Eye Dominance Test – How to Determine Eye Dominance

So the eye dominance test. well in this
video we’re going to show you how to test eye dominance so that you can tell
if your left eye dominant or right eye dominant so let’s take a look hey
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further information about everything that I go over otherwise let’s talk
about eye dominance so knowing eye dominance can be in a
really important thing to know I know for myself being an eye doctor I need to
know the eye dominance of my patients in order to fit specialty contact lenses
for mono vision as well as getting people ready for cataract surgery or
even LASIK eye surgery but for just about everybody else knowing eye
dominance can play a critical role for a lot of different activities if you’re
somebody who wants to know I dominance for shooting whether you’re shooting a
rifle or a shotgun this can be really important especially if you are
cross eye dominant also if you are somebody who maybe wants to know eye
dominance for archery or if you want to know eyed ominous for pool or billiards
this also can play a critical role even photographers will shoot better if they
know their eye dominance now let’s go over a couple of different ways you can
find out are you left eye dominant or right eye dominant so my favorite way to
test eye dominance is using a distant object so wherever you are just look in
the distance find something that you can focus on here in the clinic as an
example we’re gonna go ahead and use the eyeball in the eye clinic logo so while
you’re focusing on that distant object with both eyes open you’re gonna go
ahead and make your hands into a big triangle like you’re gonna catch a
football you’re gonna extend your arms and try to get that triangle to be right
over that distant object then you’re gonna go ahead and make that triangle
smaller and smaller over that distant object until you can just barely focus
that object right in the middle while keeping that object focused in the
middle of the triangle you can either choose to close one eye kind of like
here I can close my right eye and while closing that eye if you can still see
the object then the open eye is your dominant eye
if you end up closing your dominant eye during this test you’ll actually see
that the object is no longer centered in the middle of the triangle it’s going to
be off center and the variation of the same method that I
like a little bit more because it’s a little bit fun and if you’re someone who
can’t close your eyes individually then it’s gonna work a little bit easier
still keep that object in the middle of the triangle but then slowly bring your
arms back keeping your eyes open and threading that object through the
triangle eventually you’ll end up threading that distant object right up
to the eye that you’re more i dominant in another way you can test eye
dominance is using a plus magnifying lens and as long as both eyes are
actually corrected for distance your doctor can use these plus lenses to hold
it over just one eye at a time while both eyes are open the eye that’s more
significantly blurred is the eye that is dominant so for me if I cover my right
eye here with the plus lens I can still see out of my left eye really well so
things are still relatively clear but if I cover and plus and blur out my left
eye then no things are really blurry and it’s more difficult to see there’s one
other method using your thumb where you basically find that same distant object
and try to eclipse it with your thumb again both eyes open it’s kind of the
same principle you either close or cover one eye and the eye that can still
eclipse the object that’s the eye that’s dominant most people who are
right-handed are usually right eye dominant as well just like left-handed
people are usually left eye dominant as well I’m left eye dominant and that’s
kind of strange that I’m left eye dominant because I’m also right-handed
we call that cross eye dominance and for a lot of activities and sports this can
make things difficult I find archery to be very difficult for me because I can’t
really focus with my right eye as well as my left eye however there has been
some arguments that athletes who are cross-eyed dominant have an advantage in
that they can actually focus on the ball or the target easier with their opposite
eye because their whole bodies are usually turned toward the opposite team
as in baseball you have your body turned toward the pitcher and you’re watching
the ball come toward you however they’ve done statistical analysis and found that
that’s not necessarily true but is it possible to not have a
dominant eye the answer is yes some people actually don’t have a dominant
eye both eyes work relatively really well together however that’s pretty rare
and uncommon to see you can go ahead and test these methods out for yourself and
go ahead and comment in the section below let us know what I dominate you
are are you left i dominant right i dominant
or maybe neither go ahead and comment in the section below
alright everyone takes so much for watching hopefully you found this video
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  1. Eye Health Question of the Day: Are you left eye dominant? Right eye dominant? Neither? Or both?

