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Almond Almond Khas-Khas in Hindi ( Poppy Seeds) Khas-Khas in Hindi ( Poppy Seeds) Mishri ( Crystallized Sugar) White Pepper Powder For Ingredients and how to prepare,
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  1. Ingredients:
    Almonds (100 gms)
    khas-khas (100gms)
    Mishri (100gms)
    White pepper powder (20gms)
    Cow Ghee.
    How to prepare:
    Almonds- Soak almonds in warm water overnight. next day take off the layer of almonds and dry the almonds in shade. grind them to fine powder.Khaskhas- Lightly roast khaskhas at low flame ( for 2-3 minutes), it will start smelling good, will be light brown, let it cool down then grind a little bit, (do not allow it to form oil ). Now dry it in sun. Mishri- Grind the mishri to fine powder.Mix all 4 powders and add enough cow ghee and grind to form a halwa consistency . Add ghee little at a time till you get the required consistency.Store this in a clean bottle.How to take:
    ——————1 spoon = 10 gms
    ————————–Kids take 2.5 gms
    Adults 5gms
    Take this with 1 cup cow milk by adding misri to the milk.
    Take this morning and evening 1 hr before taking food.
    Kids should take this for 6 months and adults should take it for 12 months.Result
    Eyesight will improve and you can get rid of glasses. Even work for old people..

  2. Is it really going to work or there are chances of being cured ??? And are there side effects ????? plz tell me…….

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