FAQs About Eye Drops for Dry Eyes and Dry Eye Treatment 🤔

In today’s show we’re going over your
questions about eye drops for dry eyes I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler
and in the next 10 minutes, we’re answering your questions about eye drops
that you have for dry eyes. Pretty simple, right So, if you have a question about
eye drops for dry eyes or just dry eyes in general, go ahead and put that in the
comments down below. Let’s jump into our first question from one of you and
we actually got these questions from you in the community. If you’re not part
of our Facebook community, make sure you join It’s called The Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community First question is, what is the best eye drop
for severe dry eyes? It’s recommended that anyone with dry eye disease use non-preserved artificial tears preservative-free basically means that
drops contain no extra preservatives that could irritate your eyes and
especially we’re talking about benzalkonium chloride here which is the
big one. That’s BAK and that’s in a ton of eye drops. So, you definitely want to
avoid preservatives wherever possible no matter what eye drop you choose. We like to recommend Oasis Tears Plus preservative free for our patients because we’ve had a lot of
success with it It’s preservative free. It’s awesome. We like
the company. We’ve met them and they’re great company. We like supporting great companies. That’s why we started selling Oasis Tears. Wait, that’s not the reason
we started selling it. We started using in our practice and loved it. Met out
with the company and then now we sell them on our website. We’ll put a link
down in the comments for that and so the next question is how do you permanently
treat dry eyes? Checks watch. How much time do I have? I don’t know. This
is what we talk about all the time This all goes back to your lifestyle.
Dry eyes did not happen overnight For some of you, yes, it might have with
LASIK surgery or cataract surgery or something like that but for the majority of dry
eyes probably 95 to 99 percent of it is probably from inflammation. If you had
Sjogren’s, it is inflammation It’s autoimmune. What we like to do is make you rethink of dry eye as a symptom to an
overall systemic inflammation or your whole body is inflamed and showing as
dry eye and so what you want to focus on is kind of a couple things so number one hydration 90% of us or 80% of us are dehydrated
and so just drinking more water will help eliminate a lot of symptoms that
you have in your body like arthritis, achy joints, and dry eyes. Number two a
plant-based alkalizing diet. Eating whole organic foods is huge. We recommend
green smoothies. We’ll put our green smoothie charts down below.
Number three stress, reduce your stress with stress management techniques. I’ll
also put that article below Number four exercise make sure you’re
walking every single day. Motion is lotion for your body so make sure
you’re walking every single day Number five, get some sleep if lots of good
sleep. We’ll put that in the show notes below too Number six eliminate processed foods and
sugars. It’s a big one. Take great supplements. I’m going to post
the 11 best vitamins for dry eye below That includes a great multivitamin not a
cheap multivitamin, a greens powder, omega-3, phytochemicals like lutein,
astaxanthin, and zeaxanthin, other antioxidants, vitamin D. What else? I don’t
have a script. You’re doing good. That’s kind of a brief run down and everything that I just went over, we go over it in this book We wrote this book for a reason because
think of dry eyes as a symptom to overall systemic inflammation. You will
only make a huge difference in your life Get this book at www.dryeyebook.com. It’s
free for a limited time with a purchase Check out this book. Anyway,
back to the questions. That was answering the question. It was. What can be
done for severe dry eyes other than what I just went over? The Dry Eye Workshop
which is a group that has studied dry eye for years now They’ve come up with certain things that
make people mild, moderate, severe all of that and once dry eyes is severe the patient is often not finding much relief
with things like artificial tears eye drops that we’re talking about
today, eyelid hygiene, dietary modifications prescription medications even in office heat treatments like Lipiflow or IPL sometimes even punctal plugs aren’t working if those have been indicated
for the patient Once the patient has tried all of those
things that are kind of considered mild to moderate treatments
then it’s time to think about other things Here we’re talking about
autologous serum eye drops for severe dry eye, scleral lenses in some cases
topical steroids of longer duration I know people don’t like to hear that but
some people thrive on long-term steroids that are monitored by their doctor very
closely other things to consider with severe dry eyes are amniotic membranes
and even eyelid surgery where indicated I saw some people that have posted
about ectropion which is just a turning out of the eyelid. There’s also entropion and which is the turning in and both of those can affect
basically how the eyelids blink and how the tears spread across the eyes.
