castor oil for a while and a big part of my hairline has grown back in, i recommend it.

  37. So much this. I'm so glad you talked about this, as I feel the exact same way. I haven't had enough time with my hair!

  38. I'm 21 and a month after starting T my hairline started receding. Without a doubt I will have a receding hairline before I even start passing. I recommend everyone starting T talk to their doctor about hair loss because there's drugs that help with it and you want to start using them as soon as you start losing it

  39. I have a bit of a problem with you equating the discomfort you feel with hair loss to the dysphoria you felt before transition. Not all uncomfortable feelings are dysphoria. You water down the term when you over use it.

  40. When u say dysphoria does that just mean anything that makes u feel bad? Because I'm "dysphoric" about my acne or my track marks but it's not related to gender. Is this dysphoria gender related or just like oh fuck I don't wanna lose my hair?

  41. Saw palmetto!
    used either in a capsule or, if you can find it, topically on the head. An extract of saw palmetto might block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT is the molecule responsible for hair loss
    a dose for hair loss that's been studied is 200 mg twice daily (combined with beta-sitosterol 50 mg twice daily might make it work even better)
    *also Saw palmetto might decrease estrogen levels in the body*

  42. 1 you are a wonderful human 2 Im sorry you are feeling this dysphoria and I hope one day soon there is a better solution for you and all humans taking T. Sending you love and positive vibes <3

  43. i know he said ~don't talk about me dyeing my hair~ but he goes on to mention using manic panic and how it's fine for your hair. true. but he still bleaches it which is not 🙃

  44. Natural way to grow hair and thicken it is to put an onion in a blender then take the mush and drain its liquid then message the liquid into your scalp and focus it on the areas that need it most leave for as long as you can minimum 5 hours use 2-4 times a week
    The smell is annoying so to get rid of it use a coffee honey hair mask which is basically 2 tablespoons of coffee ground with enough honey to make it into a slightly thick liquid apply to your hair and massage it in it will help stimulate growth and it also takes the smell away
    And to prevent the hair you already have from falling use a simple hair strengthening mask such as:
    Green pepper( not chilli i think its called sweet pepper you know the one in salads) chop that up an put it in a glass container with boiling water then when it cools down cover it and let it soak in the fridge for 10 days the use the water on your hair massage it into the scalp and leave it on for 2-4 hours. ( 3 times a week or every other day)
    Another one is: parsley( handfull or 2) and 2 cloves of garlic( with little cuts to allow the juices out) in a glass container soak in boiling water then when cooled cover and let it soak for 24 hours in the fridge then use same as previous one. ( every day or every other day for 2 hours)

  45. I identify as nb transgender and watching your videos made me realize that I (maybe) want to go on a low dose of T. I want all of the changes coming with it because then I'll be passing as male and I'm still going to be misgenderd this way but at least I won't be genderd as female. The only thing that freaks me out is the hair loss. And when I Iook at my dad, he is almost bald but has still some hair left, it's really thin and looks terrible. And it wouldn't suit me at all. Then again the father of my mother is 70 or so and still has full hair. So there is a little change that I might have these genes, but from my fathers side the men were all bald within their late 30's.

    This may sound picky but I don't want to (as you said) finally look the way I'm supposed to, to then loose my hair, leaving me looking like the ugliest potatoe ever. I already have dysphoria because of the shape of my head (the profile) and then I literally would just switch between types of dysphoria. So thanks for the video. 🙂

  46. Have you got a review on finasteride? Also wondering if you've considered if your depression has got worse while taking it? I've heard in some cases it can cause depression or if you have it can make it worse. I'm considering Finasteride but concerned about the effect it could possibly have on a pre op hysto transman like myself? Do you have any information on this?

  47. I'm 17 and I've been on T for three years and I've started losing hair and it causes me so much stress ))): and then I get stressed that stress will cause more hair loss IT SUCKS

  48. You could try siliceous earth (I hope it's translated correct).
    There are capsules and powder that you dissolve in water (or better sth. with flavour because this stuff does not taste that good). Best of luck! Greetings from germany.

  49. Just wanted to say thanks for actually namedropping the medication bc I showed your vids to my friend who didn't know it existed and he is now taking it and so his anxiety for hairloss is greatly reduced 😀

  50. ive had huge hair loss & dandruff for over two years of letting my hair grow long and im like …. … now that i finally look femme… do i fcking wanna deal with this? no.

  51. I want to keep long hair when I transition. Long hair keeps my self confidence and dying it black. Do you think I'd lose it quickly when I start T? (It will be so damn many long years until I transition though)

  52. Thanks for the video. My hair is thinning and I am freaking out. I have hair loss dysphoria, too, but I thought going on Finasteride blocked DHT which helps with beard growth, etc. I haven't been on T for a year yet so I don't really want to do that. Has being on it not affected your beard growth, etc.?

  53. This is one of the reasons I'm hesitant about going on T I really don't want to lose my hair but all the men in my family go bald as eggs!

    I wonder if going on T then stopping after a good while would prevent hair loss?

