English Vocabulary – Bad Eyesight: glasses, contacts, optometrist, eye doctor…

Hi. Where are you? I can’t see anything. Help.
Oh, that’s better. Hello. Today, I’m going to teach you about glasses. These are sunglasses.
But what I’m going to teach you about today is more important than sunglasses.
They are glasses for bad eyesight. So if you have bad eyesight, maybe you do
this when you try to read something. Or you look far away and you — this, what I’m doing
with my eyes, it’s a verb, and it’s called “squint” or “squinting”. So I — or maybe you
— squint because you can’t see something properly. If this has happened to you, you
might be a victim of bad eyesight. So you need to go to an eye doctor. Now, a lot
of doctors like to use bigger words to make it more difficult for you to actually
contact someone. So in doctor words, an eye doctor’s proper name is an “optometrist”.
If you speak a Latin-based language, maybe you use the same word. “Opto” means “eye”, and
“tometrist” means — I don’t know, “doctor”? I don’t know. But I do know that “opto” means “eye”.
So an “eye doctor”, in the proper form, is “optometrist”. If you have a problem with
your eyes, you have to go to an eye doctor. And they will get lots of money from you,
do lots of tests, and then you get to wear glasses. Cool. So the very,
very first thing is we have two adjectives to describe why you may have bad eyesight.
These are the most common phrases that people use. Now, because these two words
end in -ed, they are adjectives. Because these are adjectives, like every adjective in English,
you have to use the verb “to be”. So you cannot say, “I nearsighted” or “I farsighted.” You have
to say, “I am nearsighted” or “I am farsighted.” So “nearsighted” means you cannot see things
that are far away. So when you wake up in the morning, depending on how bad your eyesight
is, you can’t read the alarm clock, or you can’t read the clock. If you’re in a classroom
and you sit at the back of the class — I always did that, and I was always like this,
“I can’t see what the teacher’s written. I need glasses. I’m not getting glasses.” So if
you can’t see things far away, you’re called “nearsighted”. Guess what? “Farsighted” is
the opposite of that. So if you can’t see things really close up, you are what we call “farsighted”.
These are the layman’s terms, the regular terms that we would use
for this kind of bad eyesight. The doctor’s terms for, first of all, “nearsighted”,
is “myopia”. “Myopia” means exactly the same as being “nearsighted”. But “myopia” and “hyperopia” are nouns.
So because these guys are nouns, we have to use “have”. So you could say, “I
have myopia” or “I am nearsighted.” They’re the same. Or you could say, “I have hyperopia”
or “I am farsighted.” Okay? Most commonly, we would use this, “nearsighted”, “farsighted”.
Depending on what language you speak, maybe you use these in your language. And that’s easier for you?
Perfect. Do whatever’s easiest. The next thing that we have is another noun.
We say, “I have an astigmatism.” Repeat after me. “I have an astigmatism.” Your turn. Do it again.
Okay. So “I have an astigmatism.” This means that your eyes do not focus well,
and everything is blurry. It doesn’t matter if it’s far away or close up, it’s blurry.
Things are, like, doubled. It’s like you drank a hundred beers, and you’re
constantly having double vision. So if you have something wrong with your eyes,
you’re going to have to wear — as a verb — glasses. Now, please be very, very careful.
You don’t wear “glass”. I’m sure that would hurt. You’re going to have to wear “glasses”.
It’s very important that you pronounce the end of the word, so it sounds like “glasses”.
Maybe you are sick of glasses, and you got contacts. The long form of “contacts” is,
actually, “contact lenses”. But we never say “contact lenses”. It takes too long. We just
say “contacts”. Now, some people — those crazy people out there — can get colored contacts.
So you can actually make your eyes a different color. I’ve seen this. Some people
even have contacts that have swirls, so their eyes look swirly and crazy. And some people
get very unnatural colored contacts, like purple. So be careful. That blue-eyed girl
that you’re looking at might really have brown eyes. Okay. The other kind
of thing that you have to be concerned about when you get older, maybe, are
a kind of glasses called “bifocals”. “Bi” means “two”. So “bifocals” actually have two
different lenses in the glasses. A lot of older people find that their eyesight is deteriorating
— getting worse and worse. So instead of having to switch glasses from nearsighted,
farsighted, you actually get one pair of glasses that have two lenses. It takes a lot of getting
used to if you have bifocals because, I’m sure if you look, you get confused, and — it’s
like you’re drunk again. Bifocals are only in glasses. Now, maybe you are
sick to death of glasses, and you’ve tried contacts. You just can’t take it anymore.
Every day you clean the contacts; you put them in your eyes; they rip. I am
speaking from experience. I used to have glasses. I never wore them. Then I had contacts. So
when I was younger, people said, “Ronnie, you need glasses.” But I didn’t wear my glasses.
I did, in fact, get contacts, and I could see again. And I realized that people were
looking at me because I’m a little strange. But what I did is I had laser surgery. “Hallelujah!
I can see!” Laser surgery is, actually, a laser or beam — let’s go. They take your eyeball.
They cut open — “What? They cut open your eyeball?” Oh, yeah. There’s a skin
that covers your — a layer of skin that covers your eyeball. They cut it open with a laser.
They lift it up, and they shoot a laser, and — magic! It fixes your eye. Clearly,
I am not an optometrist, and I don’t really know how to do laser surgery. But if
you’d like to send me a check for $2000, I’ll do your laser surgery. Just subscribe to my
YouTube channel, EnglishLessons4U. I’ll get you a sweet deal on laser surgery. I cannot
guarantee the results. Laser surgery makes one happy lady or gentleman because you
do not have to wear glasses anymore. If you have problems with your eyes — what’s your problem?
What’s your eye problem? Are you nearsighted? Are you farsighted? Do you
have an astigmatism? I — I was blessed with two. I had an astigmatism, and I was nearsighted.
I couldn’t see anything. I got the laser surgery. Bam! I can see all of you right now.
See you later.