All those are things to consider when you have severe dry eyes. The next
question is how can I hydrate my eyes? Hydration for your eyes starts with
hydrating your body itself. Again I mentioned it earlier 70 to 80
percent of people are dehydrated walking around this world. It prevents high
blood pressure symptoms. It prevents headaches, fatigue, brain fog,
dry eyes of course What you want to do is try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. I weigh 160 pounds
I need to drink 80 ounces of water I can tell you right now that I drink about
120 ounces of water per day. I have these sitting at my desk at all times. I drink both of these right when I wake up in the morning It’s called hyper hydration 50 ounces right
when I wake up before I eat anything before I do anything and
that really gets kind of everything going It increases your metabolism and
then I’ll drink another probably 2 of those in the day and that’s throughout
the day. The main thing is to make sure you’re drinking half your body weight in ounces
of water per day. You don’t have to over do it. All right next question, what is
the best preservative free eye drop? This is very subjective but definitely so
every single doctor out there is going to have a different
answer for this but to start off preservative-free eye drops are best
because preservatives can often irritate the eyes of sensitive individuals
especially those with dry eyes and people that have issues
with their eyes so we like to recommend Oasis Tears Plus preservative free.
They’ve been very effective in our dry eye management They’re absolutely preservative free. You
don’t have to worry about anything there. What does preservative free eye drops mean? Preservative free means exactly what it is just like preservative free food item a
preservative free eye drop has no preservatives If she talked about earlier the Bak, that’s in
a lot of eye drops It’s corneal toxic. It’s toxic to the surface of the cornea getting a preservative free eye drop eliminates that The downside to a preservative free eye
drop is they all come in individual vials Those individual vials, you have to take
them off put the drops in and then throw them out That’s what preservative free means they
should be in individual vials There are smart preservatives out there but
they’re still preservatives Next question, how long do preservative
free eye drops last? Preservative free eye drops are
indicated for really one use only We talked about how these drops come in
little vials and these little vials are meant to be used once and then thrown
away or recycled now Are all Refresh eye drops preservative free?
Refresh is a brand name of eye drops. They are not all preservative free. Easiest way to remember that as if they’re individual vials they’re preservative-free. If it’s in one big
bottle, it is not preservative-free That’s kind of the key thing to remember Let’s jump over to the live questions. If you’re liking this video so far make sure you hit that like button and then comment below if
you have any questions about eye drops for dry eyes or dry eyes in general and
we’ll try to get to them live right now Let’s jump into the questions. Lots
and lots and lots of questions All right Can I use coconut oil on
my eyes? That’s a great question I would not recommend putting it in your
eye but on your eyelids it tends to be okay just make sure it’s organic extra virgin coconut oil The next question goes along with it. Can
you use castor oil in the eyes or just on the lash margin? We will
never recommend putting an oil like that in your eyes because of sterile
purposes so just make sure you’re using an organic hexane free castor oil and
use that on your eyelids and eyelashes I really like Hylo eye drops. Are they preservative free? Is there a preservative free? I would post which one you’re using
because I don’t know which one exactly I think that’s a brand name There are preservative free versions which
is great so if you can post that people would love to see it. All right. If you use
an ointment from a tube before bed, how do you get it off in the morning? I’m
worried that some of it will get on my sceral lens. That just goes back to that eyelid hygiene
routine. When you wake up in the morning clean your face with our tea tree soap and
then heat it up with a mask then spray on the cleanser and that should eliminate it A good eyelid hygiene should get all that
ointment out. It shouldn’t be in the eye anymore after that and if some gets on the scleral
lens it’s not a big deal It might cause a little fogging or a little blurring I was just told I have cataracts in both eyes. I’m worried about having surgery for it as I have read that surgery can make dry eyes worse.
Should I just delay having the surgery as long as possible? Depends on your symptoms If you’re having problems and it’s
affecting your daily life then I would recommend having the surgery. If it’s not
affecting your daily activities then don’t have the surgery. If your cataracts are so bad that you can barely see to drive or to
read or to watch TV or you’re just hating your life because you can’t see then absolutely get
those cataracts taken out because your vision will improve
immensely. Two things I do before I send a patient for cataract surgery is
make sure their eyelid hygiene is on par everything Dr. Jenna talks about and
what I just talked about washing with the tea tree soap heating with a warm
compress and cleansing with the hypochlorous acid cleanser is huge
and then also it’s time to do everything that I say in this book especially the
diet changes because the diet changes will reduce your inflammation and reduce
your chance of having complications after cataract surgery again get this
book at www.dryeyebook.com Literally it’s free. You just have to
purchase something and so purchase the Heyedrate Lid and Lash cleanser right there that one especially is $17 and then
you get the book for free so not bad at all All alright. This is a great question.