  54. shit i haven't even started T yet (hopefully will in April) but I have a lot of androgens because of some hormone disorder that my last endocrinologist couldn't identify (all she said was it WASN'T PCOS so that's chill) and my hair is ALREADY thinning in the same pattern as yours. I'm so fuckin' scared it's just going to get worse when I actually start T. I might try that medication you mentioned, I didn't even know there was anything like that tbh.

  55. MASSAGING argan/jojoba/coconut oil to your scalp with your head upside down is great for stimulating hair growth and growing stronger/healthier hair. I would also recommend buying sun protecting spray for hair! Of course eating healthy and staying hydrated is the key for treating it inside out.

  56. Omg, yeass, it’s a real thing! I’ve always had EXTREEEMELY thick hair, and I’ve always gotten compliments for it. 5 years after going on T I realised it was getting thinner. Not to a point where it actually looks thin (not yet..) but it’s gone from extremely thick to ”normal”. But it’s a lot thinner than it used to be, and the hairline is receding. :(( I’ve always wished for thinner hair, but now I DON’T WANT IT!!! XD hahaha Like plzzz, god, I was just kidding. Don’t take my hair!!
    I tried medication but for me it just made it worse O_O (??) so I stopped. If I lose too much of it I’m just gonna have to rock it, like chase said XP
    Maybe make a cool tattoo.. we’ll see.

  57. I’m losing tons of hair and have pretty much come around to shaving it all off, but the thing stopping me is age and everyone around me. I’m only 21 and look much younger than that, as most of everyone in my family does (woohoo!) the downside is that I can’t pull off any ‘masculine’ hairstyles. I’ve mostly had the short in the back/long in the front. Whenever I bring up shaving my head, everyone, even my barber, says don’t do it. I am thinking of taking the hair loss pill but if nothing will grow back, it feels pointless. My hair loss is super recent and going very fast.

  58. That's one thing I'm terrified of, if I transition. Male pattern baldness runs in my family on my father's side (but somehow, one of his brothers managed to keep all of his hair. The rest went bald), but not on my mother's side, so I don't know how much of a chance I have of going bald if I go on T. My brother is 18 months younger than me, and his hairline is receding. The thought of losing my hair scares me, because I have always had really thick hair (it was so thick when I was a teenager, that I couldn't fit my thumb and middle finger all the way around it when I put it in a ponytail. My ponytail was about 2 inches across. No joke). It's still pretty thick, but not as thick as it used to be.

  59. @uppercaseCHASE1 how long you take the medication? Do you think that transman have the hair loss earlier than cis man? In my family every have hair till 50 years..i not. i must stop t after 5 years..i was 15 when i start t..thats not normal loosing hair so early when nobody in family has depends only you aren't male chromosome many

  60. I know this is an older video, Chase, but I just turned 31. I’m Pre-T and I’ve already noticed my hair thinning within the passed year. I’ve been considering asking my endo if it’s possible to start Finasteride and T at the same time, or if this will inhibit the changes that I want to happen from Testosterone. I’m so scared of balding, because it is on my fathers side of the family the most (little bit in my moms side) and my hair is one of the few things I’ve always been confident about. I have fine hair but it’s thick, but in the past year I noticed I can see into my hairline now, and the sides are noticeably thin when they definitely weren’t before. I believe I have a health issue that could be causing this (thyroid or possibly diabetes) so I will be seeing a doctor soon.

    I did want to say that I know someone who uses a supplement called Viviscal, and she says it has regrowth her hair after losing a large amount of it. She swears by it. Have you any experience with this supplement? It’s a bit pricey ($50 for a month supply) but I considered taking this as well.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I just wanted to see your opinion on these things 🙂

  61. I used to have a crush when I was younger that told me to freeze a whole red onion and take a big bite out of it once a day to either make my hair grow faster or my height taller.

    I found out he was trolling me with that.

  62. Yeah.. I started T at 14 and my hairline started receding at 16 years old. It's a huge source of insecurity for me and I really don't know what to do about it. My hair has always been thick and had lots of volume but now my temples are pretty far back and the top is a lot thinner. I've even thought about stopping T.

  63. There's no pattern baldness or hair loss in my family, and all of the men in my family have their hair until their late life. Women also have full heads of really, really thick hair. So I think I should be good, but still… thanks for mentioning what to take just in case.

  64. I want a more masculine hairline, and if I go bald then that’s not a thing woman normally do so I’m fine with it. And can you call it dysforia? It’s not something that makes you uncomfortable bcuz you’re afab..? Do you understand me here..?

  65. I'm nb transmasculine, one year on T, one year off (I regained some of my lost hair then) and now almost 2 months on T again. I'm 22 and I already lost MUCH more hair than you on this video. Now I'm seriously worried about it. I'm actually getting bald. Yes, I was aware this might have happened when I signed for T but I seriously have like zero intent to just accept this fact. Fuck it. I'm gonna fight this.

  66. I lost most of my hair to anorexia, I'm pre-T, 20, and my hair line is like the same as yours but I have less and thinner hair? PRE T!!! Almost 21!!!??? I feel like at this point once I'm done transitioning I'll feel ugly already where are my teen years I could honestly scream it's so frustrating and unfair.

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