  2. Thank You For Sharing
    I Went To The Eye Doctor 🥼 last Tuesday
    My Left Eye Is Not As Strong As My Right Eye.
    I Love Ur Videos Thanks For Sharing.I Also Had An
    Pressure Eye Test It Really Scared Me…

  3. Right hand- left eye dominate as you are. Matter of fact I can’t close my left eye at all on its own.

  4. My left eye is a lot clearer than my right and I'm right handed…so i think I'm cross-eye dominant like you.

  5. Oh no! I'm cross eye dominant. 😭 right hand- left eye. Question: why do some people have bad peripheral vision? (I do)

  6. 100% LEFT EYE DOMINANT. Love your channel! I’m an Optometric Technician and always get a neat tidbit of info from your videos I can take back to work with me. PS, I’m always down to collab!

  7. For some reason when I try to focus on something that’s far away I usually close my right eye so I can see better which is weird cause I’m right handed

  8. With how freakishly late I was diagnosed with keratoconus I think it’s safe to say my right eye is dominant lol

  9. Awesome vid 👍
    I'm right handed but do not have a dominate eye, dunno if its because I had LVC but, not having a dominate eye has caused me quite a bit of trouble as I do several types of competitive shooting. Since identifying the problem, I have to shoot with a piece of scotch tape on my safety glasses over my left eye to occlude it, but not alter the amount of light it receives because of sympathetic reflex.
    Struggled for years until I had a friend whos an assistant at a local eye doctor, ask me some questions while we were shooting skeet, and he was able to identify that I was struggling to see one sight picture and subsequently didn't have a dominate eye. The scotch tape makes all the difference in the world, it greatly improved my game, and I'm super grateful for the knowledge eye doctors have and share.

  10. I always knew I was right eye dominant but I can switch and focus with the other if I'm thinking about it. My left is my lazy eye from birth so my depth perception isn't always the best.

    I do notice when I drive that if I drive awhile I seem to have better depth perception and the lazy eye seems to be less lazy. I assume because of more far use they work together well but nearer use they just don't. Previously I thought that would be helped with eye surgery but after a previous video of yours I'm not so certain.

    Can someone change their eye dominance with eye patches, aka "training" the weaker lazy eye until it overtakes the now weaker eye? I was told I kept ripping the eyepatches off as a kid… so I don't think I had cross dominance

  11. Could you do a video about vision therapy? I wear glasses but still don’t have 20/20 vision and my eye doctor says there’s an issue with the “focusing mechanism” in my eyes. She recommended vision therapy and I start Monday. Also have visual snow syndrome, but she says nothing can really be done for that. Boo 🙁

  12. When i do triangle method my eye dominance is right eye but when i point my finger at an item then it is left eye

  13. Is it possible that the dominance change?
    Before my eye sight correction surgery my dominant eye was the right one (did the test with the doctor) and now after the surgery my left eye is the dominant one. Before the laser surgery my right eye was “the good eye” (it was slightly better than the left). But after the surgery I had a lot of trouble with my right eye, so I guess it changed because of that? Right now the right eye is still not that stable than the left one (6 months after surgery). I hope it gets as stable as my left eye and is it possible that in that case after some time the change will reverse or do I stuck with this now?

  14. Ok, so. I'm basically right eye dominant it seems. But I also have lazy eye (though I went thru therapy at a young age to strengthen the muscles in my left eye, so my eyes don't cross unless I'm tired or something). But, I can relax the muscles in my eyes, but keep everything focused and not extremely blurry, if I do that, I see double image, and whichever side I'm looking at becomes dominant. It's weird cause I can actually tell the differences of perception from each eye.

    But, since I had therapy (I assume that's why, anyway) I can completely relax my eyes, no double vision, everything is extremely blurry, but doing the same test, it's the same result as with my glasses on – my right eye.

