Effects of Methamphetamines | Effects of Meth Psychosis & Co-Occuring Disorders | Dr James Craig

The Effects of Methamphetamines | Meth Psychosis & Co-Occuring Disorders | Dr James Craig | Craig Wellness & Recovery good morning this is dr. Craig from
Craig wellness in recovery I really appreciate the feedback that we got from
our post yesterday about the opioid epidemic and today I want to answer a
question I had a really good one from Carmen Carmen asks if someone develops
symptoms of quote meth psychosis though undiagnosed but still present after
months of be clean will they ever fully recover from the hallucinations and
delusions or is that a life long term effect that stays
that’s a great question Carmen as most people know methamphetamine use does
cause psychotic symptoms like hallucinations and delusions most often
these delusions and hallucinations will resolve those sometimes it takes a long
time when they don’t resolve especially in younger people in their late teens to
mid-20s we always worried that there might be something called a co-occurring
disorder which is addiction which is a primary mental illness and another
mental illness that may cause psychosis and delusions like schizoaffective
disorder or schizophrenia so we always want to rule those diagnoses out before
we say that these will never resolve but great questions please keep them coming
and again this is dr. Craig from Craig Wallace a recovery we love you and
there’s nothing you can do about it

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