Experience Center de GC Aesthetics

I’ve been thinking about getting a breast augmentation for a long time and now I am about to take the first step. I would like to know all the different possibilities, and get help in order to make the best decision for me. This is my first visit, so I’m a bit nervous. Any patient that comes to a plastic surgeon consultation will have different doubts and insecurities, but most of all the people who come for a breast augmentation consultation. It’s very important during the first consultation to make it clear to the patient why you advise a specific incision point, the placement you are planning, and the type of implant. And this is why we have the Experience Center. At the Clínica Planas Experience Center we have created a quiet and relaxed environment so that the patient feels comfortable. She comes here to solve any aesthetic doubts she might have about the intervention. The goal of the Experience Center is to create a warm atmosphere and provide all the necessary information to help them in a decision process
which in reality is quite complicated. We have created a totally personalized environment and this is why the name of the patient
appears at the entrance, because we want her to feel like the star of the moment! The first part is more technical. We aim to give the patient all the
information about the implants. We even show them a video of
the manufacturing process. One of the most emotional parts of the consultation is when the patient tries on
the bras with the different implants. Then she can see and feel how she
is going to look after the surgery. One of the biggest doubts patients have is exactly how they will look post-surgery. Finally, like the icing on the cake, is when they undergo the augmented reality demonstration with Eve 4.0. The patients see an image which is really close to what the final result will be post-surgery – and it’s truly incredible. I liked this experience a lot as I have
been able to see, feel, try, and touch and now I’m 100% convinced
of the step I’m going to take!

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