– Ooh, the home is such a relaxing place for you to just watch Netflix and assume that there’s nothing
in the wall like bodies. No, that would never happen. If you like to spend a lot
of time at home like I do, it’s probably your sanctuary. But if you weren’t the first one to live where you’re currently at, you might want to give your
house a thorough check. That’s because the people
that used to live there may have literally been
hiding things in the walls. And yeah, whatever just
popped into your head, that’s probably right. At least it was for these people. Let’s let the weirdness begin, huh? Here are 10 freaky things
people found inside their walls. Number 10 were a lot of bees. In September of 2017, Megan Sutherland of Newcastle, Australia, woke up from a buzzing sound
coming from what she thought was the other side of her bedroom wall. However, upon closer inspection, it became clear that the buzzing noise wasn’t coming from outside her
home, but inside the walls. So like any sane person, she began taking down pieces of her wall, only to find a massive honeybee colony. Sutherland estimates that it had been constructed over the previous two years, with bees gaining access through cracks in the outside siding. She extracted a whopping
30 kilograms of honey in just her first day, but the damage to the walls, roof, and foundation of her home cost thousands of dollars to repair. Hopefully she can sell some of that honey to make up for it, mm-hm. But believe it or not, finding bee colonies in
walls isn’t that uncommon. Later that same month, a
homeowner in New Jersey found 30,000 bees in theirs. So next time you hear some buzz-buzz or some scratch-scratch, just know that it could be bees. Or rodents. Or perhaps spiders. Wouldn’t that be a treat, hm? Number nine are razor blades. If you shave like a normal person, you throw your old razors in the garbage. But that wasn’t always the case. If you have an older home and are planning to do renovations to your
bathroom, be prepared. A number of people have
been completely freaked out when they took down the
walls of their old bathrooms, only to find them filled with old, rusted, and even bloody razor blades. Now, that might sound like the
start of a bad horror movie, but it’s actually pretty common, and more than a few renovators have received surprise slashes. So yeah, John, you goin’ out this weekend? I’m goin’ out as soon as
I take this wall down. Ah! Ow! God, I have AIDS. Have you ever noticed that
some old medicine cabinets have a small opening in the back of them that resembles a tiny mail slot? Mm-mm, it’s not for mail. Nor is it for decoration. In fact, that slot usually
led to a hole in the wall. Instead of being sane and just putting the used razors in the garbage, people would for whatever reason slip them right into their wall. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Number eight are cats. If you ever find a cat body in your wall, it’s not because Mr.
Whiskers was trying to hide. Richard Parson from Devon, England, discovered some cats ended up in his walls for a much creepier reason. In 2009, Parson, a funeral director, was having his house renovated, when builders discovered the 400-year-old mummified body of a cat
in his bathroom wall. As it turns out, four centuries ago, it was actually common for people to put the bodies of their cats in their walls as a way to ward off witches and (makes spooky noise) evil spirits. I guess back then, especially
in smaller villages, people were fairly superstitious
and believed that cats were a type of good luck
charm even when dead. Surprisingly, the
homeowners decided to put the mummy cat back in the
wall, not wanting bad luck. Yeah, that’s a totally sane thing to do. Just go to bed every night
knowing that Whiskers is lookin’ at ya through the wall. Number seven is cash. Ooh, now this is one I’d like. Home renovations are
notoriously expensive, but for some lucky people, not only does the renovation
end up paying for itself, they find themselves with way more money than they started with. In 2016, an anonymous
homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio, discovered an old suitcase
in his basement ceiling. Don’t worry, no dead cat this time. When he opened it, he
discovered over $23,000 in $20 bills wrapped in
newspapers from the 1950s. This was a time when people were weird and kept their money in
all kinds of weird places, including in the mattress of their bed. ‘Cause, you know, that’s safe. Now, today, most people of
course keep their money in banks, but in the post-war eras
after the Great Depression, it was common for people to keep large amounts of money
hidden in their homes. Kind of like Scrooge McDuck
without the coin pool. This was done to avoid losing it should anything happen
to the banking system. It was assumed that this would let you keep a closer eye on it, unless of course you forgot about where you put it in the first place. Like a briefcase. In the ceiling. Number six are horror movie posters. In 1991, a man from New Zealand thought that he’d received a fair deal when he bought a house for $100,000. That is, until he started renovating and discovered that he’d
received the deal of a lifetime. Inside the walls was a pristine collection of original, rare, Universal
horror movie posters, which were worth five times
what he paid for the house. The posters dated back to 1935 and included that year’s hit,
the Bride of Frankenstein. But oddly he isn’t the only
one to find such things. In 2012, a collection of rare,
classic horror movie posters from the 1920s and ’30s sold
for over $500,000 at auction. The posters included
Dracula and The Public Enemy and were found in the attic of a Berwick, Pennsylvania, home. They’d been glued together
