Ed’s First Treatment – Brain Injury and Eyesight Issues

Okay Dd so you you’ve been show us your
stickers this takers yeah which one I guess all those yeah good well I got ya
down here that one’s down on the belly yeah and tell him what happened to you
when you were kid the got in an accident mm-hmm yeah and
fell down and hit my head um and and and I was blind for a little while
mm-hmm seizures mm-hmm actually seizures didn’t come for six
years the doctor said that it wouldn’t come for six years you said he told you
right on yeah okay all right so now as an adult your your problem is kind of
that right eye wanders off to the right and that makes it sword hurt that’s
what’s been doing the last couple of years or so you know but and he maybe
it’s been longer than that where I noticed it a little bit but it’s been a
lot more those last two years I’m just looking at your eyes okay all right so
we need to let you get in your car and drive home so you know don’t get into
the sleeky stage before you exactly

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