Dump those spectacles, regain clear eyesight…. Seriously?

Dr Padmalochan Jena, welcome to Proholistic Health Good to have you here Yeah, thank you Dr Padmalochan I hear that you see a lot of cases of children having eye problems Opthalmic problems And what are typically the cases that you see with children? and their eye problems? Yeah, children are mainly started with Myopic number Myopia; that is minus number Some of the cases, the children by birth is lazy eye one of the eye is lazy
Yes some have Hypermetropia it is plus number, started with plus number yeah Some have Nystagmus The shaking of the Eyeball Yeah These are the major reasons for the children that are coming
Okay We are taking care naturally through Holistic treatment, through Ayurveda and eye exercises Oh, So how different are you in terms of your treatment to these children for these conditions? Especially Myopia, we see a lot of children with those glasses And year on year their number keeps increasing So, Myopia you can see, in any eye hospital you will go You will see they will give the glass Absolutely correct You can see if you see any cases once they start with the glass, number will keep increasing Absolutely Every six months they will call you Very true
And number, say 0.5 / 0.75 they will increase Correct The cause of the increase in the number of the glass What I am seeing, is glass itself! Because once you start the glass Your eye muscle will not need to work The muscle will completely depend on the glass Correct
Muscle will day by day become weak, number increases Yeah Second biggest problem with the glass is that What glass they give, is fixed for 6 mts Right
but they will tell you, always wear the glass Correct
So there 6 metres glass children are using for reading and writing also Yeah So once that far glass is used for near object That will more strain the eye muscle and increase the number Third, your eyeball movement will stop Right Once with glass if you want to see some side object Yeah
You have to turn your head correct Without glass you can move eye any side okay Around 80% to 90% eyeball movement stops By wearing the glass That also strain your eye muscle and increase the number So you are starting glass, means you are encouraging your problem you are not solving your problem Problem with your muscles, you should treat the muscles Yeah So all the exercise what we have designed here, there are around 12 variety of exercises we’ve designed And around 12 to 14 varieties of treatments, some massages, some treatment, some dharaas Some extra tool to keep on the eye To strengthening the eye muscles Through that process, the power which is increasing that is coming down, gradually coming down So Doctor, typically for a child How young child can be brought for this kind of treatment? How soon can they be brought for this treatment? See we are starting from Treatment actually, what we have is 7 days 10 days process Okay
One residential course Okay
Where we start after the five only 5 years Once they learn the letters only, they can start the exercise
Got it, Right So are they for the cases where there is a condition where there is a hereditary condition or likelihood that such child will get for those kind of conditions or? See hereditary nowadays see those parents who have glasses now children have glasses Yes
Due to genetic pool Because once the parents are wearing glass Yeah How it comes genetically Our lifestyles are closed, in a very limited area For example When you wake up in the morning, Go to the school, office, work on table / computer, come to home Yeah
Watching TV and sleep down We have no time to look to some far object Yes Forget about the stars and moon And our lifestyle is very close Our every work is closer Yes, yes
That is due to that, our vision is limiting Got it Eye is not going to far Yeah That is another factor With every passing generation to generation, our far vision getting weak Okay So, that’s why if parents have glasses, it is coming to the next child also Okay Gradually our vision is limiting Absolutely
Very limited area Nowadays “Flat” lifestyle If you look through your window you see another Flat only That’s all No sky No sky, absolutely So our vision is limiting in very limited area Very true, very true That is limiting our vision That is starting also power If genetically not there also children are starting number like this Whole day they are inside room only Watching tapes, TV, Mobiles Yeah Vision is limiting to near only Not going to far At all
That is a very important thing Yeah
Vision take to far Then your far problem is solved Yeah So that is not there nowadays So limiting.. vision is limiting That is more starting the far problem and for far you need the glass to see Yeah That is what is happening Okay, so the more and more the muscle gets weaker and weaker Yes, yes And it gets into a cycle where you can’t come out of it Yes Okay
That is the thing Generally 0.5 – 1 number, will come down in every six month That much number is surely coming down, whatever age limit maybe Okay But we are getting very fast result within the age of 21 Okay Because growing stage Right That too very fast result, fastly power will come down After 21, body growth stops Haan Improvement is little slow Okay
But after 40 who have reading number, that also we are getting very good results Oh very nice If they come for a residential program of 7 days to 15 days After that they can follow their routine at home? Yeah And then?
We give all the kits for all the exercises okay We teach correctly, so they will practice in the home Very nice
