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Driving – Test UK the short-notice driving
test specialist hello my name is Shak. Today we’re going to talk about the
driving test report. The driving test report is divided into 27 different
sections. It’s vital that we understand each and every one of these sections
because if you know exactly what the examiner is looking for, if you know what
the examiner can fail you for. You basically don’t make those mistakes and
you end up passing the driving test. In today’s video we will be talking about
the first section of the test report which is the eyesight test. Having
checked your photo-card provisional driving license, the examiner will ask you to
read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters away. You can wear glasses or
contact lenses in order to help you. However if you pass your driving test
wearing glasses or contact lenses, it’ll become a condition of your licence that
your license will only be valid if you are wearing glasses or contact lenses. So
it soon becomes very important that you wear them at all times.
Now back to reading the number plate. When the examiner asks could read a read
a number plate, try to feel relaxed. A lot of people, they read the number plate
wrong because they panic and they get confused with letters like W and M. They
look very similar and when you stressed, they very easy to get confused. Now if
you do get a letter wrong, the examiner will give you a second chance. If you get
the second chance wrong, the driving examiner then will go into the office
and get a tape measure. They will measure the distance exactly 20
metres away but this time rather than asking you to read the number plate he
will ask you to write it down so that way there can be no disputes afterwards.
Take a time in reading the number plate and get it correct. If you fail to read
the number plate the rest of the driving test will not go on. You will basically
fail the driving test and lose your test fee. Now, also the examiner will have to
inform DVLA that you have failed to read the number plate.
They will revoke your driving license. They will revoke your provisional
driving license. In order to get it back you have to reapply, pay the fee again
and reapply. But instead of just reapplying and getting it straight away
they will make an appointment for you to have to have your eyes tested again. This
time at a DVSA driving test center. So the driving examiner then again will ask
you to read a number plate. Once you manage to read it, only then will your
original license be issued. This process can take up to two months. So it’s vital
that you do get the number plate part of the test correct. It’s a good idea to get
your eyesight tested at least a week or two before the driving test. So
if you do need glasses or you need to change your prescription you have time
to do so. I hope you enjoyed this video and you’ve learned something. If so
please like and share and watch out for the next video on, “Show me – Tell me,”
questions thank you for watching.


  1. What if you get one letter wrong? I think I got mixed up between a B and a D, but the examiner didn’t say anything and I passed. Does that mean I got it right?

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