[Eng Sub] Análise Jikook – Tension

The tension between Jikook is without a doubt one of the main topics to be analyzed in this relation. In this video, I’m not necessarily going to show scenes of sexual tension, as I’ve been already asked, but scenes that seems flashy to me regardless of the nature of this tension Let’s start with a scene from this year… This scene may be considered normal, but, watching carefully, it can be said their behavior was kinda… weird At first, they seemed kinda lost in there, as if they didn’t know for sure how to act, at same time that they seemed to be sharing something with each other, since they both were acting in a similar way: serious but at same time looking strangely amused with something, judging by the contained little smiles, especially coming from JK So it’s already clear that the tension existing wasn’t negative Something that also was very clear for me, it’s that in the course of the scene there was a lot of anxiety, especially from Jeon. It seems that he wanted to end that quickly, even because he made a point of saying they needed to go right in the beginning of the scene… Important to emphasize that it wasn’t something HE alone needed to do, but THEY And notice that while talking about the need to leave, JK looked at the side, in a specific direction Considering that the direction of the look shows the interest of the person, I suppose that might be the direction they should take to go out. If something had happened in that direction to catch his attention at that moment, it was to be expected that JM would have had the same reaction, which was not the case. So the first assumption seems more logic to me (it will be relevant for the rest of the analysis) After they said they needed to leave, the scene for some reason was cut Realize that, from this, as JM kept talking about J-Hope’s MV, the anxiety of JK kept growing But, despite the apparent impatience with something, there wasn’t negativity in his attitude. The impatience for itself isn’t something good, of course, but impatient people tend to feel irritated, something JK didn’t seem to be, judging by the smiles (contained or not) during the whole interview. Highlighting that the subject of the moment wasn’t a funny one, that is, doesn’t justify the several smiles For what it seems, whatever he was going to do after that interview, with JM, was making him anxious, while giving him expectations capable of cheer him up And, well, JM demonstrates a better control over the reactions of his body, but, still, the possible anxiety he could be sharing with JK, may have been evidenced by the direction of his look in some moments… There’s no doubt there was something in that direction that was of the interest of them both, since the glances occurred on the part of they two, in different moments. If it really was the direction of way out or not, we can’t affirm for sure. I just made the assumption that seemed more logical to me, but keep in mind that I may be completely wrong about it, ok? Unfortunately, we will be in curiosity about whatever they needed to do together lol Lastly, just to leave no doubts about them being together… The tension in this scene, especially in relation of JK, reminded me a little about this other one… As soon as JK appears, already touching JM, notice the change in JM’s posture… He first touches his hair, which we know is a habit of him, but, it’s not for being a habit that it loses its significance. Touching the hair like that it’s an attempt to make yourself more attractive, it’s probably a habit that helps JM to feel more confident about himself. The way he does it in this scene, with his lips parted and head up, creates a whole seductive aura, which certainly was his intention Soon after, he puts one of his hands on the seat next to him and turns his whole body to JK, leaving the chest exposed and the knees pointing to his direction. Both are important signs in body language when it’s about showing receptivity, suggesting that his seductive gestures were made for JK, not for the camera The intense exchange of glances that follows accentuates completely the mood of tension… As expected, JK remains more contained than JM in the course of the scene, but he keeps looking constantly in his direction, with that same little smile we saw in the first scene I analyzed in this video While JM kept his “seductive” posture the whole time he was alone with JK… In this moment, as well as in several other where they are alone, they show (especially JM) that the interest is not directed to the things around, like the camera, but to each other. They practically close themselves in a little world where the tension is inevitable Now let’s see a scene in which JM makes clear his seduction intentions over JK… JM asking JK to vote for him may seems an innocent request, but the way like he did says the exact opposite… First, there’s the way he looked at him in that moment. There’s areas of visual interest, and, in this case, the look JM gave at him started on the lower face region (probably on the mouth/chin level) and got down to the rest of his body, then rising again to the face This kind of look it’s in the sexual level There was a clear message in JM’s behavior: persuade through seduction Besides the look quite revealing, his whole body acted accordingly. He got too close to JK, and one of the most interesting things about his body language in that moment was the position of his head Even when he was looking directly at JK’s face, he kept his head low, looking at him from below. Lower the head is a gesture of submission, but, having been intentional (and for sure it was), it reveals precisely the intention to seduce. He passes the image of being at his mercy, when, actually, he intends leaving HIM at his own mercy Lastly, another quite important element: the tone of voice When doing the request, JM lowered considerably his tone of voice, which, again, refers to the intention to seduce. The lower tone of voice, practically sly, it’s evidently the tone considered more attractive during a seduction game, being one more factor that gives us certainty of JM’s intentions in that moment… And isn’t it interesting that he had chosen right JK to make this request, if there were the other 5 members there? Of all of them, it was JK that JM considered more viable to try to persuade in a seductive way, why? I think it’s not too hard to answer this question… These scenes are very interesting as they show how seeing JM acting seductively affects JK… The pelvis is the region of the body in which the sexual organs are, so it’s clearly a very important region when it’s about attraction. When seeing JM dancing in a sensual way, JK more than once had the impulse of moving his legs in the sense of closing them, and also the urge of taking his hands to between his legs or to the groin region This is the posture of someone who’s feeling “threatened”. When a man feels like this, he has the impulse of “protecting” his sexual organs, which is exactly what JK does when closing his legs and putting his hands in front of the groin or above it. It means that he probably feels embarrassed and with the urge of containing the excitement he feels about what he’s seeing That is, seeing JM acting seductively indisputably hits him, making him feel vulnerable in a certain way, to the point of, sometimes, having the impulse of “protecting” himself, consciously or not Yeah, JK feels very affected by JM’s seductive behavior, and in those moments he tends to contain his impulses. In contrast, when he acts impulsively, we use to have some quite tense and comic moments… First is important to emphasize that in this episode