With the kits okay So every six months maybe we call them once for one more phase of treatment Right So then gradually gradually which is 0.5 – 0.5 increasing that will 0.5 – 0.5 reduce Very good That too in easy way, very naturally Very nice And typically how many times they have to come here? Depends on your power If it is 1 or 2 number means, maybe 1 or 2 sessions Right If 10 number, maybe 5 to 10 session is needed Right Depends on your power, your age And besides these exercise and the aid that you are giving for them to do the exercises Is there any medications also prescribed to them? Yes, we have very good medications, With some herbal mineral medicines Yeah So they are helping a lot to strengthen the eye muscles Okay See in previous days if you remember Kings are taking food in golden pot little gold should go to your body Gold and Silver are the best for Nerves Now science is also proves that Citracal may be good for our body So those preparation medicines we have, herbal mineral medicine That we are giving more importance for the eyes because eye or retina is the part of nervous system Rod and Cone cells which is mainly responsible for the vision Right So those medicines are working very nicely for the children and other people also Can you give any suggestions to parents as to what advice and what kind of regime they should prescribe to their children? To ensure that their eyes are healthier In simple routine ways, because they cannot do anything drastic But in their lifestyle that is there With a little eye to detail and with a little awareness, what else can they do for the children? See nowadays parents are having very busy lifestyle Yes But what they are doing? Giving the gadgets to the children if they are out Yes TV, gadgets, mobiles and all these things That is very very harmful Hm What I am telling is If you can see, a child playing on the screen Something is moving inside, they are also moving from outside hour on hour they are playing in high bright light Yeah The latest research says that Due to playing long time on the screen, your stress anxiety will be more Destructive mind will be more developed in the children Yeah Memory power are getting weak in the children And a lot of children are starting glass due to playing on the screen Yeah Lot of indoor and outdoor games are there Badminton, table tennis, Basketball, chess Encourage Physically and mentally make them healthy They should build habit to those type of games Correct But don’t allow to play on the screen, that is my request for the parents Right They should not allow the screen Alternative something you think Correct But don’t give the gadgets at least
Right This radiation is very very dangerous Right So the more they encourage them to go out and take part in activities and games, it is better yeah that is better Yes Yeah, some serious sports also are good Physically it is also good and also at the same time it gives you a Mental and physical health Yeah absolutely, for the adults and for parents and for elderly, that is grandparents if they have to take extra care for their eyes, can you suggest some preventive methods, diets? Diets methods yes Yeah See diet has very important role what I am seeing is that a lot of people habituated with the processed foods processed food contains a lot of preservatives Yes Preservatives is nothing but insecticides Yeah Insecticides in a way create high blood barrier what is there There is a membrane What food we are taking, its mixed in the blood Yes But it not enters into the eyeball If it enters then your vision will be finished Yeah But these preservatives are such minute particles, it can enter through that membrane So that is damaging our eyes So what I am telling is Processed food don’t take Right Food which contain preservatives Before taking any food see what is composition or ingredients of the food If some preservatives are there, then don’t take And fresh food, generally, I advise my patients to take the gajar carrot juice everyday It contains very rich of carotene, Yeah It can directly enter into our, as our Rhodospin pigment Convert into Rhodospin pigment inside our Rod cells It improves your night vision very nicely I advise the patient to take almonds Almond is The shape is like eye, you can see Yeah Nature make it like eye Right
It is very good for eyes Gives vitamin A And very easily digestible protein Correct It is very very good for our eyes Right And all colour fruits you can take like Papaya, you can take Pomegranate You can take Kharbuja (Muskmelon) Tarbuja (Watermelon) And even Oranges Yeah
All these things and colour fruits are very helpful for our retinal cells also So fresh fruits, salads must be there in your diet, everyday Instead of processed food Boiled food also less But salads, fresh fruits, some sprouts Those will definitely help to improve your eyes You had a very interesting take about Glaucoma and also about Cataract So you should not go for operation as per my opinion Till you vision is not blurry, or cloudy But if you come to us before You will not need any operation We are taking care naturally through our treatment and exercise See if you operate the cataract also Your vision will not be 100% comfortable See the natural lens which contracts and dilates When you are looking far it becomes thin and looking near it become thick So how much naturally you should maintain, you maintain Through our exercise and through our treatment As per Ayurveda it is Pitta – Kafa imbalance So we are treating accordingly We are selecting such a beautiful herb for the Cataract It is working very fantastically The Cataract will be In 7 – 10 days people are seeing much clear vision What they were able to read 3 / 4 lines, now they are reading extra In far also With our treatment So Dr. Padmalochan, Thank you very much for your time It’s been a pleasure talking to you And it was very interesting and the perspective is very very interesting Thank you Thank you

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  1. Awesome Insights on Eyesight !! Now I understood why my eye power has increased since by childhood rather than going down.

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