Famous People With Mental Illness Part 1/3 (Book Extract – Audio / Celebrities Psychiatry C5S9-1)

The shrink from planet zob, psychiatry for
a mad world, an extract from the book. Bruno eventually made a recovery and now makes
personal appearances and is often a guest on television shows. áHis case illustrates how mental illness
can affect anyone, even a high flying prize fighter. áAnd the way The Sun persecuted him for his
illness shows how ordinary people who deem themselves to be healthy can create stigma
and add further stress to someone who is already extremely stressed. áWho was ill, I would like to know ľ Bruno
or the people who published the headline? áI would argue that The Sunĺs treatment
of Bruno was cruel. áAgain, thereĺs no them and us. áThe Sun did make a climb down, but by then
some of the damage was done. áBut why publish that article? áWhy are some people persecuted, even people
down on their luck like Bruno was? áWe will be looking deeper into the mechanisms
of persecution throughout this book. Causes of depression are not always clear,
but it is recognised that stress can be an important factor. áIt is clear that much of the stress in our
lives is caused by cruelty and selfishness in others. áMy own depressions were certainly caused
by people who were unkind towards me, generating stress and a loss of hope. áI doubt that I am unusual in this, so how
many more millions of people are made depressed by this cruelty and selfishness thing that
I keep referring to? áIt must be a good many. Stigma may have a real detrimental effect
on someone suffering with a mental illness. áIt may lead to a lack of funding for services
and public education. áSufferers may find it difficult to get a
job or a mortgage or even holiday insurance. áA person with a mental illness may feel
shame and be discouraged from seeking treatment or even from admitting that their symptoms
may be due to a mental illness.12 Stigma does hold many people back. áBut another aspect of stigma is the notion
that people with mental illness are somehow failures in life. áWe can see how wrong this is if we look
at the lives of a few high achievers. áPeople who have experienced mental illness
are in good company. áTake a look at these famous individuals
who have experienced a variety of mental disorders:13 Paula Abdul: ásinger – bulimia. John Quincy Adams: áformer US president – clinical
depression. Caroline Aherne: áactress – depression, alcoholism,
suicide attempt, agoraphobia. á”I try to piece together what I did and
why I did it, but it’s just a big blackout.” Alvin Ailey: áAmerican dancer and choreographer
– bipolar affective disorder. Buzz Aldrin: áastronaut, second man to walk
on the moon – clinical depression. Sophie Anderton: ámodel – depression. á
Adam Ant: ámusician – bipolar affective disorder. á
Diane Arbus: áAmerican photographer – clinical depression. Roseanne Barr: ácomedian, actress – multiple
personality disorder. Syd Barrett: ámusician, member of Pink Floyd
– schizophrenia. Drew Barrymore: áactress, director – clinical
depression. Kim Basinger: áactress -ápanic disorder. Justine Bateman: áactress – bulimia. Ned Beatty: áactor – bipolar affective disorder. Ludwig van Beethoven: áGerman composer – bipolar
affective disorder. Irving Berlin: ámusician and composer – clinical
depression. Leonard Bernstein: áAmerican conductor and
composer – clinical depression. David Blunkett: áBritish MP – depression. Marlon Brando: áactor – depression. Charles ĹBuddyĺ Bolden: áĹFather of American
Jazzĺ – schizophrenia. Robert Boorstin: áspecial assistant to former
US president Bill Clinton – bipolar affective disorder. Clara Bow: áAmerican silent films actress
of the 1920’s – clinical depression. James Dean Bradfield: ámusician with the
Manic Street Preachers – depression. á”I became a completely dysfunctional, miserable
person, completely uncommunicative and aggressive.” Lord Melvyn Bragg: ábroadcaster, author and
president of the mental health charity Mind – ádepression. á”Occasionally now I feel a wang that goes
in my head – once you’ve got it you’ve got it. áThe [illness] was quite severe, leaving
me deeply unhappy and frightened.” Charlotte Bronte: ánovelist – anxiety disorder. Frank Bruno: áBritish heavyweight boxing
champion – depression, bipolar affective disorder. á”It’s like a kettle. áIf it’s a kettle, you turn the kettle off,
you know what I mean? áI wish I could put a hole in my head and
let the steam come out. áThe steam was getting so high and the pressure
was just getting a little bit much for me.” Keisha Buchanan: ásinger with The Sugababes
– depression. á”With depression, you can go in and out
of it and not really know whether it’s still there or not. áSometimes I’d find myself bursting into
tears for no reason.” Art Buchwald: áAmerican humorist and writer
– bipolar affective disorder. Mel C: áformer Spice Girl – depression. á”There is always a fear the depression could
return but I do all the right things. I try to get the right amount of sleep because
I know that I need sleep to function and I need to eat properly and to do some exercising.” Drew Carey: ácomedian, actor – clinical depression. Jim Carrey: áactor – depression. á”I was on Prozac for a long time. áIt may have helped me out of a jam for a
little bit, but people stay on it forever.” Karen Carpenter: ásinger with The Carpenters
– anorexia. Dick Cavett: átelevision talk show host – clinical
depression. Ray Charles: ámusician, singer – clinical
depression. Lawton Chiles: áformer Florida governor – clinical
depression. Sir Winston Churchill: áformer British prime
minister – bipolar affective disorder. Eric Clapton: ámusician, singer – clinical
depression. Dick Clark: átelevision host – clinical depression. Rosemary Clooney: ásinger – bipolar affective
disorder. Kurt Cobain: ámusician with Nirvana – clinical
depression, suicided. Leonard Cohen: áCanadian poet and musician
– clinical depression. Natalie Cole: ásinger – clinical depression. Judie Collins: ásinger and songwriter – depression. Shawn Colving: átwice Grammy award winning
musician ľ depression.

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