Full Chest Workout For Aesthetic Muscle Gains

All right guys, welcome to the aesthetic chest
workout. We are going to punish every single section
of our chest. We’re going to hit our upper chest, our mid-chest
and our lower chest. You’re just going to be kind of hanging out
with me in the gym and I’m going to walk you through this entire workout and I guarantee
you, I’m going to do a few exercises that you’ve never seen in your entire life. I’m doing this new thing where I don’t take
off my T-shirt still have a pump on. I know all the bros do it. So I have my T-shirt here on the incline press,
so what I’m doing, I’m starting off my workout with nice, heavy eccentric overload on the
incline bench press. You see me going down nice and slow and controlled. I know I’ve touched on this in other videos
why I put the towel there. If you look at how long my arms are, I’m actually
way past 90 degrees and it puts a lot of stress on my shoulder tendons to go all the way down
on certain pushing movements. So I’m still really hitting my upper chest. And then I had to get a spot here. I went up to 240 I believe on this set. So going down nice and slow and controlled,
trying to squeeze the chest. And the more – the closer you go down right
to your upper chest and close to your chin, the more you’re going to emphasize the stretch
right across your upper chest. So I like to typically start all of my aesthetic
chest workouts with some heavy overload, such as heavy dumbbells or some heavy incline work. Next up I actually got this exercise from
the one and only Simeon Panda’s Instagram account. It’s called around the world and holy shit,
like you are really able to emphasize the lower portion of your chest, so you’re bringing
it around and then you’re squeezing and it’s all about the mind/muscle connection. So really squeeze at the bottom. Kill that lower chest and then come all the
way up, kind of form a nice like smooth fluid Y motion. And just make sure you rotate your hands and
go nice and slow and controlled. Squeeze the lower chest. And this has turned into one of my favorite
lower chest exercises really for the mid and lower chest. Doesn’t really hit the upper chest, but a
lot of guys have trouble isolating that lower chest. Definitely recommend this one. Now, this is another great one that I’ve recently
stumbled upon. What I’m doing here is I’m rotating, first
of all, I’m going much lighter than I would normally go on the dumbbell bench press. I can normally go up to – I’ve gone all the
way up to 115s on this. But this is all about the mind/muscle connection,
so I’m rotating and it’s all about that wrist rotation. So doing that wrist rotation at the very top
is a great way to isolate the movement and actually I’m doing – this is what I’m doing
here. I’m doing a drop set. So I did eight to ten reps on the first set. I’m doing this for three total sets. Eight, ten sets on the first set. Then I drop it down and then I’m doing another
eight to ten reps and just the different angles on the bench is a great way to emphasize different
muscle fibers and different portions of your chest. So I’m rotating once again and the rotation
with the different angle on the bench is a great way to bring up your chest if that is
a lagging muscle group. And once again, this one is a little bit more
mid and lower chest. Great way to shock the pecs. Okay, so now we’re transitioning into the
incline plate press. Now this one, it’s not about the weight that
you’re using. It’s all about squeezing and going down slow
and controlled. I’m actually squeezing through the top and
squeezing through the bottom. Really just making as hard as humanly possible
on yourself and you guys are going to have just a killer chest pump when you do this. So I’m going really close to my chin almost,
towards my upper chest – and this one, all about that upper chest. So channel that mind/muscle connection right
in your upper chest and then we’re going to transition into a superset. So once again, I’m going to kind of push myself
up on the incline bench and then I’m going to do some dumbbell incline chest flies. So once we fatigue that upper chest in the
first exercise, we’re going to transition right into the dumbbell incline chest flies
and try to really go out, get that nice rotation, that nice squeeze and then come back at the
top. And at the top is when you really want to
think about what do I have to do at the top of the movement to hit that upper chest. So depending on where you touch the weights
together it could be your mid chest, it could be your lower chest. So I’m about to have to show you guys one
more clip of that, but do three or four heavy sets after your fatigue your upper chest on
the slight incline overhead press on the Smith machine. On the Smith machine is key because you can
really focus those contractions and keep it controlled throughout the entire movement. Now we’re transitioning into the pec fly superset. So I’m going fairly heavy. I’m going about ten reps and I’m focusing
on squeezing. And this specific machine is my favorite machine
for really isolating. I just feel like it chisels out the center
of your chest and you just feel it entirely all throughout your pectorals in a different
way than when you’re bench-pressing. Like when you’re bench-pressing, you don’t
really feel it directly in your pecs per se. When you’re doing this exercise, you can really
channel that mind/muscle connection and squeeze. So I like to go till failure. I’ll drop the weight by about 30 to 40 total
percent. And then once again, I will continue to squeeze
and pump out another 10 to 12 total reps. Once again, do this at the end of your workout,
unless you guys want to completely throw a 180 on your chest routine and fatigue your
muscles through machines and then go heavy on progressive overload, but I find most people
typically like to go heavy on the bench and incline first and then transition into the
machines. I definitely recommend this if you’re within
your first five years of training. Now next up, I’m doing the low cable fly. I went a little bit too heavy on set one,
so I had to change out the weight. On these machines, you want to focus on not
going too heavy. You want to keep your form on point because
machines give you the best chance to really squeeze and break down those muscle fibers. So this is my favorite low cable fly variation. It’s the Wolverine low cable fly, so I’m just
focusing on rotating my hand movement with every single breath. And by forcing your hands even more across
your body than they already should, you’re able to recruit more muscle fibers right in
your pectorals and just a fantastic chest exercise. And then I’m super setting with the normal
low cable flies. So the Wolverine low cable fly is actually
much harder because there’s more range of motion involved, so I fatigue first, I drop
the weight a little bit and then I go right into the traditional low cable fly and just
a great way to completely burn out your chest. Now I like to hit a little bit of shoulders
on chest day, so I’m doing some one-arm dumbbell lat raises seated. You indirectly work out your shoulders a lot
on chest day anyway, like when you’re just pushing, you feel it. I do this for instance on the bench press
where I did heavy overhead press till failure. I did this crazy drop set and then I tried
to bench press right after and I was a good 20 pounds weaker, so that just shows you how
much of your deltoids you’re actually using when you bench press. So if your shoulders are a lagging muscle
group, I’d definitely recommend you incorporate them into your chest routine at the very end. Something as simple as some dumbbell lat raises
for five to seven sets at the end of your chest workout is a great way over the course
of a month or two to really bring up a lagging muscle group if your delts happen to be lagging. My delts are one of my strengths, and then
– so I don’t really need to bring them up too much, but I just – you can never go wrong
with having that wide, 3-D deltoid look. So after I did the one arm I transitioned
into the two-arm and I’m just like – I like to do a little like, I get some momentum,
so I kind of rock with it, and most importantly, I’m not resting at the top or the bottom of
the movement, I’m just trying to squeeze those deltoids, and it’s just a fantastic way to
end the aesthetic chest workout. So thank you so much guys for watching the
aesthetic chest workout routine. I just want to show you guys really outside-the-box
workouts for every single muscle group. We’ve got a lot of exciting workouts on the
way. There’s so many different ways to train and
I want to just break down and share with your guys some really cool workout routines so
you do not get bored in your training.


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