Can you overuse eye drops? You absolutely can overuse eye drops depending on the
eye drop that you’re using If you’re using an eye drop that is preserved, absolutely you are just loading your eyes with toxic preservatives Maximum of 4 times a day for preserved eye drops.
Non-preserved artificial tears technically you can use those really as
often as you want but the hope is by doing a great eyelid cleansing routine
by changing your diet by drinking more water things like that hopefully you won’t have to
use them more than 4 times per day What do you use to clean your waterline? I
use the Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser if I’m going to do that. Gentle enough if it
get in your eye accidentally We’ve tested it for that and it’s safe but we recommend spraying it on the eyelids and clean them.
My eyelids seemed to be drooping over my eyes could I have plastic surgery on
them and how will it affect my dry eyes? That’s up to you. I mean that’s what why we
send out patients for blepharoplasty Their eyelids are drooping so much that it’s
affecting their vision Also people do it for cosmetic surgery. It
can affect your eyes. I mean it’s surgery on your eyelids.
Your eyelids are responsible and have your meibomian glands which secrete the
oil. The goal is not to affect the glands but it is surgery and it’s not perfect.
Will it affect your dry eye? Most likely I would say, you could go either way
though. It could tighten your eyelids and help that issue out but it could also possibly disrupt your meibomian glands. The goal is to not do that so make sure that you go to a very good oculoplastic surgeon to have it
done but as long as you’re doing that then the risk of it affecting your meibomian
glands is pretty low What are the best drops for MGD?
We love like we’ve talked about before the Oasis Tears Plus preservative
free. We started selling them on our website because we love them so much
and it’s a great company so I would recommend trying that one first and then
trying Retain MGD second What drops do we use? I am more of allergy
so itchy. I actually use a preserved drop because they have no preservative free
allergy drops but I just use Ketotifen or Alaway as needed. I just use
Oasis. Most of the time I don’t need drops very often but
sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I feel like I can barely get
my eyes open when I go to the bathroom if I spray my eyes with our spray not my
eyes but close my eyelids spray it with our spray my eyes feel 10 times better
and I’m able to see just fine and go back to sleep so that’s another
option for you I’ll let you read that one while I do this one Are Optimal Manuka Honey Forte eye gel
recommended and effective? We don’t know much about it because I don’t think you can get them in the States yet because I think that’s more of a European
but I’ve read that they number one burn I’ve heard that they’re helpful so
manuka honey is an antibacterial agent and so that’s kind of where the
medicinal properties come from Do we recommend them? We haven’t really used them. We can’t really recommend them or not Are they effective? People in
the community have talked about them People love them. This question is
actually I believed from Anu and she travels to the States a lot and she’s
wondering why drops with hyaluronate as the active ingredient are not
available over the counter or behind the counter in the United States. They are
very hard to find and a lot of the time you have to get them from Canada or from
other countries. I thought there was maybe one eye drop that did but I cannot
think of the name of it now It’s Blink. Are you sure it’s Blink? It doesn’t
sound right. I’ll have to look it up but it’s an inactive ingredient That’s not going to do what you want it to do My guess is it’s an FDA thing but I really
have no idea. Yes, it’s an FDA thing You have to get approved to
have hyaluronic acid as the active ingredient in your drop if you want to
sell here in the States and I don’t know if it has been yet All right. I have light sensitivity when I’m
driving and it’s driving me crazy I’m wondering if part of that is from the cataracts and do you have an experience with that?
