Eye Doctor in NY Said “Did You Know You Have a Hole In Your Eye!” Attorney Oginski Explains

What do you mean there’s a hole in my eye? How can there be a hole in my eye, I went
to the doctors just two days ago and they told me there was nothing wrong with it. Would you like to learn what happened to this
gentleman? Come join me as I share with you exactly what
happened to my client. He was a handyman and he had gone that morning
to a lumber store to purchase some lumber to go to some handy work at a house he was
fixing up. As he’s pulling lumber off a shelf, something
happens to hit him in the eye. He doesn’t know what it was but he knows
that something painful is in his eye and his eye is tearing. He’s brought to the bathroom in order to
wash his eye out and despite the fact that there’s nothing there, he still is having
a lot of pain and tearing. He’s taken to a local emergency room and
in the emergency room he specifically asked to speak to an eye doctor. A woman comes in wearing a white coat, who
announces herself as a doctor, begins to examine him, and then proceeds to tell him “Nothing
to worry about. You just have a scratch on your cornea. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take these eye drops and if
you have any problems in the next couple days, here’s a number for an eye doctor that you
can go to and see what’s going on.” So this gentleman felt that there was nothing
wrong because the doctor told him – an eye doctor – told him that he had nothing wrong
with his eye – just a simple scratch on his cornea. So he goes home. And what happens after that? Well he tries to rest and relax, the problem
is his eye is still painful and he’s still tearing. Well the next morning he decides he’s got
to go to work and he puts a patch on his eye in order to try and swell, to try and stop
the tears that keep coming out because it keeps soaking the gauze pad that he has on
there. And as he’s proceeding to work, it’s becoming
more and more painful. And he can’t even stay at work for more
than half an hour. He comes up and during the rest of that day
he can barely pick his head up off the pillow – it’s that painful. Finally he decides he’s going to call the
eye doctor whose number he’d been given in the emergency room. And they couldn’t see him until the next
morning. So next morning comes and goes and he wakes
up in excruciating pain. And while waiting for the doctor that morning,
he has something to eat, he has some breakfast, and finally he sits down. The doctor begins to examine him and the first
words out of the doctor’s mouth were “You have a hole in your eye!” And my client says “What do you mean I have
a hole in my eye? How can I have a hole in my eye? I was just in the emergency room two days
ago. The eye doctor says I just have a scratch
on my cornea.” He says, “Listen. You need surgery immediately.” He said, “How can I have surgery right now? I just had breakfast this morning while waiting
for you. I can’t have surgery.” He said, “Now listen. You need to go to the emergency right now
otherwise there’s a chance not only that you’re going to lose your vision, but you
could lost your entire eye. Get over there immediately.” So that’s exactly what he does. He gets to the hospital and in the hospital
because he had eaten breakfast, he was not able to be put under general anesthesia. Why not? Because when you go under general anesthesia,
you’re not supposed to have eaten anything for 8 hours. If you have eaten something and you go under
general anesthesia, there is a significant risk that you can throw up the contents of
what’s in your stomach and inhale it into your lungs, and that’s called “aspiration
pneumonia” and you can die from that. So there’s no way they were going to put
him under general anesthesia. So how did they fix the hole? What they did was they had to give him local
anesthetic and while he’s awake he was able to hear, listen, and feel exactly what they
were doing. Can you imagine that? Lying on the operating room table, your eye
is open, you can actually hear and feel and see exactly what’s going on? Why? Because he ate that morning, he didn’t know
he was going to need surgery. But the most important thing is as a result
of the 2 day delay in getting him proper treatment; this gentleman lost most of his useable vision. Our experts were prepared to come into court
and testify if his condition had been diagnosed and treated at the time he had been in the
emergency room after this incident occurred, he would have had a much better chance of
having better usable vision then he had because of the 2 day delay. Now I’m proud to say that we were able to
successfully resolve his case shortly before trial. But the key thing was this was a preventable
injury. This was something that could have been eliminated
and prevented significantly. So why do I tell you about this story about
a gentleman who had a hole in his eye? I tell you about this because chances are
you have questions and concerns about your eye injury. And if you and your matter happened here in
the state of New York, what I encourage you to do is pick up the phone and call me. This is what I do every single day. I answer legal questions like yours. You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by email
at [email protected] I’m Gerry Oginski, here in New York. Thanks so much for watching.

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