and used as insulation. – [Woman] Hey, honey, it’s cold. Can you warm up the place? – Oh yeah, no problem. I’ll just use these
original Star Wars figures that are priceless as insulation. No problem. Number five is a mummified monkey. In April of 2018, a construction crew refurbishing Dayton’s Department Store in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, discovered the mummified remains of a monkey in an old air duct. After the crew discovered
the animal’s corpse, a picture of it was posted
to the Old Minneapolis Facebook page with the hopes
of determining its origin. Uh, guys, it’s a dead monkey,
not the Ark of the Covenant. Dayton’s was founded in
1902, and in the 1960s there was a pet store on the eighth floor. So the popular theory is that
that’s where it came from. But there was also a rumor that the monkey had been stolen from the store, but Minnesota governor Mark Dayton, the great-grandson of the store’s founder, George Draper Dayton,
believes that the monkey actually escaped into the ceiling when a rainforest display
went off the rails, and the monkey started trying
to attack and eat birds. Uh, Mark, the monkey’s loose again. Mark? Mark, the monkey’s loose again! Number four is deadly mold. Oh, this one’s pleasant. In 2011, Jason and Kerri Brown of Greenville, South Carolina, entered a living nightmare
when they discovered a secret room hidden behind
a bookcase in their new home. Oop, and Matt, was it a vault? Was there money in there? No. In the room was a note with a warning from the last owner, George Leventis. It warned that there was
deadly mold in the room, explaining that it was so bad that it made the family sick
and they had to move out. In a secret room, really? He couldn’t have just put a
note on the kitchen counter? Yeah, that’s kind of an important note to just leave in a hidden room. Why wouldn’t you just put
it on the kitchen table and be like, “You might
die if you move in.” The family allegedly abandoned the house when they couldn’t afford
to get rid of all the mold. Testing confirmed that the house had many types of the worst kinds of mold, including black toxic mold. Obviously the Browns moved
right out and fortunately were able to get some of the money back when the house was bought back by the Federal National
Mortgage Association. You know, there are certain things that you really need to disclose
for not just legal reasons, but ethical reasons, when selling a house. Like that would be one of them. Another would be a dead body. But that would never be in a wall. What? That’s coming up? Number three is a 19th century baby. In 1850, a couple had
been doing renovations on their apartment in Paris, France, when they discovered the mummified corpse of a baby in their wall. Now, they were immediately suspected of killing it and charged with murder, but they were proven innocent
thanks to Dr. Marcel Bereget. Oh, this gets gross. Sorry. Bereget studied how flies
affected the deterioration of the corpse and determined
the baby’s time of death. It would have been put in the wall long before the accused couple moved in. So they couldn’t have been the culprits. They were exonerated,
and detectives theorized that it was likely another couple who had lived in the
apartment seven years earlier who were really responsible. Fun fact, this case was actually
the first time in France that forensic entomology was
used in a criminal trial. Number two are hidden cameras. If you’ve ever been in a hotel, Airbnb, or you just freshly moved into a house, this is about to be your worst nightmare. In April of 2016, a young Japanese couple got way more than they bargained
for when they rented a room in a suburban house in Sydney, Australia, from the property
millionaire Masaki Imaeda. After they moved in, the young woman discovered a posting online
warning other renters that Imaeda secretly filmed his
tenants with hidden cameras. Oh, after they moved in. That’s great research skills. The couple searched
the room and discovered a secret camera in the
light fixture above the bed, but the police that were called in found an entire network of
cameras in multiple properties hidden in the walls, ceilings, and floors. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, they also discovered his hideout in a shed fully equipped with computers, a recliner, and a big-screen TV to watch the renters in their most private moments
for his own amusement. For the adults in the crowd, I think you know what I mean by that. He was caught and sentenced to
18 months in jail, thank God. And number one is the missing neighbor. In February of 2015, 61-year-old
Mary Cerruti’s neighbors in Houston, Texas, reported her missing after the woman seemed
to vanish from her home. In her sudden absence, her house went into foreclosure
and was sold at auction. Then, over two years
later, on March 4th, 2017, the home’s new tenants
made a horrible discovery. Matt, was it bees, a cat, cockroaches? No, it was her. After finding broken
floorboards in the attic, the couple discovered human bones and a pair of eyeglasses
in the wall below. (gags) The skeleton was so badly decomposed that investigators were not
even able to get a DNA match. However, they were able
to positively identify the remains as Mary’s by
comparing her jawbone to pictures. It’s believed that she met her
terrible fate when she fell through the attic floor into
the wall and she became stuck. Mary didn’t have a little
lamb, Mary had a tight wall. Yikes. Oh, what is wrong with people? Listen, man, if you’re
gonna move into a new house, you best do your research, okay? You might find money. That would be nice. But you’re more likely
to find, like, a baby, or, like, a cat, bees, something like that. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


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