    Am I just weird? Lol

  15. What are the best contact lenses for hyperopia (farsightedness) in Bausch & lomb, acuvue, aqualens ?

  16. How can I make contact lens wearing more comfortable I have allergic rhinitis and very prone to dry eyes, but when I put my contacts on it just makes my eyes itch uncontrollably, is there a reason and a solution for this, I also apply a lens lubricant but still there is no clear benefit with this.

  17. Right handed but left eye dominant with an astigmatism in my right eye. I cant stand it. I wear toric contacts to help with the astigmatism but its not enough. The eye dominance is what really bothers me.

  18. Right eye. I just had my yearly examination. It was interesting to find out how my vision has changed/not changed over the year. One of my eyes is 20/15…probably the right. I’m enjoying this channel a lot! I’m a librarian and pretty much on the computer all the time and also switching back and forth between near and far reading for patrons that come in. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  19. Left handed and right eye dominant.
    I learned this when I started archery…
    I can hit a target at 60 yards but it’s tuff..

  20. Great Video!! Very simple and accurate results!! Thank You!! Right Handed / Right Eye Dominant long distance target shooter.

  21. I got that thing where the lense on my eye is pinched so my left is basically blind and I can't see farther than a couple inches. Surprisingly, I'm left eye dominant. And I'm right handed. The more you know.

  22. I am right handed and I am very left eye dominant. I have a astigmatism in my right eye which is probably why my brain prefers to utilize my left eye more. It definitely affects sports where you are sideways, such as tennis and baseball. I teach tennis and I am perplexed why some students just can not hit a one hand backhand well. So many good athletes can't that I suggest learning a two hand backhand instead since anyone can learn that, and you are less sideways. I can hit a solid one hand backhand with my non dominant arm but not my dominant. It is because of my eyes. Cross dominance.

  23. When I do the triangle test I have two triangles for each eye and sometimes it’s my left and sometimes my right eye weird.
    I guess it just depends one if you move your hand left or right, doesn’t work really :/

  24. Hello I have what's called amblyopia aka lazy eye no my eyes don't look lazy but it technically means one of my eyes is very weak because from a young age my brain learned how to supress this eye so my whole life I could only see with one eye basically but a few months back I forced myself to wear my glasses with sunglasses over them and cover my good eye completely and a month later I took it off and now I have binocular vision and can see with both eyes now but as to this video I'm cross eyed dominate (left eye/right handed)

  25. I have read online of people using wet ones wipes for their blepharitis and crusts at the Base of the eyelashes . ..however I am unsure whether it's safe or not and if it could work for me, what would you say ?

  26. I can’t seem to focus with one eye consistently. I do the test and get left eye, I try again and I get right eye

  27. I'm left eye dominant. My left eye see better when there's light but my right eye sees better in the dark is that normal? Also why some people are left and others are right eye dominant? Why doesn't both eyes work equally with every people?

  28. How in the world can the first and last test work if when you are focusing on your hand, the far object doubles. Then when focusing on far object, the hands double? How do I know what object to put my hands around if it doubles while out of focus?

  29. Thank you so much for this. I target shoot as a secondary hobby, and have been plagued by terrible groupings. I’ve spent thousands on different pistols, ammunition, classes, you name it. For whatever reason my eyes just didn’t seem to play well with the target.

    However, I just watched this video, and found out that I am left eye right hand dominant. Just got back from the range with my 18 year old Walther P99, and ended up tearing away the bullseye.

  30. I'm left eye dominant, and right handed which is why I probably got whacked in the mouth trying to catch a softball one day long ago. I remember being so sure I was going to catch it, and so shocked when I didnt! (🤪) I just did the test and was surprised by this, but when I was in grade school I trained myself to write both right and left handed, AND I am pretty good at doing precision things that need eye hand coordination – which is now escaping me the more I develop presbyopia.

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