Giving Gratitude to Ohio State Wexner Medical Center for Restored Eyesight

JOHN: It was the Sunday before Thanksgiving in 2008,
and I was trying to fashion a spacer out of a lock washer. And then I was squeezing it
closed with a channel lock, and as the more pressure I put on it the lock washer flew
out of the channel lock and went directly into my left eye. My treatment was provided
by Dr. Tom Mauger at The Ohio State University, and I think that Dr. Mauger probably exemplifies
what it means to be a doctor. He was the one that, you know, immediately determined what
needed to be done and what the course of treatment was going to be over time. While I don’t have
excellent vision from it, I can see images and I can see color, but fortunately I’m
not dependent just on that eye. So I’m grateful to have some vision as opposed to no vision
at all. One of the things that my line of work requires is a fair amount of international
travel. Vision is important to me to be able to travel and to get from point A to point
B and to be able to do that unassisted, and so without the care and the treatment that
Ohio State provided, I wouldn’t be able to do that. KATHY: It’s so important to me that he has
his normal routine and that he’s able to work and travel and have a full and rich life. JOHN: Really there could have been a number of people from the opthalmology department that I could
have picked, but there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation in my mind to pick out Dr. Mauger, and he’s
done a lot for my particular case and and, you know, is there some way that I can
recognize that? Giving, to me, means choices because a choice is something that you consciously
make that you’re going to do it or not and giving should be a choice that comes from
the heart for a cause that you feel is important, that you think is a a benefit not just to
you personally but to other people as well. KATHY: Giving back is important to me because I’d
like everyone to have the opportunity to have the type of medical care that my husband has
had. JOHN: It’s something that Woody Hayes taught us many years ago — at least when I was a student
at OSU — and that was to pay it forward.

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