Eight Steps to Protect Your Sight From Contact Lens Infections

One in ten Americans wear contact lenses.
But many risk serious infection due to misuse. Whether used to see better or to
change up a look, contacts are a medical device prescribed by a physician and
must be handled with care. When misused, contacts can cause serious eye infections, impaired vision and even blindness. Here are eight ways to care for your contacts
and your eyes. Replace your case every three months. Clean your case before adding fresh solution. If you wear lenses sporadically, disinfect them before you wear them. And don’t use water as a cleaning solution.
Don’t get in any water wearing your lenses at all.
Water has germs that can stick to contacts and cause serious infection. Always take them out before sleeping. Give your eyes a breather every now and
then. While your lenses may feel fine follow the instructions for how long to
wear them. These steps can help you maintain healthy eyes throughout your
lifetime. To learn more visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology ‘s
EyeSmart website.


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