Famous People With Mental Illness Part 2/3 (Book Extract – Audio / Psychiatry, Stigma C5S9-2)

The shrink from planet zob, psychiatry for
a mad world. an extract from the book. Francis Ford Coppola: áfilm director, The
Godfather, Apocalypse Now – bipolar affective disorder.
Patricia Cornwell: ámystery/thriller writer – bipolar affective disorder, anorexia, bulimia.
Hart Crane: áAmerican poet – clinical depression. Sheryl Crow: ásinger, musician – clinical
depression. Jack Dee: ácomedian – depression. á”Depression
is something that has always figured in my life but now I’m dealing with it. I wish I’d
done this years and years ago because it’s been really helpful.”
Sandra Dee: áactress – anorexia, depression, alcoholism.
Charles Dickens: áwriter – depression. Benjamin Disraeli: áformer British Prime
Minister – depression. Gaetano Donizetti: áopera singer – bipolar
affective disorder. Richard Dreyfuss: áactor – bipolar affective
disorder. á”I said to my doctor, ‘You gotta test me, there’s something wrong with me that
I would be behaving this way.ĺö George Eliot: ánovelist – depression.
Carrie Fisher: áactress, screenwriter, novelist – bipolar affective disorder, drug abuse and
prescription drug addiction. á”Mania starts off fun, not sleeping for days, keeping company
with your brain, which has become a wonderful computer, showing 24 TV channels all about
you. áThat goes horribly wrong after a while.” F. Scott Fitzgerald: áwriter – depression.
Jane Fonda: áactress – bulimia. John Forbes-Nash Junior: áAmerican mathematician,
subject of the film A Beautiful Mind – paranoid schizophrenia and depression.
Harrison Ford: áactor – depression. Connie Francis: ásinger – depression.
Sigmund Freud: ápsychoanalyst – depression, probable psychosis.
Stephen Fry: áactor and director – bipolar affective disorder, suicidal thoughts. á”I
may have looked happy. áInside I was hopelessly depressed.”
Peter Gabriel: ámusician, singer with the band Genesis – depression.
Judy Garland: áactress – depression, substance abuse.
Paul Gascoigne: áfootballer – bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar affective disorder, alcoholism,
sectioned in February 2008. á”Everywhere I looked life seemed to be full of problems
and they were just going to go on and on. áIt was never going to get any better.”
Trisha Goddard: áTV presenter – depression. á”I was in danger of having my children taken
away from me when I needed five weeks in psychiatric care… There is the smiling depressive which
is the biggest time bomb and when they go they usually go with a bang, which was me.”
Russell Grant: áTV presenter, astrologer – depression. á”It is a maze of total confusion…
it can get to the point where you don’t care if you live or die.”
Peter Green: águitarist with Fleetwood Mac – schizophrenia.
Linda Hamilton: Hollywood actress – bipolar affective disorder. á”The lows were absolutely
horrible. It was like falling into a manhole and not being able to lift the lid and climb
out.” David Helfgott: áAustralian concert pianist,
subject of the film Shine – schizoaffective disorder.
Ernest Hemingway: áPulitzer Prize winning novelist – depression.
Lenny Henry: áComedian – depression. á”That’s where depression hits you most – your home
life. áIt doesn’t affect your work. I can’t do this zany, wacky, funny thing anymore.
áI haven’t been like that for a long time.” Audrey Hepburn: áactress – depression, anorexia.
Anthony Hopkins: áactor – depression. Dame Kelly Holmes: áathlete – depression.
á”I became depressed and I cut myself with scissors and stuff.”
Howard Hughes: áAmerican aviator, film producer and manufacturer – obsessive compulsive disorder.
Janet Jackson: ásinger – anxiety disorder and depression.
Billy Joel: ásinger songwriter – suicide attempt, depression.
Ulrika Johnsson: áTV presenter – depression. Carl Jung: ápsychoanalyst – depression.
John Keats: ápoet – depression. Charles Kennedy: British MP – alcoholism.
Patsy Kensit: áactress – depression. Jack Kerouac: áAmerican author, poet and
painter – alcoholism, substance abuse, depression. Margot Kidder: áactress – manic psychosis.
Stephen King: áauthor – alcoholism and drug abuse.
Sarah Lancashire: áactress – depression. á”My twenties were a write-off. áIt’s a
cruel illness, because you can’t see it and you can hide it so well.”
Hugh Laurie: áactor – depression. á”I clung to unhappiness because it was a known familiar
state.” Vivien Leigh: áactress – bipolar affective
disorder. John Lennon: ámember of The Beatles – depression.
Neil Lennon: áfootballer – depression. á”It’s a bit like walking down a long, dark corridor
never knowing when the light will go on.” Abraham Lincoln: áformer American president
– several ábreakdowns, suicidal thoughts and clinical depression before going on to
become president in 1861. Courtney Love: ámusician – depression.
Meg Mathews: áformer wife of Oasis musician Noel Gallagher – depression and alcohol abuse.
á Brian May: águitarist with rock band Queen
– depression, suicidal thoughts. áWhen asked in interview, on BBC Radio 4ĺs Desert Island
Discs, how low he had felt, he answered he had been ôto the bottom.ö áHe made a full
recovery. ôI think sometimes depression is a trigger for us to get out of the old habits
we learned as we grew up … to decide for ourselves how we will react to what is around
us.ö14 Burgess Meredith: áAmerican actor ľ a form
of bipolar affective disorder. Melinda Messenger: ámodel and TV presenter
– depression. á”I felt suicidal. áI couldn’t stop crying. áI remember thinking wouldn’t
it be great if the car crashed and I died?” George Michael: ásinger – depression. á”Twelve
years of depression and fear and lots of other bad stuff. áIt was as if I had a curse on
me. áI couldn’t believe how much God was piling on at once.”
Florence Nightingale: ánurse in the Crimean War – depression.
Michelangelo: áItalian artist – possible bipolar affective disorder.
Spike Milligan: ácomedian, writer, musician, poet, playwright – bipolar affective disorder.
Danii Minogue: ásinger – depression. áôMy sister was sick, then my best friend died
soon after – I felt Iĺd been hit by a wave. áI couldnĺt deal with the stress.ö15 áAnd
four years after the depression: áôLife is just so different now.ö
Kylie Minogue: ásinger – depression. á”You get such a kick and then suddenly it’s all
over. áThat’s good ground for uncertainty and depression. áI usually burst into tears.”
Marilyn Monroe: ámodel, actress – depression.

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