  1. with respect to everyone's comment I have to say that optometrists are doctors too, except they don't do eye surgery.

    wonderful teacher ever I have listened to, she makes sentences and words easy to remember.

  2. Ronnie – you are AMAZING!!! every time I want to explain something to my very low level ESL students – you have already made a video about it! Thank you for all your efforts:)

  3. If you have a problem with your eyes then the LAST place you wanna go is to see an eye doctor/optician. Glasses are just crutches for the eyes. If you're making your glasses do all the work of focusing then your eyes gradually get weaker and weaker hence you needing higher and higher prescription lenses. You can restore your eyesight naturally in many different ways. Just look it up on YouTube and things like sun gazing and eye exercises will come up and maybe even some dietary info because diet affects EVERYTHING!

  4. Hi teacher Ronnie @EnglishLessons4U – Learn English with Ronnie! [engVid] and people,

    I have been wearing glasses for 13 years and my ophthalmologist says I can not stop wearing them because I will get worse. Ophthalmologists recommends that every year I have to change glasses, that means a lot of money for my … I don't pay attention to it, since I change glasses every 2 or 3 years because it's really expensive …

    Yesterday I saw a video of glasses that help to focus the view, in Spanish the name is "gafas reticulares " and in English it's "pinhole glasses" its use is for months up to a maximum of one year, in the day it's used at certain hours to exercise your eyes, apparently the people who have used them have improved to the point that they don't need more glasses. There are ophthalmologists who support the use of these types of lenses, there are others who don't (for me it would be because it may affect their pocket).

    I'm going to search the glasses with an ophthalmologist who knows about them, and I will try them, although I am sincere, I haven't heard of them in my country nor seen them tv.

    It is nice to wear glasses for fashion, but when it's by medical necessity and gets worse if you don't use, stop to being beautiful.

    When I have "pinhole glasses" I will tell you how it was and whether they work or not, and also if I got them or not 🙂

  5. when you say "they will get lots of money from you" with your beautiful smile hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa
    so funny
    thanks Ronnie and greetings from Egypt

  6. I was nearsighted, then I got laser surgery… BOOOOM! I can see all of you. so funny I've got to say.

  7. That teacher always makes me laugh when I watch her because she has a funny ways of teaching English. Perhaps one day I will speak English like her.

  8. I`m all alone…There`s no one here beside me… I want to find somebody to talk with! Help me out ! I would give a kingdom for it

  9. I am nearsighted or it means I have myopia… I have been wearing glasses for 3,5 years… It's a bit disturbed but I like to wear glasses.

  10. Hello teacher!
    I like your Video. You are very funny and your speaking is easy to listen to me!
    This subject is very useful.
    I was nearsighted and astigmatism before. I had laser surgery 🙂 I can explain about my eyes from now!
    Thank you!
    Greeting from South korea

  11. I really enjoy your teaching style^^, it seems that you are very close to us, thank you very much for this fascinating lesson^^ . you are indeed an interesting teacher

  12. laser surgery aka PRK(photorefractive keratectomy), is the predecessor to LASIX procedure. In both cases, the procedure is to correct myopia , hyperopia and astigmatism. PRK is difficult to afford . It costs roughly $4500 . The surgery is done by ophtalmologist not optometrist.

  13. "opto" is Greek for " eye" and " metrist" is somebody who measures something…great lesson.Thank you

  14. I also saw another variation of "squint" in old book its "screw up" "he looked at the shore through his screwed up eyes" just like camera does. Im pretty sure about that sentence. But if somehow im wrong prove me so please 🙂

  15. in fact I lost the left eye and I suffer from the weak sight in the only right seen eye . all that because of the was against ISIS I was solder in IRAQI army and I came to London for medical treatment and I would stay here cuz I love the freedom and I changed everything even my religion and I hope I could speak English well cuz I love to talk to British
    that why I following the this beautiful teacher
    thank you RONNIE

  16. Your channel is great. I'm a Brazilian optometrist. Our area is a bit confusing and the Latin names do not help much so I want to make a contribution, if I can do it. The radicals: opto = vision, ofto = eye, oto = ear. Thanks for the channel and you continue with your wonderful lessons. Thank you.

  17. I love this woman, the way she teaches motivates me! And I do love her lessons. I always learn something new. (I'm not a native speaker)

  18. Ali when he was a child had a farsighted. his teacher told him, he needs a glasses but he didn't wear. after 5 years he become astigmatism. eventually he gone the eye doctor and know he wear glasses.

  19. Hello. Have a question about I have "an astigmatism". Is this good English ? Shouldn't I say I have astigmatism, instead ?

  20. I'm near sighted and hopefully I'll take laser surgery soon, to not wear glasses or contacts and not to go to optometrists. Thanks for lesson, you're awesome (Those were just a little bit practice))

  21. l am nearsighted and l didnt know how to tell people that l have bad eyesight in english before l watched your lesson now l have learned how to tell thank you 😘

  22. Ronnie you're the BEST! And this tell you someone who know aaall the English teaching courses, printed and by youtube…Congratulations! You're all the packedge: Grammar, spontaneous comments and that sparkle that shine with joy😘 Greetings from Yucatán, México✌

  23. Thank you for thise very usfull vocabulary .i will have an apointment with an eye doctor because I had a laser sergery four years ago and I am nearsighted and I have an asigmatism.I steal wear glasses .
    Actully I have learned those from you .i am apreciat you.
    God bless you
    Take care

  24. Hi, Ронни, я учу английский по твоим урокам, Ты лучшый, ты классный учитель, ты самая отличная, спасибо тебе за твою учёбу.

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