Eye doctors share how you can make sure your eyes are healthy

apparently do you know how healthy your eyes are I do very good that’s because doctors say it’s very important that you be aware of that because vision problems that are neglected it can be serious when you let them go too long our Jeremiah Marshall has been looking into that he joins us now to go over some of the factors that can contribute to a disease Jeremiah Leigh diabetes can lead to eye problems like la coma it have not taken seriously doctors say that can lead to vision loss the eye is such an intricate device doctors with the Texas eye Institute’s say your eyes are complex machines they have many different parts that all need each other to function and our doctors also say if one thing goes wrong the whole system could crash the eyes are camera the optic nerve is a cable connects a camera to the computer and the high pressure in the eye damages that cable so the cable doesn’t carry the vision message to the computer in detecting eye disease knowing the symptoms is key that can include things like cloudy vision and blurriness eye experts say diseases like diabetes which is very common here at home can affect your eye health I can’t stress how important it is not to ignore that because if we see it early sometimes we can recover the vision for the patient but if they wait days weeks sometimes even longer the prognosis for visual recovery is pretty dim with the technology eye doctors use a simple exam to take these diseases at their early stage before too much damage is done we can find things that primary care doctors can’t see the technology allows us to see diabetes in the eye high blood pressure in the eye trol aging changes eye doctors also say if sleep apnea diabetes glaucoma run in your family it’s best you get check Lee Katya all right thank you very much here am i by the way regular screenings are also crucial to good eye health and optometry recommend that you have your eyes checked annually especially if you’re over 62

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