Flight Attendant Interview Questions | I have Poor Eyesight, Can I still Be a Flight Attendant?

Hey guys! It’s Misskaykrizz
and welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, I’m Misskaykrizz. I do
advice videos about flight attendant interview tips. Also, I do videos about beauty,
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make sure to subscribe to this channel! This video series that I’m making today is going to be a series of videos all about your common questions If you can still be a flight attendant
if you have this___ you have that ___ I want to make a separate video for each one of them. So it would’t be a long video. I actually have two videos with same title. If you want to go through that I will link them down bellow. Check it out! Today’s first question that I want to answer is
Can I still be a flight attendant if I have poor eye sight? If you want to know the answer just keep on watching! A lot of you asked me if you need 20/20 vision to be a flight attendant? Is it a must? Will I be rejected? Should I even go to the interview
if Idon’t have a great eye sight? My answer to this question is YES! Even if you don’t have a 20/20 vision,
you can still get the job as a flight attendant How? During the medicals,
what they only require is you correct your vision. Make sure that you put on your glasses or contact lenses. Wherein when you put them on, you will then have a 20/20 vision. The doctor will then put on the medical
exam that you have 20/20 corrected vision. You will pass the medical exam by then. That’s it! Easy. Yes you can still be a flight attendant
even if you don’t have perfect vision. In actuality, when I was doing my job as a flight attendant, we have flight attendants that wears glasses during the flight. Wear contact lenses during the flight. During the briefing, you will be asked to show your extra pair of glasses aside from the one that you’re wearing maybe a lense or glasses that you are already wearing. You are actually required to to bring another
pair of glasses in case the first glasses break. Definitely it is a yes! If you have poor eyesight,
Yes you can be a flight attendant. Just make sure you correct them. You have the correct glasses to wear during you flight. That’s it. All you have to do is pass the interview
so you won’t be wasting your time. Don’t be afraid guys. It’s not the end of the world if your vision is not clear as they All you have to do is get some glasses and get into that interview day. I hope that this video helped you guys out. If you guys haven’t known yet, I have a book that came out already. It is now available on worldwide and nationwide You can order this through Amazon.com if you are outside the Philippines. If you are in the Philippines,
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fully prepared for the day of the interview. If you are interested in getting a book copy,
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I hope you learned something and you enjoyed it. I will see you guys on the next one.


  1. Can I still be a FLIGHT ATTENDANT if- I have scars on my legs and acne scars and cystic acne? #askKaykrizz ❤❤❤

  2. Hello ma'am ! Can i apply for this job if i am 11lbs (5-6kgs) over weight ? I have a presentable body. But i am overweight. Should i go for the interview or should i lose my weight first ? Looking forward for your reply. Love from India❤️

  3. What if hindi mo nameet yung height requirement? Ano pa po bang ibang positions pag nagtapos ng tourism management? Thank you! 💜

  4. Can I still be a FLIGHT ATTENDANT If- I have varicose veins behind my knees/legs? (Spider type/bulging veins) pls. Answer ms.Kaykriss 🙁

  5. @misskaykriz is there a chance po ba na minsan nag aaccept ang Cebu Pac/ Air Asia/ PAL na ang height ay 5'2 1/2 lang po ?

  6. Hi Miss kaykrizz! Thank you for this video but natatakot na po ako mag apply kasi po baka bumagsak ako sa medical

    kasi po may lazy eye ako at sobrang blurry talaga nung right eye ko po at d po nakaka help yung contact lenses hanggang 20-40 lang po yung right eye ko po

    yung the left eye ko po yung malinaw.

    Pag both eyes po nakakakita ako ng malinaw and functioning well naman po ako

    Tinggin niyo po ba makakapasa po ako sa medical? Thank you po MissKaykrizz! ❤️❤️

  7. Hello, Miass kaykrizz. What if your eyes feel uncomfortable and you can't wear contact lenses, would it allow to wear glasses ? I think sometimes flight attendants don't get enough sleep, they eyes would turn red, wouldn't they ?

  8. I love u mam so muchhhhhhhhhhhh😘😘😘😘😘bcoz i m veryyy scared because my eye sight is not so good n i was just thinking tht will i selected in the interview or not i have all the other qualities like good height looks communication skills…. Bt i was scared coz of eyesight thnx mam

  9. In medical round..if i hv poor eyesight..should i told that i have use lense..to doctor before my eye checkup??

  10. Hi kaykrizz! I've been wanting to be a flight attendant but i have chronic leukemia, but i don't feel odd and I'm still normal. Is it possible to pursue my dream job?

  11. hi ate #askkaykris im 17 years old and my dream is to be a f.a like you but i have a blurred eyes at mataas po siya.250vision both eyes.and im afraid that when i finish my college baka di po ako tanggapin dahil sa malabo po ang mata ko may suot po akong salamin.(sana manotice niyo po ako)
    #new subcriber here

  12. Thank you po talagaaa huhu. 14 years pa po ako pero dream job ko na po talga maging flight attendant since grade 6 ako kaso natatakot ako kasi I really have a bad vision poo. Thank you pooo💖💖💖

  13. Hello question!? I did my medical assessment. If I’ve had a past back injury due to a car accident will I fail my test? I’m fine now. Only that I continue to do physio and chiro visits. But I do weighty training and exercises everyday. And I’m very healthy and active.

  14. can I still be a flight attendant if I don't have a perfect smiling teeth/has impacted/with gums when smiling?

  15. Mam , can i do it if i have a slight colour blindness………plzz reply me…… plzzzzz….plzzzz

  16. What if I have Keratoconus? Can I still be a Cabin Crew? I wear contact lens, but vision is not 20/20.

  17. Oh I wish I pass, I have quite high grade: 200 (left) 600 (right) and that's not even a recent update (it was already a year ago the last time I had them checked) so I bet they got worse. I have all the requirements except for good eyesight and I hope I pass if I wear lenses. 🙏 I still don't want to opt for a lasik surgery yet.

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