[upbeat intro music] Chase: Hey guys, it’s me Chasey poo. I’m gonna do another review for you today. I’m super excited about this one I just want to say that alright before we start that I was Standing in my room for about five minutes looking back and forth at this wall and looking at my peen wall Because I want to do the reviews in front of the peen wall. That’s the point of the peen wall, but I can’t Because I’m so scared of what’s gonna happen to my channel. Anyways, today I’m going to be reviewing another product from Gender Cat. This company has so many different prosthetics. I actually currently pack with their supersoft self-adhesive Amazeballs Packer. I reviewed that I’ll put it in the description below and that is literally the best Packer it has changed my life but today I’m going to be reviewing something else and I’m looking because these Packers have such long names and I don’t want to mess it up because they have so many different variations and stuff So I’m actually gonna read what’s on the package. So this is what the package looks like I did an unboxing of these products. Actually, I believe during Christmas? So if you want to look at that just see my first impressions and stuff like that So this is what it looks like. This is the hard six-inch with 3/4 inch diameter fashion fascination fash [laughs] fascination sleeve Self-adhesive sheet install. No amazeballs Okay, amazeballs is like balls that are like in coconut oil and they like move and they’re very cool or very comfortable So before I even touch this Weiner and talk to you about it I just want to say that Gender Cat has over 100 shades and you can request to get this in the mail and you Can put this beside your junk area so you can figure out what size you are. What si- ? [laughs] what color you are and Then you can send this back I believe so Yeah, so I just wanted to show you that so the ones that I have right here match my skin tone as much as possible Like in that area. So let’s open the bag. So it does come in just like like ziploc bag, but whatever Alright, so this is what it looks like here. Okay, it is Like there’s a plastic right here because this is an Adhesive sheet and it’s very very sticky. As you can see there is a hole and you’re like, ‘Chase Why is there a hole?’ you can put your growth in there. So trans men trans mask individuals who are on? testosterone have will have growth down there and you can stick your little dick in there and it’s supposed to like feel very good and like Like like you’re penetrating something because you’re using this to penetrate someone. If we move to the balls they’re very squishy though They’re not the amazeballs. There’s no like actual balls inside but they are pretty squishy. The shaft itself is very it’s very soft very rigid which is good not like SuperDuper rigid like it’s not like the hardest thing in the world, but you know, It’s pretty good And the only thing that I would say is because the fascination sleeve is is there This kind of like it’s not super sturdy near the base, but let’s get into it So this is used mostly for sex. One of the main questions is can you pack with it? You can absolutely pack with it and I will show you what it looks like in boxers But the only issue that if you pack with it, it is gonna go up a little bit So you need to wear like really tight really really tight Underwear and like skinny jeans or else you’re just gonna look like you got a big ol’ dick and if that’s what you want then perfect This is the Weiner for you hunty So it’s cool about this is that you’re supposed to wear this and not have to use a harness Now I’m saying you’re supposed to because I have had some issues with this. Don’t get me wrong. This company is amazing And this Weiner is good, but it’s not my favorite and that’s okay. That’s okay. So in terms of Sticking it on to yourself It took me a couple of times to really figure out where I’m supposed to put it in order to make sure that my junk Fits in here. So one of the big issues was that I wasn’t hard yet So I had to make sure I was hard because I feel like the placement would be different So then I put it in here and what you do is you you kind of press this because it’s suction. It Suctions your dick in and at first I was like, ‘oww’ because I’m very sensitive down there So when something kind of like grips me I don’t like it So my dick went in there and it was suctioned Into it though and took me a couple of seconds to like kind of be okay But at first it was kind of a little bit hurty And then I was able to find figure out like the placement and stuff like that. So what is sex like with this prosthetic? Well, It feels really Connecty to be able to penetrate a partner and not have to wear a harness I really enjoy that I use the Joystick by Transtetics formerly known as the Bono, and You don’t have to wear a harness, but you wear underwear So you’re still kind of wearing something, but this I didn’t have to wear anything so it felt really good Until you pull out So when you go in everything is good it stuck to you, but when you pull out there’s a part of you That isn’t really stuck to it or there’s like a like your skin is elasticy like stick you have skin elasticity So when you’re when you move something from your skin it kind of your skin follows, so this doesn’t move with you It moves with your skin. So there’s a delayed reaction. So you’re stuck to it And you’re you went inside and now you’re trying to go outside but when you go you’re kind of like over here and then your skin kind of follows, and then it goes back, and then going in. So it was a little bit annoying and I did feel like the only part of me that was like Safe was like the top here. Cause I feel like it stuck It is not and it did not unglue this is very good adhesive I can’t recommend this adhesive any like I recommend it 100% I don’t know what I’m saying But in terms of it being stuck to me it was perfect But I mean, you can’t really stick anything here for it to be with you. So What I did is I ended up lying down and the person kind of rode my wiener So this way I was kind of able to put the balls between my legs while I was lying down and the person was able to like be on the Wiener so that was better I guess and it Didn’t really move as much because this the balls were between my legs and I really appreciated that, because I don’t like when it kind Of like sticks because that’s what happens, right? The sticky part is there but when you come out of somebody it like it does this so it’s not very comfortable and it does pull A little bit on the adhesive. So it’s a little ‘huh’, but I’m gonna be honest with you Okay, and I’m I’m always honest in these reviews. There’s no point. Why would I lie to you? I I was nervous for this prosthetic, I was like oh damn, they sent me something. I don’t like it I’m gonna have to review give it a better review we all feel bad giving bad reviews, you know, it sucks But some products just aren’t good But while I was using it something happened and I don’t know what it was But this was when this this was the second time that I tried it, I stuck it on meself. I was hard I put my wiener in there and actually just thinking about it now, I’m like Want to do it. I want to [laughs] ya wanna do it? Like I want it. I want to use it right now because I decided to try to do it while I’m on top of the person and penetrating them so that It’s not like this the revolt or the reverse again where I’m lying down the person’s on me And so I was doing it and I think that I put the balls between my legs So to give it a little more stability and it worked but because my dick was in the hole It really created a really good suction the second time that I tried it and oh my god I came so fast. I was so embarrassed [loudly laughs] But it was so cool because it literally felt like I was inside the person because I was, but this was like a proxy Hole and it really helped. Now I will review eventually the fascination sleeve there are actual like masturbators that you can have But I will say that I’m not a big fan of the actual pattern inside. To me It’s a little choppy like it’s a little sharp and I’m very sensitive So the the ridges that are inside, and I’ll come and show you, are a little too much for me. As you can see Right here. So they’re like that So they’re a little too choppy for me and it’s a little bit too hard for my wiener but it did suction it and it did hurt a little bit, but I was able to Finish it because of this hole also it really goes in deep one of the biggest questions when talking about toys that you can put your Weiner is is can you do It pre-t? I feel like the answer will always be the same, unfortunately Okay, if you’re pre-t, so cause some people’s like peen is like already large before t like mine kind of was You can if it is a little bit larger, but if it’s kind of hiding and you don’t really see your dick at all before I don’t think that it’s going to work.
