EyeCare America Seen Through Doctors’ and Patients’ Eyes

Most people take vision for granted
until they notice change is too late to avoid vision loss. This can often be
prevented with a simple eye exam. If your aged 65 or older
EyeCare America may be able to help. If you have not had an eye exam in three or
more years, you may be eligible to see an ophthalmologist in your area for an eye
exam and care at no out-of-pocket cost. Well in 1985 when I started my practice
I realized that right here locally where we live there’s a lot of patients need
our services and they can’t afford it and so when the opportunity came around
in 1985 I thought this is a terrific potential marriage of good service and
allowing me to stay home and do things locally. As EyeCare America volunteer I
found that I get much more than I ever give helping these patients to be able
to see and providing them care that they otherwise would be unable to receive
gives me a great warm feeling. Eligible EyeCare America patients are welcomed to
the volunteer doctors office and treated the same as any other patient. It has
been so many years since I had an eye exam. I really was very nervous when I
showed up afraid of what I might find out about my eyes and they were so nice
to me and professional. It is the best relief in the world. Thanks to our
dedicated volunteers, the program has helped nearly 1.8 million people. To see
if you or your loved one 65 and older are eligible for eye care and no
out-of-pocket costs, visit eyecare america.org today I think EyeCare America
is a wonderful example of the best of America


  1. I am suffering from very low eye sight. Doctor says that it is bests's desease. It can't be cured.
    I even can not read newspaper.
    Great difficulties I am facing
    What should I do

  2. Helo sir
    I am from India🇮🇳
    My one eye is fully damaged.I can not see by one eye. Indian dactors says that Your one eye is not recovered.
    Plz plz help me sir😥😥😥😥

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