Dr Travis Zigler Explains Blepharitis and Dry Eye

Hey, Dr. Travis Zigler here with Eye Love. Wanted to go over how blepharitis and dry
eye are related and a lot of people think they’re separate conditions which technically
they are. They are two different things. Blephra being your eyelids, dry eye being
on the eye itself, but very related in symptoms, signs, and they’re very, their together
in almost every way. Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid
and you can have two different types blepharitis. You can have anterior and posterior blepharitis. Anterior blepharitis tends to be more bacterial
related. We have normal bacteria that live on our eyelids. They can become over populated and when that
normal bacteria becomes over populated it’s going to cause some signs of symptoms. Your eye is going to be red, your eyelid is going to
be red and itchy. It’s gonna be inflamed and it’s gonna
be irritated. That’s when you see the kind of dandruff
looking things on your eye lashes. That’s an anterior blepharitis, meaning
it’s more of a bacterial infection but it’s a normal bacterial infection just your normal
bacteria that lives on your skin is over populated. That’s where the spray comes in. This spray is a natural antibiotic. It will never develop resistance and it keeps
that normal bacteria under control. Keeps the eyelid clean without disrupting
the surface too much. Now, on the other side posterior blepharitis
is what we commonly call meibomian gland dysfunction and meibomian gland dysfunction is where the
eyelids on the inside, there’s oil glands, there’s about 31 on top, 31 on bottom. The oil glands aren’t getting enough oil
out to make your eye comfortable and the responsibility of that oil is to make your eye comfortable
and so every time you blink the oil is released. Now anterior, posterior blepharitis are both
related though, because if you have a bad anterior surface to the eyelid it’s gonna
disrupt the posterior surface too and so what can happen is if these aren’t healthy, what
can happen is the oil will get broken down before it gets to the surface and it might
even create kind of more of a detergent or a bad effect on the eyelid. The oil will break down into more severe form
and not a very good form and that will cause more irritation which that leads to dryness. So, if you get your eyelid healthy it’s
gonna make your dry eye better. Which is why we came out with this. This is gonna help keep that bacteria under
control. It’s gonna keep, help the meibomian glands
open and working properly. It’s just gonna help your eyes stay comfortable
overall. So, how you use this. I’ve done other videos showing on it but
I’ll show you briefly. I do it differently than my wife. I take it after I wash my face and wash my
eyelids like I normally do at night. I just take it, spray it directly on and then
I rub it in. If it gets into your eye not a big deal. Now what I find most of my female patients
like to do is they like to take a cotton around or a cotton ball. Spray 3 to 4 sprays. Go side to side, and up and down, nice and
gentle. You don’t have to scrub too hard and this
again can replace the accusoft lid scrubs that your using currently and this is much
more gentle because it doesn’t have any surfat or surdetergents in it, to disrupt
that normal flora or the normal bacteria that live on your eyelid. This will actually keep all that working really
well and so blepharitis, dry eye, different conditions one in the same though. If you have one, you usually have the other
and if you get blepharitis under control you can usually get your dry eye under control. That’s why we are pushing so hard for the
spray and also for the omega-3 supplement. Posterior blepharitis helps with the anterior
and posterior blepharitis. This one helps with everything though so,
I recommend using both of those. If you have any questions post them below
the video. Dr. Travis Zigler with Eye Love. Thanks!


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  2. Thank you! Great explanations! So much better than my doctor who takes 3 minutes and leave. You guys are great!

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