Everysight Raptor Smart Glasses | GCN’s First Look

– What do cyclists have in
common with fighter pilots? Well not too much, maybe
ninja-like reflexes? (laughing) Well maybe some of us at least, but probably, we don’t
have much more in common. But actually now, we might be able to add something else: heads up display, i.e., your essential data
in your field of vision, because Everysight have
invited us to take a first look at their brand new Raptor
augmented reality glasses. (urban music) I know what you’re thinking,
this has been done before, and yes there are other smart glasses out there on the market that
cater for us as cyclists. But with the Raptors there are
a few very key differences. With these, the display
is completely integrated, i.e., it’s not an add-on. So inside these glasses is a
mini-projector with an LED. And it’s not just any LED;
no, it’s an organic one. Now I don’t know exactly what that means, but what I do know is that organic LEDs are used in posh televisions and monitors, and they also use less battery life, which means that you can use these for up to eight hours of riding. Everysight are calling this
“Beam” technology and it is that which puts your chosen
information and data fields directly into your field of vision. Now, before you start thinking this is just another novelty company that will disappear
quickly, let me tell you, these Raptors have been
15 years in development, and Everysight is a spin-off of a company called Elbit Systems; they provide the vast majority of the world’s fighter pilots
with their heads up displays. So, they kind of know what they’re doing. (upbeat techno music) So why would you want to use these? Well despite the fact
that they put information into your field of vision, wearing these means that you can simultaneously keep your eye on the road in front of you while still looking at
some of your key stats. In fact, if Chris Froome
were to use these, we would know once and for all if he does constantly look at his power or if he does indeed
have a fetish for steps. The display though, certainly
isn’t that distracting. It’s quite hard to describe to you unless you use them yourself, but in order to look at the display, you just need a quick shift in your focus and as soon as you shift
your focus back to the road, you really don’t notice the
display that much at all. You might be thinking
that Everysight Raptors are only for data-driven people, those that like to keep a constant eye on their speed, power,
heart rate, et cetera. And they’re great for those people, with a whole load of
different data fields possible and lots of data screens
which you can swipe through. But these have got a lot
more than just numbers. Let me explain. (upbeat techno music) Inside these is an enormous
amount of technology. There is an Android operating system, 32 gigabytes of internal
storage, 2 gigabites of RAM. There’s an accelerometer, a
barometer, a magnetometer, a gyroscope, and a
proximity sensor and more. And I’ve actually left out a very key one; also inside here, is G-P-S. That means that on the
display, you can see the routes that you should be taking,
and that’s a key point for any of you who like to plot routes or simply get from A to B in
a place that you don’t know; all you’ve got to do is follow
the line in front of you. Just create the course
online and send the GPX file straight to these glasses. And actually, there’s more;
also in these is a camera, just here, and it
doesn’t get much more POV than camera that sits
directly between your eyes. You can take photos or you can take video, and actually the video is
pretty good quality, HD in fact. And if you’ve got the 32
gigabyte version of these, you can record up to three
hours of video footage in a single ride. (upbeat urban music) To use the multitude of
functions, you have three options. First of all there is a touch sensor here on the right arm,
which you can swipe and tap. And it’s surprisingly intuitive and you get used to it very quickly. Secondly, you can use a remote control on your handlebars, like so. And lastly, for certain functions, you can use voice activation. – [Computer] Starting ride. – Go, Everysight; record video. (computer chimes) And that voice activation means that there is of course in these, a microphone. And I can tell you, there’s also a speaker which can play music and give you various bits of information. And although not currently a function, the combination of those
two, you would presume will eventually mean you
can answer telephone calls. And yes I know, loads of you
get on the bike rides like this to get away from all
that stuff on your phone, but on the odd occasion when your family’s desperately trying to get ahold of you, you’ll be able to answer that call safely without taking your hands off the bars. What you can already do, if you so wish, is read the first line of any text or WhatsApp messages that come through. Another exciting function is
that you can follow workouts; so perfect for the fitness
fanatics amongst you. You will see what zone you should be in, how close you are to
being in the correct zone, and also how long you
have on each interval. All you need to do is
design your training session on the Everysight app and
send it over to the glasses. And talking of the app,
you could also use that to customise various parts of the glasses. So for example, where
exactly the data sits in your field of vision,
and also how big or small that display is. And if at any point you
just don’t want to see any of this information and data, all you need to do is press a
button on the remote control, or the power button on the
glasses, and it will disappear whilst continuing to
record your ride data. (urban music) So what have I missed out? Well you can already
auto-upload your rides to Strava if you so wish, and I understand integration with other apps
is not too far off either. And talking of Strava, although you can’t currently do live segments, it also sounds like that is only a matter of time away as well. And it’s actually the future
possibilities of these glasses which is the most exciting thing. So I’ve been hearing rumblings
about the possibility of doing live Instagram and
Facebook videos, for example. And also, because it’s an
Android operating system, third parties could develop their own apps to sit on the Everysight platform, giving you some different options as to exactly what you are seeing. And of course they’re not just restricted to us as cyclists, either;
you could use these if you are a runner, or
indeed for a whole host of other everyday activities. All in all, they come
in at just 95 grammes, which admittedly, is a fair
bit more than standard shades, but when you consider what’s inside these, that really is mightily impressive. Also, like with all modern technology, the likelihood is that in the future these are only going to get
lighter and also slimmer. Now whatever your own personal view of augmented reality glasses is, I’ve got a hunch that
these are going to be quite commonplace in the next few years. Or am I wrong; I quite often am. And you can let us know
all your thoughts on them in the comments section just down below. Now if you haven’t yet
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