GST Explained By Rahul Gandhi | Angry Prash

This Video Is Just A Joke But, You have to take this seriously! Majhnu(Bro) What is This GST? Don’t Know Brother Why? GST This Fucking GST Has Eaten My Head(Mind) Why? What Happened Brother? Fucking Everyone Keeps On Talking About GST GST GST On Facebook! GST On WhatsApp! GST On Twitter! Even GST On Toilet! Written That GST On Doing Pee/Shit Fuckin, I Was Thinking That What Is GST? And From Where It Will Come, Where It Will Be Put? Get Out From Here, Don’t Know What Will Be Putted Fuckin.. Leaving Half, Without Cleaning Reached Home Even I Did Shit With Helmet in My Toilet Don’t Know If GST Comes There Then, I Went To The Home Of World’s Genius Person And Asked Him,”What Is GST?” So Sir, What Is This GST? *Laughing* (Rahul Gandhi) Don’t Laugh Tell What Is This *Thinking* *Still Thinking* What? I Didn’t Listen. What? *Staring* Why Are You Staring? Tell *What Is GST?* *Thinking* Hey! Speak *Going To Tell* See Poor Person Can’t Eat Road *Shouting Sound* Ya Majhnu(Bro)! Do You Have Alia Bhatt’s Phone Number? She Will Tell Me “What Is GST?” So Sir, Rich Person Can Eat Road *Saying YES* I Will End You Game On Time Thanks For Watching And Don’t Forget To Like Comment Subscribe LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE LIKE COMMENT

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