Drs. Rx: Help Save Your Eyesight in Just 20 Seconds!

staring all day your smartphone or your computer screen can really put a big-time strain on your eyes they can leave your eyes feeling tired they can get dry your vision can get blurry we all know this so in my doctor’s prescription today this is a really cool exercise everyone should start doing as part of their daily routine it’s called the 20-20-20 rule I wish I had known this after college actuarial scientist I started a computer all day this rule so cool every 20 minutes shift your eyes look at an object about 20 feet away you’re all pretty faces will work for me right now and look for about 20 seconds that gives your eye a little break from staring at everything so close and we forget to do that so often throughout the day brick I used in medical school we didn’t have computers back then so it was me it was it was me staring at those books you have to do it you’re looking at the books looking at the books you have to give yourself a break 20 20 20 stare off into the distance for 20 seconds unfortunately we didn’t do it enough which is why you’re wearing glasses I’m wearing contacts are you are you eye contact contacts contacts so let me see you in my glasses I bet you’re gonna look hot [Applause] yeah those do look good yeah actually look quite nice they look hot I like it I’ll rent them to you thank you so one of the one of the cool things about this is according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology we normally blink 15 times per minute but when you’re looking at a digital screen we only blink about a third of that and that’s why your eyes get so fatigued gets so dry so don’t forget sometimes you know what you just look at your loved one say you


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