Focusing in One Direction | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Nischalatathwe jeevanmukthihi means
for one who is unwavering in his intention, for him, liberation cannot be denied. The only reason, most of the humanity goes
about their life, blundering through their life not knowing which way to go, is because they keep shifting the direction of their life too often. They may not actually change the direction
of their life, but in their mind and emotion, it keeps shifting, and shifting, and shifting,
and shifting. The very nature of the existence is such,
today it is also a scientific fact but this is the experience of every yogi, that in this
existence, there is energy and there’s consciousness. There is no such thing as physical matter. Physical matter as you know it today, is just
concentrated patterns of energy. Today, this is established science, but more than 40,000 years ago, when Shiva spoke, he spoke clearly. His involvement was in absolute consciousness
or in the energy, never in the physical matter because he did not see it as real and he spoke thus, very clearly without any ambiguity about it. So these are the only two things one needs
to deal with, ‘Ohh, why didn’t you tell us?’ (Laughter) ‘We wouldn’t have done the
surya namaskar today morning.’ (Laughter) You’re not doing the surya namaskar to build muscle. If you have to know the energy, right now
it’s concentrated in the form of this body. Only if you use it in a certain way, it’ll
crackle, otherwise it’ll sit like a lump of earth. If this has to sit here and crackle, then
it has to be kept in a certain way. So whatever the physical sadhana that you’re
doing is no t to build muscle, not to… that when you go home, you can dominate the people
at home (Laughter) I’m telling the ladies, you could
be stronger than them (Laughter) Ninety days of sadhana, you could
be actually stronger than… (Gestures punching) (Laughter) If your energies can crackle, and your mind
is focused, then this will just build in that direction because the mind is shifting, and
shifting, and shifting focus, it does not know know which way to build. The very life within you is confused; it doesn’t
know which way to go. I would say
more than 95, actually I think it’s 99 but so that I’m not wrong, at least 95% of the
human energy is wasted… is simply wasted because most human beings cannot hold anything
in their focus for any substantial amount of time. Otherwise each of them would be opening
up a new window, a new door to something else. Seven billion people, if they had all… had
their minds and consciousness focused, everything, just everything have to yield, nothing would
be unexplored, just everything. If one keeps his mind, his energies and his
consciousness organized in one direction for a certain period of time, he not only realizes
the nature of this life, (Referring to oneself) the past 84 creations that have happened,
they’re also here. Everything could be explored by human consciousness.


  1. A very good evening SHRI BABA JI WE will multi ply a we All thinking NATURAL TRUTH OF TIME as we all r NATURALLY , CHARACTERED and in between Them

  2. i am feeling very relaxed after watching this video…really a great teacher…thank u so much 4 posting this video….

  3. Downloading all your videos.Thank you.During Shivratri night Festival I slept around 10 pm.tried my level best to wake up and follow you. I will try my best.i love doing sukshma yoga, sports,Martial Art.and love to read write and Teach. Long live Guruji.

  4. Ur video is so powerful because i always learn something new out of it every time i watch.its very good to have this type of video on this platform. Namaste πŸ™

  5. I don't know why but I feel I can relate to whatever he said more closely than any other person around me. I am just not sure about my career.

  6. Namaskaram Sadhguru πŸ™πŸŒ±πŸŒΉπŸƒπŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒ±πŸŒΌπŸƒπŸ™
    Happy holi πŸ™πŸŒΉπŸŒ±

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