DYSPHORIA -Court Métrage-

[♪ CHVRCHES’s “Broken Bones” instrumental playing ♪] Stop it with your faggy manners ! I can’t stand you ! Grow a pair ! Do you see how much you’re upsetting your sister ? Look at the way you dress ! We don’t understand ! We don’t understand anymore ! What did we do to deserve this ?! This has to stop, it has to stop right now ! [♪ The Do’s “Anita no!” playing ♪] [Bar atmosphere] [Fast footsteps] You fucking tranny ! [Door slamming] [♪ Trent Reznor’s “Perpetual” playing ♪] [regular electrocardiogram beep] [sound effect of drugs being removed from their packaging]
[regular electrocardiogram beep] [sound effect of a phone keypad dialing a number]
[regular electrocardiogram beep] [sound effect of an ambulance and of footsteps echoing in a hallway]
[regular electrocardiogram beep] [regular electrocardiogram beep] [♪ Christine and the Queens’s “Saint Claude” instrumental playing ♪]

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