What I can suggest though is that they do make another size a smaller size, what you could do is you could really suction it because the suction works really well it might actually be able to grip on to your little peen, and Actually help you but I don’t know if it would be powerful enough to be able to penetrate someone. Now saying that this is a tool of masturbation is fantastic because you adhere it on yourself and This part is like [slurps] on you and then you’re able to jack this off but while you’re doing that it does move a little bit up and down because the like, you know The the skin elasticity thing and that’s actually a good thing because you’re just you’re jacking it off and it does feel Absolutely amazing there are some features that I wish that this thing had but I’m cool with it right now. Maybe in the future, but like similar features to like the joystick, but in terms of a toy an overall toy I really did enjoy it and I would definitely use it in terms of like it looking real So the adhesive always the question do I have to shave? Yes, the company says 3/4 of an inch is fine I think that you can keep I’m I’m sorry But I don’t believe that because when I started my hair starts to grow back it like doesn’t stick as well So I just do shave everything which yes, it makes you dysphoric but like I don’t really look down there anyways And looking down and seeing this is way more powerful to me Plus, I have a little bit of a belly So like it kind of hides that area anyways, and it makes me feel more empowered So I kind of just deal with shaving everything So just letting you know about the adhesive because a lot of people ask and it does look weird that you just have this huge Tab on your skin, but again got a stomach. You don’t really see it Which is really good and obviously now to address this. Is this good for bigger guys? Is this good for bigger people? Because of the adhesive I would say yes now in my last review where I reviewed the packer I didn’t answer that question because I didn’t have any experience with it But people in the comments said that they are bigger and they have tried it and it works well for them because of the adhesive I think that it does really stay on to you Whereas some people who are a little bit bigger say that they have some problem because there’s like extra skin and and stuff like that So it’s harder to kind of place the prosthetic that you’re using, but because this sticks onto you It doesn’t really move. So wherever you stick it, it will stay which I think is pretty cool So it is worth like looking Into and maybe looking at reviews of other people who have tried this who are maybe a little bit bigger but just to kind of give you my my like my opinion on how it would work because of the other comments that I have seen in the other video. You ready to see it in my pants? Let’s go. Okay. So I’m just wearing boxers right now, and I want to put it like like real underwear on that I wear but it’s right here. I also don’t want this video to get like demonetized in two seconds so just letting you know that I was able to adhere it and it’s like stuck to me and it’s there you could kind of Open this up if you wanted to and then it comes out and then you’re able to kind of have a little bit of Leverage so that could actually work as well. And then the adhesive lasts anywhere between like two weeks to two months depending on how many Times you wear it, what you do, but because there’s like Lube involved in sex and condoms and stuff like that You might have to replace the sheet more than you would imagine So if you are planning on buying any of these products, I absolutely recommend buy a shit ton of those adhesive sheets they’re I don’t think they’re super expensive I think they’re ten dollars and you get like a big sheet and pretty sure that you can actually fit two Prosthetics like you can cut enough like just there’s like math involved like you could figure it out. Alright Well, that’s it for this review. I feel like I’m missing something but I don’t know what it is Is this good for anal? That’s something that’s very good to know I think it is because of its rigidness even if its first time anal You just got to take your time But because the butthole is much tighter usually than the front I feel that because you are coming out, it Does it does actually like like go away from your body more? And I think that the adhesive I keep saying I think I don’t know I think I don’t think I know the adhesive kind of starts to unstick because it’s a little bit harder. So for that I would recommend just either wearing a harness or maybe holding on to the Prosthetic like itself when you’re a penetrating someone in the butt, because it is just a little bit tighter usually but, yeah So that’s just what I those are my two cents on the anal factor, but when it is in your pants hunty It feels amazing like like boner alert, like literally like it just feels really cool Alright, so this is the prothetic for the last time here In a harness it also works and it’s not uncomfortable, but I just really don’t like wearing harnesses So not my favorite thing in the world, you know. This prosthetic starts at about 250 dollars U.S. And I believe it does come with three sheets of adhesive. So that’s pretty cool Alright, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below I will put all of the information in the description, obviously, and my review for the Packer and all of this stuff So, thank you so much for joining me, and I will see you later! Bye [clicks tongue]


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