That’s a 100% probably from your cataracts Cataracts are in the lens
of your eye and in the lens of your eye when light hits it, it’s supposed to go
right through it to the back of your eye on the retina that’s how you see light
so a cataracts scatters that light especially certain types of cataracts. There
are some cataracts that grow in from the outer edge of your
lens and those look like bicycle spokes to us and they scatter light more than any other
cataracts that you have but all of them can do it All right. Light sensitivity, hard to drive at night Can you apply too much heat to the eyelids and does heat damage the eye? There are studies out there that have
shown that excessive heat can cause the cornea to warp. That’s very
high heat for an extended period of time You’re never going to have a warm compress that’s going to be able to maintain that heat for that long period of time unless
you stick your head in the microwave which I don’t recommend doing. I mean the
only ones I would be more concerned about I guess are the electric ones that plug in that you can keep them at a certain temperature but if you’re heating a mask
in a microwave it’s not going to stay to the temperature that’s going to be a
problem the only other thing I would say is like if you have ocular rosacea and
you find that after you do warm compress it’s more bothersome to
you and your eyes get more red and more uncomfortable then I would just stop
doing them. Then it says can you apply heat too much to the eyelids? If it’s
starting to cause discomfort of the eyelids reduce it. If you’re doing okay then you
can’t overuse them We kind of talked about already
what are the differences between drops with and without preservatives? Is one
better than the other? That’s at the beginning of the broadcast
so I go back to that In your opinion can you use preservative-
free eye drops 2 days in a row or do you need to discard after one use? I use Sclerafil in my scleral lenses
and have always have a half bottle left after one use If you are using preservative-free eye drops
in your scleral lenses which you should be absolutely I would not
use that after a day because you’re just going to bathe your eyes in possible infectious material. Definitely,
you can but I don’t know if they sell bottles out there anymore. I
know they don’t sell I think pure lens comes in like a bottle of
preservative-free saline that you can use in your scleral lenses and that last
30 days so you might want to consider that Could you do a video on female hormones
not menopause and dry eye? It’s actually very similar. Menopause causes hormonal
fluctuations of the female hormones therefore even if you’re not going
through menopause you could be going through what’s called pre-menopause or
perimenopause and early menopause We’ve done a great video. Pregnancy. Yes pregnancy. We’ve done a great video with a hormonal expert I’ll post that blog below as a response to yours How do I feel about being outnumbered, 3
to 1 by the boys? I’m actually excited. l really wanted a boy. I don’t know what it is. I just always wanted a boy so I’m excited. Do you know anything about
conjunctivochalasis and Xiidra? Not sure what you want answered from that but conjunctivochalasis is just where excess skin or excess conjunctiva kind of folding over and usually causes
like excess watering and other problems dry eye symptoms for sure and Xiidra if your question is Xiidra actually helping conjunctivochalasis, sorry. I can’t even say it there haven’t been any studies that
necessarily show the exact correlation of where Xiidra will help it but Xiidra is
very effective as far as treatment of dry eye and that’s been shown in multiple studies I wear hard contacts. I have dry eye but
not that bad. Do I put eye drops in first? Any eye drops that you use make sure
they’re preservative-free and you can even use preservative-free drops when
you have your contacts in either way whatever is more convenient for you Sorry, I’ve been MIA. Post concussion
syndrome. That doesn’t sound good Can dry eyes cause night blindness? Definitely, because the tear film which is the front part of
your eye is responsible it’s the number one refractive surface of your eyes so
that means it’s the first thing that light hits when it hits your eye so if
that tear film was broken up you’re looking through a foggy glass window or
a dirty glass window and then when you blink brings the tears back
together and therefore you can see a lot better if dry eyes is there it’s going to
cause night blindness dirty windshield syndrome I just made that up. I came in late. What eye drops do you recommend? We talked a lot about these
earlier but we like to recommend Oasis Tears Plus preservative-free. We can put
a link to that in this thread here Thanks for joining and make sure
that you head to www.dryeyebook.com Check out our book Rethinking Dry Eye
Treatment. It is free with a purchase Make sure you go check it out. We don’t
know how long we’re going to be doing that for Go get it before it’s too late
and if you’re worried about reading a book it is available on Audible so
you can go get it as well and it’s on Kindle as well so you can go check it
out Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment You can listen to us. I left out the follies which I should have kept. Hers were great. It was rough recording an audio book but it’s fine but anyway check that out and
then like this video if you enjoyed this topic and we’ll do more frequently asked
questions and lots more to come Thanks for thanks for joining


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  3. Manuka honey eye drops really work, it stings really bad and causes "good" temporary inflammation, but it succeeds in killing some bacteria atleast and somehow heals the eye? But it really works thats the thing about it. We dont know how exactly but it seems to actually heal the eye. It is not a direct miracle but everyone with blepharitis and bacterial problems should take manuka honey eye drops to help with reducing bacteria.

  4. I was wondering if it's normal to have air bubbles in the lower eyelid if you have dry eye? Sometimes when my eyes are dry and burning and I pull down my lower eyelid I can see 1 or 2 large bubbles and they will pop. I know MGD can cause foamy tears.. is this the same thing? Thank you

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  6. Since I used baby shampoo to clean my eyes; my eyelids are so raw. Eye cream burns. I drink ALOT of water everyday. I'm almost done being a diabetic and I eat very healthy. I couldn't wear hypoallergenic eyeshadow either. What gives? I use PF refresh eyedrops. They aren't helping much. What allergy eyedrops do you recommend? What do you mean by heating up an eye mask referring to the ointment eyedrops?

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