Finding the right Psychiatrist. Working Out Can Be The Best Thing For Mental Health And Depression..

hey everybody its Jeremiah who I did a
post on my website yesterday about my blog and it’s all about working out I
think it’s something that’s really important to everybody whether you’ve
got mental health issue or not people need to work out when you workout you
get serotonin levels and your endorphins get well and when they go up they give
you a false sense of euphoria which you can enjoy also takes away depression and
also helps alleviate pain because it’s a natural painkiller also you know
exercise I workout probably 5 to 6 days a week I try and do free weights and I
use some machines but always at the end of it I do 30 minutes of cardio I always
do treadmill just at a brisk walk pace with a slight incline but that’s the
time I’ve got my music on and I disappear into myself I’m just with me I
lose myself I don’t think about any worries it’s a public meditation for me
the different noises nobody now distracts me and works better if I hear
silence so loud to me so I can’t concentrate too much I’m better with
distractions so I advise everybody whether you jog run hop skip and jump
walk the dog dance do Pilates do yoga do any kind of activity that raises your
blood blood pressure just a little bit you don’t go too crazy but you want to
get those endorphins kicked out also you get your doctor to prescribe it a lot of
times you can use as a tax write-off so glad includes personal trainers and gym
memberships but again check with CPAs first and make sure that’s fine for you
also I want to give an update on my psychiatrist appointment last Monday
that I did a video August twenty-seventh
basically I talked about how my health insurance changed and I can no longer go
see my old therapists and my own psychiatrist on my own GP is one of
those things I have to find all brand-new of everything and I’d like to
say I’m interviewing it I like to interview them and see where we’re at
whether there’s a connection or not and so I went to see this new psychiatrist
last week and I thought about this for a week should I talk about how should I
know but I think everybody needs to know that
not always it’s a good fit and it’s okay to shop around an interview more than
what doctor so I went to see this psychiatry group and I have to see a
nurse protect practitioner at first within eight minutes she read diagnosed
me as I have ADHD and not bipolar all my medications were totally wrong she
wanted to drop me off at everything and start again
she also told me that trazadone is now a sleep aid and so everything she said was
just not ringing with me she was disappointed that my lithium was super
low while I was taking 600 milligrams I used to take 1,200 but when I was taking
12 we did a blood work one time and it was affecting my kidneys and my thyroid
which lithium has a tendency to do that but that’s why you should always do your
blood test every three months so we reduced it well anyway she didn’t like
that answer and she wants to put me back up on a higher dose I told her about
eight ADHD we talked about it and I also told her that I have very low
depressions like really low and she just went yeah you got ADHD which I then
explained that isn’t that always on a hyper side I don’t get hyper that much
it’s like kind of equal Piper and depression and she so she said
yeah but yeah don’t worry about it so then I got put into a wait a moment that
I met the psychiatrist who’s already agreed with her diagnosis again I just
did not enjoy her personality my bedside manner was off she didn’t really listen
to anything that I had to say and it’s disheartening when somebody destroys
your past doctor’s diagnosis and prescriptions it didn’t mean good with
me you know I understand if somebody talks to you about her but she basically
dictated to me that this is how her is anyway I have a new appointment a new
doctor on the 28th of this month and the new therapist on the 29th I called the
group up and reception was amazing they couldn’t do any more to help me they
really just listened to me and they sent me what they say was great people anyway
so that’s the 28th 28th of this month I’m also moving homes on the 21st of
this month so this month is a little crazy
I’m supposed to be packing right now but don’t tell anybody I’m not in fact I’m
gonna go to gym in a minute after this video so anyway just want to check in
with you all it’s been oh we nearly two weeks since I checked him when I was in
England so anyway um always keep looking for your right psychiatrist it will come
along if you’re not happy with who you’ve got don’t be disheartened find
somebody else there’s a lot of them out there and there’s a lot of good ones and
there’s a lot of not that great some of them especially with specialities in
different things of mental health so you just gonna find somebody that fits you
you’re special you’re unique you deserve to get the best treatment and also get
to the gym get to gym workout or get off your ass and take a long walk or walk
the dog or hop skip and jump or do cartwheels whatever you want to
anyway out of here off to the gym I’ve got my gym shorts on I’m ready to go oh
I got boob sweat uh her my money more don’t yeah anyway take care everybody
hopefully get another video in very soon it’s one of my dogs she means the world
to me and she helps me through my craziness and then here’s my you belong
yes I love you too this is narrator the ones lady anyway
they’re my emotional support animals and and that’s a topic we will be talking
about some point anyway take everybody let me miss you don’t forget to like
follow Julie and subscribe everything you need to do to make it happen so we
can talk to other people and make them feel safe in themselves and saving their
surroundings and safe with the world alright take everybody miss you Jeremias

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