Dr. Seydel Saves a Life | Griffin & Reed Eye Care – Sacramento Ophthalmologist

I’d just started working at Griffin & Reed—it’s kinda my first week—and this guy came in he was, I think he was maybe 45
years old, real big strong guy. He… his complaint was headaches. I have him go in the chair, and do my exam. And he’s 20/20 in the
distance. His reading was a little bit compromised, but he wasn’t bad. So he
really didn’t need glasses. I was, you know, a bit puzzled by the headaches. So I
dilated him, and I looked in his eye and it was just a bloody mess back there. He
had really bad hypertensive retinopathy. And so I went to get the blood pressure
cuff, measured his blood pressure, and I think it was like, you know 210/155. I
mean, it was pathological. And I remember Dr. Griffin even came in the room, and
wanted to call an ambulance for the guy, and he just, he didn’t want to have
anything to do with it. Like, he was wanting to negotiate with his
hypertension, he just didn’t believe it. He ran out of the office and he didn’t want
anything to do with us. And I didn’t see him for you know, probably a year. And he’s
on my schedule, and I think, “oh great, here he comes again.” And he comes in, a totally different guy; calm, peaceful. And he said, “thanks for saving my life!” He ended up in
the hospital because of his hypertension. So I looked in his eye, looked perfectly
back to normal, and everything looked good.

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