of Run they weren’t acting according to a script, the absence of scrip was exactly what intended to make the episode funny That is, nothing was pre-established between them JK clearly tried to play a tough detective, which may justify his attitudes in relation to the slaps, but it’s quite funny to watch his own reactions after the sequence of events… First, I believe the very attempt of escape of JM, besides a comedic staging, may have been an attempt of increasing the physical contact between them, since he tried to “run” but he kept holding on to JK all the time, and definitely not in order to push him away So, JK caught him and put him on his shoulders, which let’s all agree wasn’t really necessary to subjugate him since he wasn’t offering real resistance, yet he wanted, and slapped him on his butt, which certainly was the apex of his impulsivity in this scene It’s the moment when they probably get conscious about what they were doing, since soon after JK puts JM on the ground and they stare at each other without saying anything, clearly lost about what to do, until JM himself takes control of the situation and indicates what they should do next Every impulsive attitude of JK it’s always a new embarrassing mood lol JM: I would like to be a police officer JK: Please, arrest me! This scene never gets old lol Still about the Run episode, something I found interesting about their staging was the reason for the “crime” of JM, which was chosen by JK. Apparently, there was a consensus between the members that all the crimes would be directed to Armys, “set fire to Army’s hearts”, but the way each one would have done it was chosen by each “detective”… Jeon chose that JM’s crime would be his eye smile This way, it seems very suggestive that JK chose this motive in Run’s episode for personal reasons, right? According to him, JM’s eye smile set fire to Army’s heart, but wouldn’t that be a thing that affects himself? It was really Army’s heart that he was hitting, JK? Lol Going back to the embarrassment topic, there’s another scene I find quite interesting, this time from JM… In this scene they were in Isac, and JK was going to compete in the Ssireum mode, which is a Korean fighting style. Apparently, JM approached and started touching him under the pretext of helping him with that, until they both start touching each other. But so far so good, right? It was because of the sport But the interesting thing about this scene is his reaction when another person comes around… JM, who was the one that saw the approaching, immediately stepped away, clearly embarrassed lol Why the hell would he have done that? Lol His reaction is similar to someone who’s been caught doing something wrong, but they weren’t doing anything wrong, or were they? It seems to me that if JM’s intentions while touching JK like that was purely directed to the sport, he wouldn’t react so instantly embarrassed when seeing another person getting close at that moment… There’s also the possibility of JM reacting like that cause he thought the man approaching maybe had the intention of greeting them. But, the guy was obviously looking for something, since he was looking at all directions several times, so I think his intention was pretty clear, even for JM, who apparently didn’t know him, since he himself didn’t try to greet him… Well, watch the face of him while touching JK and take your own conclusions… Lastly, we have a very interesting scene from BTS Festa 2015 Before showing it, I would like to emphasize that this happened on June 13, 2015. The date is important since between May and June of that year, we had the period in which there was an apparent separation coming from JM. Also, the Starcast scene I analyzed in Push and Pull video happened one day earlier… We are not able to know what happened between them in that period, of course, but the change in JM’s behavior in relation to JK can’t be ignored. And this applies to the video I’m going to show about BTS Festa 2015, since even sitting right next to JK, it were rare the times where JM directed to him Right in the beginning of the scene we have JK leaning to JM’s direction and crossing his arms At first, it seems that JK only adopted that position, closer to JM, so he could read what was in the paper in front of him. However, a few seconds later, it becomes evident that this wasn’t really his intention, since he stop giving any attention to the paper It’s important to notice that already in that moment, JK was visibly quite tense Another very important thing to focus on here it’s the inclination of his body. If the person is interested in something or someone, the inclination of his/her body tends to show naturally his/her emotional inclination. If this action explicitly for some reason isn’t convenient for the moment, and the mind recognizes it, the person tries to repress his/her impulse, but his/her interest reappears in the direction of the look, even if it lasts only a fraction of a second Notice that this was EXACTLY what JK did in this scene When JM laughs, we see by JK’s reaction that he was completely attentive to that, and, soon, he approaches his upper body even more, leaving his body in an awkward angulation, far from seeming to have been adopted for comfort. With this, we see that his whole body was responding to JM at that moment, and his intention was clearly to be closer This certainly wasn’t a random act, it was purposeful. First cause we know he didn’t have real interest in the paper in front of him, that is, there wasn’t a reason for him leaning forward at that moment. Second, he literally moved his elbow in the sense of caressing JM’s hand with it… he wouldn’t move his arm like that, touching JM’s hand with his elbow, for no reason He wanted to touch him, he wanted to create that proximity, but he wanted to do this in a subtle way, probably for lack of courage for a straighter attitude, since we know the mood between them in that day wasn’t completely normal Right, it was something kinda weird and unexpected, since apparently there wasn’t any reason for him doing that, but, despite what many say about this gesture, I don’t believe JK have done it with the intend of insinuating something obscene… In my opinion, based on the tension of the moment and on the vision I have about JK’s personality, it was just an excuse for going back touching him, possibly added to an attempt of relieving his own tension. When he lowered his head, he noticed that JM’s hands was close enough, and, for not being able to touch them directly (as he wanted), he decided to pretend to play with his pants, so he could touch them indirectly Knowing that JK had his interest turned to JM at that moment, it’s natural to expect that he would try to create any kind of situation for touching him. The higher the interest, the closer we want to be, and, besides, this probably was a way of trying to attract JM’s attention to him. The subtle way he initiated the physical contact just matches the probable context of the situation between them… Besides, previously in that video, JK had already made a similar gesture on his pants. Curiously, the first time he did something resembling it also involved, in a certain way, JM… As soon as they started talking about JM, it was when JK immediately got restless hands on his pants, also making the gesture similar to the one I just analyzed. This time, there seems to be no doubt that he made it truly as a reflection of his own tension, which grows as the subject progresses… Why did the subject make you so nervous, JK? Lol “ Our tension increases progressively along the time axis while the distance separates us from what we want “ Thank you for watching


