Hack Your Body To Have Superpowers

Medical science can give you a new hip. But how about a sixth sense? You know, we humans are really aware of the
five senses, right… vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There
are actually more senses that we have, and some of them you’ve probably have never even
heard about. For example – proprioception! That’s your ability to sense the movement
and position of your body parts even if your eyes are closed. Go ahead. Try it. Close your eyes, stick out
your forearm, and try and grasp it with your other hand. Pretty cool, right? Or what about nociception? That’s your sense
of pain. Granted it’s not in my top five, but it’s
still pretty important. But then we can look to the animal world for
some really cool senses, like magnetoception. That is the ability to sense magnetic fields.
Sea turtles, birds, and some other animals have this ability. They can actually sense
the Earth’s magnetic field, which helps in navigation for long migrations. In fact, some birds might even be able to
SEE magnetic fields like a grid overlaying their vision! Which just adds to the reasons to be jealous
of them – on top of the fact that they can fly, and they’re allowed to poop on statues
whenever they want. Which I’m being told I absolutely can not
do. But what if we could expand our senses beyond
the ones we already have? For example, you could have a little bio-implant,
a magnet made out of a rare earth metal called neodymium, and that would allow you to sense
electromagnetic fields. Imagine it, an entire new world of sensation
opens up to you! Or how about a different magnetic upgrade?
What about a compass that tells you when you’re facing north by vibrating? So you don’t look for the North Star, you
just look for the north buzz. And while we’re upgrading, lets not stop with
cyborgs, lets go full on superhero! Some students at the Electronic Visualization
Laboratory at the University of Illinois in Chicago have built a spidey sense suit that
they call – drumroll please – SpiderSense! Here’s how it works. It sends out ultrasonic
signals, which when they come into contact with objects, bounce back and are picked up
by microphones in the suit. Which then trigger a robotic arm to put pressure
on your skin – alerting you to an oncoming object. And they tested it out in a very scientific
way. They had someone dress up in the suit, put
on a blindfold, and then get attacked by people. And they fended them off with cardboard ninja
stars. SCIENCE! Now this is just a basic model, but you can
imagine a more advanced one being able to tell you how far away an object is and how
quickly it’s coming toward you. And if you don’t want to be Spider Man, maybe
you’re thinking… No! What I really want to be able to do is
track Arnold Schwarzenegger through the jungle using just his heat signature with my infrared
vision. But that is pure science fiction, right? Wrong! In 2013, researchers gave rats the ability
to sense infrared signals through brain implants! They put infrared sensors on the rat’s foreheads
and wired it to the touch center of the rat’s brains so they could actually sense infrared
radiation. I kinda want that. And on the other end of the visual spectrum
we have ultraviolet light. Imagine being able to see the way butterflies can see. Or lets go really crazy. What about tongue-like
chemoreceptors on our skin, so you can actually taste things with your hands? Imagine all those delicious doorknobs… But I have a question for all of you out there.
If you could add a sense to the ones you already have, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed our video, make sure you
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  1. I have autism…my senses are already heightened (Sound, smells, tastes, touch… we are very sensitive beings)

  2. I would like the power of making my body move on its own like ultra instinct and to avoid any danger, now that would be cool and super speed like ultra instinct too and mui

  3. I can control wind patterns, go through a lot of pain easily, see entities others can’t, melt things easily, feel nature’s pain, know when something is about to touch me… Now that I think of it I’m basically a supernatural being, or what I call an Elemental…

  4. I really wish it can be possible to have special abilities. It would be cool having powers such as electricity(like kamunari from My Hero Academia), explosion(like bakugou, also from My Hero Academia), and shape shifting.

  5. The part at the end when he said what is you can taste stuff your hands ehat if you were to masterbait -_-

  6. Okay woah in forcing yourself to have a 6th sense? Please no. Don't. I was born with a very weak 6th sense. It was never shown till I begin to get older. Times I would twitch and times I would feel random mix emotions in crowds. This sense grew more as I would get depressed and feel lonely.

    I HAVE the ability to sense last second things coming. This sense became stronger as I would get worried and scared. When I twitch, it means many things at once. When I feel a pressure in my throat, it means a last second thing. And when my heart feels hurt, I feel someone's emotion.

    Usually when I fall asleep in class, my foot would twitch which would alarm me to wake up.
    It's very cool to have a 6th sense but sometimes overwhelming… I prefer to not in force yourself to have an extra sense. It grows over time OR it doesn't.
    So now, I have to keep practicing with my sense so it can be stronger.


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