Giving Is The Best Communication – Touching Story of Dr Prajak Arunthong

让我看看! 小偷你给我出来! 你偷的什么东西? 你打算那这个干吗? 说话,回答我! 给我的妈妈… 等一下 你妈妈是生病了吗? 嗯(男孩点头) 下次别让我见到你! 女儿,来一碗汤! (30年后) 请坐 爸爸! 给你! 好的,下一单! 医药费总计: 792,000泰铢 紧急出售,电话… 医药费总计: 0泰铢 一切费用,30年前已付清: 用的是3盒止痛药 加上1包素菜汤。 祝好!(Prajak Arunthong医生) 给予是最好的沟通。


  1. I'm shedding tears for this video because of my selfishness and an ignorant human being. Being sorry is no cure.

  2. Well here in the Philippines the president Duterte wants these kind of people dead. He's even lowered the criminal liability age where a minor can be charged to 9 years old. Kill them all that's what he said for criminals. This boy would've never became a doctor in the Philippines.

  3. I have met few Thailand doctors and visited hospitals and they are really good taking care persons. Thai peoples are really good. God bless us all♥️🇹🇭

  4. now i know a great reason why i did not become a doctor…

    ….because a Good Samaritan has already extinct these days…<sigh>

  5. my grandparents were like that man and to me these are the greatest treasures on earth.(knowledge and good hearts open many paths)
    may those whom teach these great lesson to us…me be forever regarded.

  6. It turns out that it's a REAL story of this doctor: Dr. Prajak Arunthong, he went from a child who was a thief in order to aid his sick mother to a brilliant brain surgeon that God would connect him to them to save the life of the man that would be set him on the right path.

  7. The short play has a lot of messages. One of the message is when you help someone, it is possible that somebody will help you also once you need help. I treat this commercial is very inspirational to our younger kids, the because it does mean that if you were very poor you will not be having a future. In this short film, for instance, the boy was very poor and he can't even buy medicine for his mother yet he became a doctor and help the guy who once helps him. I admire the doctor because he kept on helping other humans because somebody helps him when he needs one. Overall it's an excellent short film commercial.

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