EPISODE FIVE // quiet rooftop

I want you to know I was thinking about
you your smile your hands your words I was thinking about us and everything we’ve been I’m on our favorite rooftop. You know the
one. Where we’d always come after school with Danny and the rest. And
everywhere I look… reflections. Are you sure we won’t get in trouble for this? I think cops have better things to worry about than two kids smoking cigarettes Can you light this for me? Oh. Uh, yeah. Sure. You alright? Yeah, fine. Stop laughing at me! That hurt like a
bitch. Yeah, I’m sure You try. The city is so pretty at night… all the
lights. Sometimes I forget how nice this town can be. You think so? Yeah. Why? Do you not? I don’t know. Lately when I look around here all I see are bad memories Or good memories that hurt to think about now. It gets kind of hard to separate the town from everything that’s happened here. Oh, I get that… I guess. Sorry, I feel like I’m
always bringing you down… being a bummer. No, no. If anything you just make
me think about things I’m too stupid to think about on my own. You’re not stupid, Peter. Not about stuff
that doesn’t matter like… school stuff you know? But I could never think things for myself the way you do. You don’t give yourself enough credit. Neither do you. That’s different. You’re going places. You could be too Peter. You know I’m not. Stop it, okay?
Stop talking like that. You have an amazing mind and as much as I try to
understand it, I don’t think I ever will. You find ways to appreciate the weirdest
things, like old broken-down buildings stuff I wouldn’t even think to stop
and look at. You’re special and
I want you to realize that because I’ve never cared about someone this much this fast and I don’t think I’ll understand that either Pete. I’m sorry. I just don’t want you dooming yourself to failure I am so jealous of your optimism. It’s not optimism; it’s true! You could do so many great things. I’ve seen enough great things to last me a lifetime Jane. Pete? I want you to know I was thinking about you.


  1. This series continues to surprise me with each episode and that’s one hell of a cliffhanger. What will I do until next Friday 😭? Also whoever is picking the music is amazing I love it. It really complements this scene especially last episode’s.

  2. I really think what I’m loving the most about this is how much it showcases the talent of everybody involved because the episodes themselves are so short, but the impact they have is enormous. You’re doing so much with so little here, not only is it extremely compelling and beautifully done, but it’s also inspiring. This episode was amazing and I love you all.

  3. This is your best yet!! The dialogue is the perfect blend of thoughtful and intriguing, and yet realistic and relatable. And the acting is on point! Your work is spectacular, please keep it up! I can’t wait to see more 🙂

  4. The music through Peter and Jane's scene together was so unsettling, I loved how this whole episode I knew what was coming but I was dreading it soso much and that dread and sense of waste just kept being built up (I'm also crying again now lmao)

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