Ellie’s Depression

hey I’m Ellie and this is Len hey last
year I was diagnosed with depression Len was there to see the whole thing go down
you’ve probably heard the words depression before but might not know
exactly what depression means let’s say you get some bad news huh oh my god I
just saw your boyfriend holding hands with Jenny at the mall
she is so over you things like breakups are painful and might make you feel sad
frustrated angry or heartbroken but trust me most teens go through that kind
of stuff depression is something completely different
check this out think of the thermostat in your house or apartment when the
temperature in your house gets too cold the heat kicks in and brings the
temperature back to just right your brain works a lot like the thermostat
let me show you let’s say this line is the just right mood and these two dotted
lines are the happy and sad range of emotions that you might feel whenever
like the thermostat in your house when your mood goes down your brain makes
changes to bring your mood back up when your mood goes up your brain makes
changes to bring your mood back down to that just right level when I was
depressed it was like the thermostat my brain broke my mood started going down
and I not totally stuck like at the super low level that’s when depression
came into my life when I was depressed there were some
really obvious signs that something was wrong my sleep changed I wanted to sleep
all the time I had no energy even brushing my teeth
felt overwhelming that sounds stupid but that’s how I felt I lost interest in all
the things I used to like it seemed like nothing made me happy or excited anymore go ahead to the phone no one wants to
talk to you look at yourself who’d want to be around
you I had lots of sad thoughts and feelings it was like my brain kept
saying things to me that I would never have thought before Ellie I care about
you things are gonna get better I promise
you’re just having a hard time right now am I always going to be like this I just
feel so sad you’re my best friend and I know you’re gonna get through this I
think you should talk to someone and try to get some help just leave me alone I
felt like I was on an elevator going down and I can’t get off I started to think that I’d be better to
die than to keep feeling so sad that scared me
I remembered what my friend Lynde said and I decided to get home I went to see
a therapist the therapist told me that the thoughts of sadness and hopelessness
and suicide were my depression talking my therapist said that as my mood went
back up depression would be forced to leave me alone the other thing was to take the meds my
doctor prescribed me to help my brain work the way it did before I was
depressed having one support made a huge
difference after taking the meds for a while and
talking into my therapist I really started to feel better life is worth
living again I’m just happy you’re back to your old self I told you you’d feel
better alright we’ve got some serious texting to do so ttyl de precios a
serious illness and it is so important to get help as soon as you start feeling
depressed if you are worried that you might be depressed talk to your doctor
and tell him or her how you’re feeling you can also check out this website to
learn more about depression


  1. dude I have hardcore depression. I think they should elaborate on how amazing anti depressants are. Other than that, everything is true. (Except for that scary ass cloud)

  2. Though depression is a very dangerous disorder, it is highly stigmatized within present-day society. That is why I founded Asking Jude to provide a safe space for others. Recently, we created a Youtube and talk about how to deal with depression. If you have depression, consider watching: https://youtu.be/Hmb29XncGPo. Thanks!

  3. Lmao this animation is really scary (Doesn't help that this was made in 2009), also, nice happy pill pop at the end. Other than that the video is good I guess, but "Ellie" sounds too much like a tiny child.

  4. EGADS what an evil piece of propaganda! there is no such thing as a "chemical imbalance" (or "broken brain"!). Depression is not an "illness" at all, but a state of poor coping with emotions. Taking antidepressants before your brain is fully developed (say about age 25) makes it much harder to: 1. develop adult coping techniques, 2. socialise and form communities as you grow into adulthood, 3. Increase the risk that you will be polydrugged with multiple diagnoses before the age of 30, 4. enable you to face life undrugged, and worst of all 5. come off the psych drugs when you want to, because your brain is more deeply entangled with them if you start at a young age. www.survivingantidepressants.org

    Say no to psychiatry and the marketing of these drugs. If you have distress, talk to your friends, don't isolate, keep going. Things get better. Antidepressants and "antipsychotics" increase risk of suicide, especially in teens. If you do accept a prescription drug for your mood make sure that you get a DNA test that says you can actually metabolise that drug (it's life threatening if you don't). But antidepressants should be a last, not a first, resort (regardless of what Doctors say. You complain to a doc, they try to help, and drugs are what they have in their tool kit).

    Take up yoga, mindfulness, walking, singing in choir, kicking a football, drawing. Put away the phone & devices, and look at the sky & trees. Get involved in a community – at church, school, or just hanging out with your friends. This sounds simplistic, but the answer is not in the device (or the antidepressants), it's in the real world. The phones are designed to make you addicted to dopamine hits, and that does induce a chemical imbalance.

    Depression is not a monster, it is a way your body and brain have of telling you "something is not right." A child has less ability to change their situation, but humans are most resilient, and survive to adulthood without being killed by their moods. However, since the addition of "antidepressants" and their widespread use, teen violence and suicide has increased. www.ssristories.org

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