1. If I did a Drop the mic battle with James Corden:
    When they all come up here they start talking bout your weight but it’s really not their fault if you look like a giant grape. They only watch you because you have Shawn Mendes but to be truthful you’re no Ellen degeneres. Your channel is a total nightmare and the only thing you still really have is your own hair. I really liked your part in into the woods, you were a great witch I’d say if I could. I don’t want to go off on you my dude but your really lame puns make me wanna go puke. I think you couldn’t roast me if you tried. And we all know everything you eat is fried. I really love you man, I don’t mean no hate, but you are so old it’s past your expiration date. Sayyy whatttt!

  2. I'm still the only motha-fucka I know who can get away way with saying that. Thanks for throwing it out there, badass. Sam… you know.

  3. “ In the emoji movie I hear you just play a hand so look Ima put in a way u can understand” *flips of James. That part had my jaw drop to the floor that was probably one of the funniest things I have ever heard in my life😂😂

  4. Do you not see how the libs distract you?? I was in a political stream that brought me to this. This is a joke.

    Wake up


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