Getting your Ontario Driver’s Licence (Part 4)

This is the fourth and final video in our series on “How To Get Your Driver’s Licence” and today we’re going to cover how to get your full G licence and keep it! If you’ve been in G2 for at least 12 months, and more importantly, you feel you’re ready; then it’s time to make an appointment with your local DriveTest Centre for your G2 Road Test. The process is much like that for the G1 Road Test, [female shows person at desk her licence] you should show up 30 minutes early with a road-worthy vehicle 2 pieces of acceptable ID, the test fee, and glasses or contacts if you need them. Check in first, and then wait for the examiner in your car. [female puts on seatbelt] The examiner will require you to fill out a “Declaration of Highway Driving Experience” form in the car before your test. In the G1 Road Test there are tests on basic driving skills: straight line driving, observing speed limits, turns and braking. But for G2, Examiners are going to look for a higher level of driving skill and confidence. By this point the driver will have had at least another 12 months of driving experience, and should have mastered more advanced driving techniques, such as highway merging, lane changing and maintaining highway speed. These items in particular can lead to the common problems we find in the G2 Road Test: failing to yield the right of way, unsafe lane changes, speeding or going too slowly, and failing to obey road signs or traffic signals. Chapter 6 of the Official Driver’s Handbook covers everything the driver needs to know for the G2 Road Test. Now the end is in sight, pass the G2 Road Test and you will have earned your full G licence and all the independence that goes with it But just before we wrap up this last video, let’s review the top four ways young drivers can jeopardize their driving privileges and safety. After all, you put a lot of time and effort into getting that full G, you want to keep it. [BOARD: Research shows when you’re not wearing a seatbelt, you are 28 times more like to be killed in a fatal or personal injury collision.] The top 4 ways? Well, I’d say one of them is got to be ignoring the seatbelt rules. Everyone in the car has to have their own seatbelt. [BOARD: The risk of a fatality or serious injury is almost 8 times greater for occupants of vehicles involved in a collision at 50km/h or more above the posted speed limit.] Speeding, street racing. Um, anything that distracts the driver. Cell phones, texting, eating. No mp3 players, notebooks, video games. I would say no alcohol for sure Or drugs. Like never. If you’re going to drive, you need to stay focused. That’s the key to the whole thing. So, thanks for watching, and stay focused. [BOARD: Ontario Government Website:]


  1. this is very helpful but i noticed one mistake. the a written test the g2is your first road test and the full g is the highway test

  2. That's actually not a mistake. Officially the road test that you take to get your G2 is called the "G1 road test" and the test you take to get your G is called the "G2 road test". The tests are just titled based on the type of licence that the driver holds before taking the test. I agree that it's confusing though.

  3. Sounds like complicated because in Quebec we only need to past one test on the road and not 2 …… But, if one I move out in Ontario, that will be helpfull what I just watched here. Thnk you for the video.. But, I still like the idea tht when you get the G2 lisence, u can still drive by yourself. XD

  4. My wife didn't pass her G test because she was driving 95 km/h and the speed limit was 100 km/h the instructor told her that she was going too slow… My friend told me that you have to be driving between 100~105 km/h to pass the test… He passed his test when he did that… so the question is what is the right speed in a 100 km/h on hwy 427?

  5. I can see where y'all are coming from, but it takes to long I'm from Alberta and we get our class 7 at 14 witch would be the G1. But there are so many laws like y'all can't drive on major highways. Young Buck gotta learn how to do that. I do see where this is coming from though, to keep everyone safe.

  6. I don't quite understand… I didn't have a road test for my G1… Just did a few questions on paper then got my G1… Weird

  7. I have to do mine in three days, I'm kinda freaking out. Saw a comment somewhere saying you have to parallel park again. I just did it a few weeks ago and I sucked. Haha Hope that's not true. I'm fine with driving but I was nervous on my g1 drivers test, which made me make some mistakes! I thought I might have failed, almost did.

  8. in italy we need to pass one 40 questions quiz with a max of 4 errors, and then we have 6 months to take the road test , and you need to be 18 to do all that

  9. canada has 2 official languages -and it would be ony one if we'd just stop paying off the french separatists to stay, so unless nations of other languages allow canadians to perform the driver testing in english or french, why the fuck are we allowing this bullshit here?
    same crap with apprenticeship trades exams, if the worker isn't competent in OUR language, how can they follow our instructions in OUR workplaces?

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