  1. Obrigada a todos que não desistiram do canal apesar de toda minha demora, e continuam tendo paciência <3
    Sei que vocês querem análises dos momentos novos, tentarei reunir isso em um novo vídeo. E a análise da parte 3 de DNA também não foi abandonada, apesar de eu estar sempre dando prioridade a outros vídeos kkkk me desculpem ):

    Thank you to everyone who didn’t give up on the channel despite all this lateness, and who keep being patient with me <3
    I know you guys want analysis of the new moments, I’ll try to reunite them in a new video. And the analysis of DNA part 3 wasn’t abandoned as well, even that I’m always giving priority to other videos lol I’m sorry ):

  2. I love how you analyze body language and it’s meaning. Explaining in detail as the scene unfolds. I really do think Jungkook says more with his eyes. The way he gets lost in Jimins eyes or just anything Jimin does, is quite expressive. The fact that he also does this in front of the camera makes it much more realistic and raw. He just reacts as he feels it. That’s what I enjoy the most. His emotions expressed through his eyes are certainly the best part. I really wish I met someone that looked at me that way.

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  20. It's a very good analysis but just one small comment, I must assume you're a female! Jungkook is not holding his groin to 'protect' it, he is suppressing an erection or a growing one, natural behaviour in a young male. We have been watching Jikook since the very beginning, we have seen JK with an OBVIOUS erection on stage, after being touched by Jimin when he was younger, Just be thankful he's Asian and not Western because then it could be classed as obscene!!

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