Glauptics [email protected] 2019

Hi, my name is Ashley. And I’m Alex. Our invention Glauptics is a pair of eyeglasses
that treats and prevents the worsening of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible
blindness in the U.S., affecting 2.7 million people aged 40 and over. The first symptom of glaucoma is peripheral
vision loss. Our invention includes prisms on the lenses
that treat this existing vision loss by moving an image to the center of the eye. ​Additionally, over half of patients don’t
adhere to their eye drop schedules, which causes their condition to worsen. Our invention includes a built-in reminder
system with a simple beeping sound that alerts patients to take their eye drops. Once the reminder goes off, the patient lifts
the frames of their glasses, tilt their head back, and squeeze on the pressure bulbs at
the end of the glasses. This easy process allows patients to medicate
their eyes on-the-go, as the eyedrops are stored in the frames themselves. ​Our all inclusive invention treats existing
vision loss, while also preventing further eye damage. Glauptics, the all-in-one glaucoma fix.

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